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Boobiemama, i think you have better feelings toward pitocin because the midwives i've talked to usually have a shot of it on hand incase of excess bleeding after the baby is born. incase it is needed, it is a good thing. on a different note, i swear the hospitals and doctors around here require pitocin during labor (yes, even if you are progressing, they find away to slip it into your iv). i think they resort to it to make sure mom doesn't bleed to death. of course, breastfeeding works best, but the OB's don't have much faith in that, of that i'm convinced!!

spark, don't worry about tandem nursing. if you have your heart set on it, you'll make it work. it was a godsend for me! i mastered nursing both within a few days. at night it was a longer adjustment, until the boys started waking up at the same time. i let the newborn sleep in the crook of my arm i would wake when he needed to nurse, then my toddler would wake and climb on top of me to nurse while i was turned toward nb. it can be a challenge, but when mastered it is soooo worth it!! just give yourself some adjustment time just like you did when you nursed the first time!!

as for specific birthing positions, i'm just hoping to let instinct takeover. of course, i always picture lying down in a bed for the pushing.
my bh are almost unnoticeable until i touch my belly and it happens to be rockhard like right now!
anxiety? i'm just waiting patiently for the baby. i can wait 5 more weeks, but at the same time i'm looking forward to meeting the baby. i have stuff to do and if i don't get it done...oh well! sometimes i stress when the house gets to messy, but then i tidy a little and tell myself it will all get done. my fear is my OB, my midwife is requesting that i don't have any cervix checks in the upcoming weeks. i will have to tell my ob that i don't want this. i actually don't want this, it never helped my last two babes. you can be dialated to 3cm for two weeks, and still not be getting anywhere anytime soon. that causes me anxiety! but, i hope my OB is understanding because i'm going to stick up for myself and not let him do any cervix check.
my belly button sticks out when the baby is shifting from left to right and then back. it's that point when it crosses the midde.

interesting topic about moms/MILs present. my MIL was present at the birth of my two sons. first time she was there the whole time, second she walked in while i was pushing (she was taking care of 1st ds that day). i had planned to ask her to attend this homebirth, but when i talked to dh, i found out he was uncomfortable with the idea. That never occurred to me, but apparently with the birth of the second (the first my dh and MIL worked together to get me through i think it was bonding experience for them) he was very uncomfortable when she came in. so, out of respect for his wishes, i will not ask her. i'd rather him there than my MIL. but, i haven't asked her and i probably won't say anything until the baby is born when we'll invite them over to meet the baby. I'll also have the midwife and her assistant so i will have enough support. As for my mom, she's a spirit mommy (she died when i was 14) and has been at all my births! In fact, when i'm going through the roughest parts i start chanting "mommy, mommy". that always helps me get through intense pain!

some of you mommy's are so close!! i wish you happy and healthy deliveries!
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While I havent had much time to go over all the induction/cytotec links posted, I got a little bit of reading done last night. Seems there were maybe 2 good stories about it in all the horror stories.

So I will NOT be using this dangerous drug, even if I happen to go overdue, I will use herbs or castor oil instead of this.
Pretty scary stories out there.

One thing, With pitocin you need constant monitoring of the baby and blood presurre, etc. Why do docs not do this with the cytotec? because they arent REQUIRED to since the drug is not labeled for induction? Or because they really think its not as bad as pitocin? Because my dr said he would monitor me intermitently, for awhile after taking the cytotec, but then I was free to use the tub, walk, etc, like any other natural birth. This is the part that scared me. That it is so dangerous, but seemed to require less monitoring....:

I woke up last night many times, each time worrying about this. But I feel good that I made up my mond to not use it and wait for baby to come on his own.
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hi mamas! wow this thread is busy! things are well here though I am feeling so huge these days! I can't believe I'm due in 20 days!!!! It just seems so surreal! I definitly don't feel 9 months preggers (that is until I drop something and try to bend over.lol)

Cheryl- congrats on the birth of your beautiful twins!!!! I am so happy for you and it sounds as if things are going well. I hope they get transferred close to your home soon!

boobiemama- I'm so glad you've decided against induction. cyotec is evil stuff.

lisab-I am confused. why does your mw think you have toxemia? I thought PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension aka preeclampsia aka toxemia) was a combo of things NOT just edema? I have had trace amounts of protein in my urine for the last month or so, a bit of swelling off and on in my ankles/fingers though my BP is normal it varies and my MW's havn't seemd concerned at all. Luckily I have been able to control all of this by increasing my protein/water intakes and staying off of my feet for long periods of time. also i was wondering isn't your Hct count for determining your iron levels or are there other things?

now for the questions..

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"
I plan to do whatever is instinctive and feels right. I plan to waterbirth but know that could all change depending on my feelings at the moment! I envision myself squatting/H&K's mostly though.

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful? If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?
I just started getting BH's and they are not painful.

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with? How?
I am anxious about birthing at the birth center and a possible hospital transfer if anything is to go awry. I am leary of augmentation/induction as well. I guess you could say I have some trust *issues* going on with my mw's though and it sucks.. they have repeatedly told me throughout my PG they will let me labor as long as I want at the birth center but now later in my PG in the same breath talk about hospital transfer/induction/augmentation if labor is FTP (failure to progress) so that makes me *extremely* nervous!!!! i am dealing with it through visulaization/affirmations at the moment.

Do you still have a belly button??
yep but it's pointy at the moment..

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?
no but sometimes I find it hard to get up off the toilet,lol.

sending everyone positive birthing vibes!!!!! It won't be long at all now!
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Good questions Mamaroni, my answers:

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"

I would love to deliver in the birthing pool but will go with whatever position feels right for me at the time.

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful?

It took my ages to recognise what they were and I have had them more frequently recently. They are not painful at all but feel "odd" enough to make me pause when I have one.

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with?

My current anxiety is more to do with having the house ready in time. However, I do have the occasionl 3 am "OMG how am I ever going to do this" labour fear which I am sure is normal. I have been attending some great antenatal classes which help to keep me positive so I am keeping on top of that worry for now.

Do you still have a belly button??

Yes. I had a VERY deep navel pre-pregnancy and although it is shallower now it is very definately an innie. My bigger belly had made it seem narrower to me although my DH doesn't agree. I had some bad stretching pains along it a couple of weeks ago and I thought it might turn inside out then but so far it is okay. I don't expect it to turn out now but we'll see .

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?

Probably too much information but I am finding it difficult sometimes to reach round to wipe my bum . I have short arms and it takes a few goes now .

Boobiemama: They don't use Cytotec in the UK but everything I have read about it would say DON'T. I can't believe that even though the company who make it have SPECIFICALLY contraindicated it's use as an induction drug, some medical practitioners still use it as an induction tool. That seems unethical to me.

to everyone
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Originally posted by PinkSunfish
Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?

Probably too much information but I am finding it difficult sometimes to reach round to wipe my bum . I have short arms and it takes a few goes now .

Ladies, this is *exactly* what I was getting at!! :LOL

OK, another question. Are you still taking prenatals? Seems I recall a conversation months back (early fall) about quitting the prenatals (for those taking them in the first place) toward the end of pg. Spark, didn't you have a theory on that? Anyway, I've been taking the 5W, which I know has some good stuff in it, I take a cal/mag supplement every couple days (seems to help with my horrible leg cramps), I'm drinking quite a bit of RRL and "pregnancy" tea (by Traditional Medicinals), and I just bought some Nettle tea, which I know also contains some good vitamins/minerals. Plus, my appetite is still really, ummm, shall we say, healthy? I don't think the prenatal is necessary at this time I guess. What do y'all think about that one?
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i quit taking the prenatals in the first tri after i met my midwife. she put me on the pregnancy tea (red raspberry leaf, alfalfa leaf, oatstraw, and nettle) right then and i've been drinking it everyday since. actually it's more like an infusion since i make it the night before. she also had me add alfalfa tablets to my diet. so i take a few of those with every meal. she pushes nutrition and i've been concentrating on my diet more in this preg then ever in my life (i'm a classic meal skipper). she also got me to switch to sea salt (i'm not much of a salt person), and to not take tums for heartburn (but i did not have too much heartburn this preg). the tums depletes the b vitamins. the prenatals are synthetic and harder for the body to absorb was her reasoning behind not taking the prenatals.

the only other thing she wants me to do is start a Ca/Mg supplement 2 weeks before due date every day and then hourly once labor starts as this helps ease the contractions some.
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Here are my answers to the wonderful questions:

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"

-I am planning to just go with it

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful? If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?

-BH are sort of painful, enough to take my breath away sometimes, they do feel like they are more often than last time but I am really not too sure about that as last time was 9 years ago.

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with? How?

-I really don't want a c-section and even thought there aren't any indications for me to have one right now I still feel some anxiety about it. I also have worries about the hospital not following my wishes in regards to no vit K and no hep b shot. I guess I am actually afraid of the fight that it might become...I have heard so many horror stories about CPS being called on parents who refuse such things...

I am dealing with it by using some reality therapy techniques I learned when I was studying to be a therapist. They work great.

Do you still have a belly button??

yes I do!!!

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?

No, I don't

I am so uncomfortable right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have pain under my right breast and the baby exstends up over my rib cage. I have like a uterine shelf of muscle right over my ribs! I was really hoping I would grow out and not up...I look really, really small. People are always comenting that I am so small for being 35 weeks but I would so much rather grow out and have a big huge round belly!

On the up side, I packed my bag, made my brith plan, put out the car seat, and my co-teacher is going to give her old crib (I was going to buy it for $100 but she wants to just give it to me...so thoughtful)
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I just went to my mw today for my 37 week check-up...and little bean is breech I just spent a bit going back over all of Rachel's responses for her transverse baby. My naturopath is big on acupuncture so I ran to one this afternoon and spent 45 min with the needles in and dp sitting with me, talking to babe about moving. Be like a whirling dervish! I coaxed. Show momma you can do a summersault. Also went and bought 30c of pulsatilla that my ND said to take three doses of daily until baby turns. I laid on an ironing board for a bit, but hurts my bad back, so I'm going to have to crawl around on my hands and knees doing tilts for a while.
Tomorrow I will see a doc at the birthing center about manual version next week. Not my favorite choice, but I feel the need to try everything at once, if you couldn't tell.
I really don't want a c-section...it wasn't even something I was worried about. Two weeks ago the mw said it "might be" breech but it wasn't serious yet. Still, I wish I'd known sooner. Is it too late to try Webster technique?
Just when I thought I had enough on my mind.
Good tip, btw, on visualizing the baby ALREADY turned. I'm such a attention to detail freak that I was having problems visualizing which way I should ask baby to turn
Rachel-something for us to think about... my ND said that sometimes baby is breech/transverse for a very good reason and that if we try everything and little one just won't budge, then it's probably for the best. My doc's won't do vaginal breech though, so I'm really asking babe to work with me on this. Help me help you! is my mantra.
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Boobiemama - I'm with the chorus I guess; I think induction is creepy and most often unnecessary. Did I miss something, I mean why would your dr. suggest it at 39 weeks anyway? Is there some complication or just his golf game? THis sort of thing makes me all fired up. My mw was saying to me last week that the natural gestation period is actually closer to 41 weeks than 40 and because of this she finds the current recommended inductions at 41 to 41.5 weeks ludicrous. She is very in favor of trusting a woman's body to do what needs done. Why don't docs have the same faith? Better yet, why do so few women trust that their bodies will do what needs done? My mw even doubts the efficacy of the 5w herbal thing as just another intervention in sheeps clothing. . . . she doesn't believe its necessary because her faith in the body is so strong. 30 years of assisting women and no bad outcomes will do that, I guess. She does keep a lot of the herbs in the 5w thing on hand as labor assists but has never recommended them in advance or without specific indication for labor. Anyway, that's her opinion.

As for mamaroni's questions:

I'll do what feels best for pushing.
I have bhc, but they are not painful for the most part.
I don't have any specific fears about the birth, but obviously want it to go smoothly, I want to get into the zen of my labor and turn my mind off so my body can take over. I do worry a lot about my dd's reaction to her new brother. I think it will be a really hard adjustment for her. I also have been communicating with the new baby to be a mellow tike who doesn't fight sleep. Dd was impossible to get to sleep for many months, was a night waker til 16mos (even now she is prone to getting up at night periodically). If I have to go another 1.5 years without a night's sleep, I think I'll call it good with two kids. Mostly I've been reading a lot to quell my nerves and trying to have conversations with dd about it all, though it's hard to measure how much she really grasps.
My belly button is way, way out there. If I cough or laugh, it's even worse! My dh tries to make me laugh just b/c it's so funny. It's like the thingy on a chicken when the chicken is done!!
As for the bathroom, it's not hard to get there or wipe, but it IS hard to catch the stream for mw to check my protein, glucose, etc.

Other questions:
As for vitamins; I am taking my chelated iron pretty religiously b/c of my history of severe anemia. I take my other multi when I remember to, but am not as focused on the multi as I was earlier in the pg.

My MIL sort of hinted she wanted to attend dd's birth, but luckily my xSIL had already said no to her so I guess she was prepared when I said I couldn't really have her there. She's great and everything, but I am a private and modest person; I didn't want anyone besides my dh, mw and doula there. Turns out I had a couple of nurses and a pediatricain, but I don't remember any of them. My own mother never asked, probably couldn't handle it anyways. I knew in my heart that she would not give me the powerful energy I needed to labor but rather would be all freaking out about her baby being in pain and how hard it is for her to see that (thus redirecting all the attention to herself in her narcissistic way). I even put the kybosh on having people waiting in the hosp for the birth to be over; I just thought knowing people were there, waiting and worrying would apply a pressure I didn't want to contend with, especially since I knew I would not be feeling social.

Gotto run, dd just came walking in though she was supposed to be in bed an hour ago. . .
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For all the mamas and babies that need it, here is another chant. Put your bellies to the computer screen... I'm serious! Have YOU put YOUR belly to the screen yet???

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So I am wondering....for those of you on preg # 2 or more...have your babes dropped yet?
I am 35 weeks this week and my DC dropped on Wednesday...a bit of a shock for me as everything I seem to read says subsequent pregnancies babies usually drop at the onset of labor. What is really ironic though is that I was reading through my pregnancy journal for DS's and I dropped with this one on the exact same day as I did with him:LOL
So suddenly I'm feeling a little nervous, I mean when DS dropped I didn't have him for another 4 weeks........but I'm not feeling that way this time. For the past 2 weeks I've been saying "OK this baby can come at ANY TIME now...like now would be fine" just over being pregnant and now that things are actually happening I'm thinking WOW I'm not ready for this baby yet

Well DS is calling for me, I hope everyone is doing well! Happy baby growing....we are already 1/2 through February!!!!
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Hello fellow March Mamas!

I don't think I've checked in since I first knew I was pg. Naughty lemon. But I've been following the threads over the months; I guess I just haven't known what else I could add to the conversation.

I need to request that my due date be changed on the list - my official due date is now March 31. (I knew from the start that the March 11 date was unlikely, and an early ultrasound confirmed that I was right.)

So I'm 33-ish weeks now, and, to be honest, having a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I'm not even showing that much. It's only in the last month or so that I've converted to mostly all maternity clothes. At work, after they announced a shower for me, so many people came up to me suprised to learn that I was pg. Hello! I'm 7 months! And not keeping it a secret.

The main thing for me now is coming to terms with the fact that I've only got 7 weeks left. Panic. This is my first and there were things I wanted to do before Little Creature (our pet name) came. Catch up at work and organize the house at the very least. Sigh. For some of us, procrastination does not end with pregnancy.

A special shout out to Jster & Cheryl. I've been following your stories. And I'm so happy that you and your babies are doing so well.
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Gwendolyn-I'm trying almost everything too. My chiro says 'it's never too late' for the Webster, but he prefers to start before 35 wks. I'm not doing a version, I just cannot do it...too worried about the (admittedly small) risks. I am TOTALLY with you on the fact that there might be a very good reason why the babes can't/haven't turned. I keep wondering if the cord is just short-he's been in the same position more or less for 6 months! So I'm up for doing just about anything, but not going to be devastated if I can't get him turned. I've been doing a lot of praying about it because to have a section for my first baby is just the death of a lot of dreams for me...but God knows! I will say a little prayer that your little one will turn.

Lemon :LOL on the panic, I can so relate...

Spark I can barely get my belly up to the screen, but I did it...here's hoping! Thanks for the baby peptalk! Turn baby turn (if you can!)

Fiacre, it's interesting that you said you didn't let people wait in the waiting room while you were delivering...I said no as well! In fact, we won't be calling anyone until we have delivered and had family bonding time, because I know ils will not respect my wishes and will pop in anyway! Surprisingly my own mom is giving me poop about it and she'll be in the delivery room with me! Oh well.

Mamaroni, I'm sorry to say I am neither taking prenatals OR eating right...due to the barfing I'm on the high carb white trash diet I'm afraid.

Thank you ALL for your awesome tips about baby turning...you are so supportive and I'm happy to be a part of this community.

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Well I am sitting here trying to rember what labor feels like and if I am starting to go into it.

I keep on experiencing very low back pain that comes back to the front of my abdomin. They almost feel like period cramps. They are not coming very steadily though.:

I sure would love to have a Valentines baby. Wishful thinking.
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DG, if you are in labor, I'm so jealous.

I have hit the breaking point tonight. I just can't take it anymore. Like Bebe Luna, I have the ligament pain right below my right breast and again on the corresponding spot on my back. It feels like someone has stuck a burning hot railroad spike right through me. I've had it with all three pregnancies and it is the absolute worst. I think I'd even take morning sickness over this. This is what I get for being 5'2", very short waisted and delivering 9 pound, 22 inch long babies. My belly comes to about my boobs which means that it goes up and over about three full ribs at times. I get feet on the outside of my ribcage which is incredibly painful (not to mention gross to see.) I can't sit comfortably, I can't bend over without breaking a rib, and as of the last two nights, I can't sleep anymore. It's getting to me.

I'm feeling very uptight tonight. I really want to yell and curse, I mean that I physically want to do these things as some form of stress relief. I would love to hop in my van and drive with the radio at high volume yelling, but driving is so darned uncomfortable that I know it's a bad idea. I feel very jittery and unable to relax. I used to get like this when I worked and was tired and stressed out, but I seldom feel like this anymore. I want to have a good cry, but alas, I can't seem to do that either. I just feel so darned uptight. I need some sleep, and I'm stressed that there's no way for me to do it. There just isn't a comfortable position anymore for the ligament pain. It's stressful to be so tired yet know that I'm not going to be able to sleep. I really hate this.

Sorry to be such a load tonight, but I've hit my breaking point. I know that I'll feel a bit better in the morning, but at this point, my poor body is just in so much pain, and there's not a darned thing I can do about it. It's so frustrating. I don't know how I'm going to do 4 or 5 more weeks of this. I've got to tell you, I know why some women give in and get induced. It sounds like a pretty good idea right now (not that I would ever really do it.) I know the end is in sight, it just seems like I need really strong glasses to see it. Sigh......

Oh, yeah. I had a question for all of you. I had my doctors appt on Thursday. She said that I was spilling suger into my urine. She asked what I had for breakfast and I told her that Jonah and I had gone and had a breakfast burrito and a few pancakes and syrup before my appointment. She said that was probably it, but I really didn't have much syrup. Maybe a third of one of those little containers they give you. I wouldn't think that would be enough to do it. If I'm still doing it next week they will prick my finger. I'm just not sure what the point is and what it means at this point in the game. Any insights?

She checked me and I'm dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced. Exactly as I was with ds2 at 35 1/2 weeks. He was a week late.: I've never gone into labor less than 4 cm dilated, and I'm typically at around 3 or 4 cm for several weeks before labor starts. I'm living proof that dilating early means nothing. :LOL
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Jish, I am right there with you. I woke up this morning in an awful mood, thinking" I cant live through another day".
My baby is under my boobs. I cant sit, lay down, walk or drive comfortably. I cant sleep. I am up peeing at least 6 times a night.
I told my hubby I am almost to the point to try the oral prostaglandins. He about jumped up and down! LOL

I am depressed, distracted, and have no emotional energy to deal with anything. I want to crawl in a hole and cry. I couldnt even handle making a simple a dinner tonight. I got so frutstrated my hubby kicked me out of the kitchen and he made dinner.

And dg, if you are in labor, send some my way. Good luck and keep us posted!!
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Paul Thomas Bagley was born peacefully at home at 3:43 pm on Thursday, February 12th. He was 9 lbs. (even) and 21 3/4 inches long at birth.

After he was born, the midwife, my husband and I decided we must've mis-estimated his due date, because he certainly didn't look, act or weigh like a pre-termer!!

I am doing fine, although I'm pretty sore...had a bit of perineal and a bit of labial tearing, but only required 5 quick stiches overall. Coordinated labor contractions started at 7 am, and I pushed for about 2 hours.

I'm just working on recovering now and drinking a lot of Mother's Milk tea to bring my milk on in as quickly as I can. Paul is a champion sucker, and it seems like he's getting a bit frustrated that he's not getting more "juice" outta me!

Thank you all for all your extremely helpful advice during my pregnancy! I'll be checking back in in a bit when I've gotten a bit more rest...

Happy gestating, everyone!!!
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WHooo hooooo, another "march" baby is born! Congratulations to you and your family. . .I hope your recovery is quick and your babymoon is sweet! Happy lactating!
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Congratulations Lisab I am so happy for you. Awesome that nursing is going well.

Jish & Boobiemama~ I so hear you on being uncomfortable and I am so arritable. I feel so bad for dh because he gets in that line of fire and watch out I am spitting venom at him. I can bearly stand the sight of him and he hasn't even done anything wrong.

Anyway I guess what I was feeling yesterday was Ava moving further down the birth canal. I am estimating she will be here at least by March 8th I hope.I just want to hold her.
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WOW! CONGRATULATIONS lisab and family and welcome to Paul . What wonderful news, I am so happy that you got the birth you wanted and all is well with you both.

I sympathise with the irritable mums. Jish, I have nowhere near the amount of discomfort you are experiencing but I had an emotional day on Friday too. I wanted to cry and scream and shout but couldn't because the inlaws are still here doing the work on the house. I feel bad becuase they are lovely people, doing us a marvelous favour and a wonderful job of work but I just want them gone, the house back to normal and to get on with "feathering the nest" as it were.

I also need to sleep, sleep, sleep but can't becuase of sore hips, toilet trips and aforementioned work on the house.

I also had a bit of a panic because it is now 6 weeks and 1 day 'till my due date. What happened to the TIME!!

Re; the prenatal vits. I am still taking mine (apprently they are designed to be beneficial whislt breastfeeding too) and also some veggie omega-3 because I don't eat fish.

When should I start think about taking some Red Raspberry Leaf?

to everyone
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