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Claire, Happy Birthday!
I'm sorry you didn't get your big birthday wish this year. Do you mind if I still try to keep my end of the pact and push out a birthday present for myself in a week and a half??

Dh is off work today and I read your story to him. He said you should have told them it was their food that made ds sick and then you could have come back next time for free! :LOL

Well, I finally believe that I won't be pg for 43 weeks. Yesterday morning I was awakened at 4am by some serious ctx. I ended up having to get up and go to the living room to sit on the birth ball (which really helped!). The ctx were about 1 min apart for 2.5 hours. Then they started to slow down over the next hour and I was able to get some sleep. When I told dh later that morning, he said, "Good grief! You halfway had that baby!" When A was born I had ctx at 1 min apart for 4 hrs and then had him, so by that standard I WAS halfway there. :LOL

Anyway, I felt like a got a little practice run and it really reassured me. I've been a bit nervous remembering how suddenly and forcefully labor hit me last time and how intense it all was. Plus I didn't have hardly any action ahead of time, unlike some of you guys who seem to do a lot of work in advance. But now I think I really can believe that all the things I've set up to make this time different really will help make it different! It was peaceful and I was in control and I didn't feel any external pressures, like should I call someone or whatever. I was just able to say, this probably isn't it, but if it is okay!

Hope everyone is feeling okay. Umm, alright, third trimester, really close to the end, leave me alone "okay".
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Yaking on fine china LOL!!!!!!!
Poor kid. My son barfed at In and Out once, my husband was horrified.

Speaking of barfing, both my kids are sick. What if the baby is born now, while everyone is sick, will the baby get it too?
I dont want a sick baby. Non of my babies have ever gotten sick till they were close to a year old. I 'd hate to be worrying bout a brand new baby with a cold or something.
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Hello everyone...
I haven't checke in for a while bcause we were moving...

Lets see,
the 12th was my birthday~ I packed and move all day,
the next day (Friday the 13th) we finished cleaning the house in the AM, then closed on the house in the afternoon...
over the weekend we settled in to my aunts house some, I did get to go out to dinner w/ my mom & aunt on valentines day (Sushi!!)... and this morning had the inspection to go to at the house we are trying to purchase...
Oh, and I've had a nasty head cold for the past 4 days...
I am exhausted!

Also, I am not sleeping too well. My arm goes numb from laying on my side all the time, my hips ache, I get insomnia, and contractions are getting more and more steady and intense...
I sound like such a complainer!

Anyways, no baby yet, but he feels soon!!

Congratulations Lisa!!!! So we now have 3 march mamas holding their (4) babies!! And it's not even march yet. how exciting!

I will check in again later, hopefully w/ more energy. i'm going to attempt a nap!
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Tracy -- YOU HAVE GOT TO HOLD THAT BABY IN until your birthday! One of us has to share a B-day just like our husband/sons do! And, I don't want an early baby, so it has to be you!

Bebeluna -- Glad you're done with your first move. Wishing you rest and relaxation. Hope you can sleep well tonight. I'd say at the absolute most you have 2 weeks until you're holding your baby. But, hopefully it's sooner. You're certainly in the "Final Funk" stage!

Boobiemama -- I hear you, I want to keep this baby in until my DS is better, too. The Dr. thought he might have Roto Virus (sp?) which could take up to 3 weeks to clear up. Yikes! I hope it's not that!!! I don't know what you'd do with a sick newborn. They have enough challenges just getting accustomed to life outside the womb.
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Yikes, I hope I get my brain back soon after this babe is born! I went to the grocery store yesterday and took my cloth grocery bag with me. I stood at the chekout clutching it while the clerk bagged everything in plastic bags. I didn't even realize what had happened untill I gathered up the platic bagged groceries and noticed my empty cloth bag. DUH!
Today Dd was out with Dh all day and I have done absolutely nothing all day except sit and surf MDC. Usually I love the chance to get things done when I'm all by myself. Guess I just needed a chill out day.
Dh and I aren't even speaking at this point, but I guess that is a vast improvement over him hurling insults at me the whole time he is here: But I have finally come to the understanding that there is something realy wrong with him, its not me (no, I'm not perfect but according to Dh i'm not even a human). At this point I am not planning on telling Dh I am in labor, hopefully he will be either at work or sleeping. I don't need someone there during the birth who thinks so little of me. It will all work out in the end for the best, I just need to keep myself together. Sorry to whine, just needed to get some of this out.
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Artemesia- sorry thing are so yucky for you right now. Hugs.

Claire- dd had rotavirus when she was about a year old and it was the grossest thing I've ever seen. One telltale sign- does the vomit stink like nothing you've ever smelled before? It was so nasty. Dh got it too, but somehow I was left alone. Good thing too, don't know who would have fed, bathed and clothed those two if I had been ill. It only took about a week for each of them, so keep your ds well hydrated and try to stay clean yourself. Dd would nurse, then a half hour later, vomit all over the bed, so we'd get up, bathe while dh changed the sheets, dh would get her dressed while I threw the lot into the washing machine, then 45min-hour later, we'd repeat, but start out with changing over the laundry so we would have clean sheets the next time. My heart is with you. Happy Birthday!!

Bebeluna- Happy birthday to you too! Now I know 3 people with the 12th as a birthday.

Boobiemama- have faith that breastfeeding will get those antibodies into the little one if everyone is still sick. As long as you are exposed to it, your body should be making antibodies to protect the baby. It'll be ok.

I had major contrax yesterday and last night. I think the baby might have moved away from ROP (one can hope right?) for at least a little while. My mw said that if that happened, I'd get a bunch of contrax. And my bowels were, umm, a little looser yesterday and last night than normal, but then I remembered that I found my stash of dried plums (prunes) and had a few, so I don't know that it meant anything. I'm just so ready to be done being pregnant. I know we probably all feel that way. My mw will be out of town for the last week and a half of February, so babe can't come then. And we have dd's birthday party on the 29th. We decided to only do family this time since I'm so close and uncomfortable. We usually have a big party, but our friends will just have to forgive us this time. So much to do before then!!

I have a chiro appt on wednesday and am planning on a massage at some point here. I just want to be nice and loose and aligned for labor so that if this babe wants to come out facing my bum, it can. I saw a beautiful face last time, but I'd survive.
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OK, I'm feeling stupid...I hadn't had an email in forever telling me there were new posts, and I just don't make it here without the emails (my online time is still sporadic, and not in our home...) Well, duh, it's because it's a new month

Congrats, Cheryl!!! I loved looking at the pictures of your two fighters.

I'm doing well...I had an u/s last week to check my placenta, which had been low at 20 weeks. It's still low-lying, but I've been cleared to labor, so woohoo! The baby measured in at 7 lbs (at 34.5 weeks) I had some serious heartburn up until this past weekend, when the baby dropped. HAs anyone else droppped? I read that it happens in first pregnancies a few weeks before delivery, but it's not my first pregnancy, and I"m not in labor yet BH have even eased off now that we're settled in here...so I'm still thinking I won't go until the end of the month.

It's amazing how soon some of you are due how exciting! I will HAVE to check in now, I dont' want to miss any more births!
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Hi everyone,

Things are really starting to get a bit exciting now, some babies born already and some that sound like they will be here very soon.

Just checking in with my update. I saw the midwife today and all is perfect with me, no problems at all which is great. The baby is still ROA but since I am only 34+2 I am not too worried about that.

My ILs are still here but the work seems to be nearly finished and I am feeling better now that there is an end in site. I can't wait to get the house back to ourselves and then I can start nesting in earnest. Or resting in earnest which is what I really need to do - I need SLEEP!!!

I am sorry about those of you with stubborn breech babies. i would also be very upset if I was looking at a definate C-section so I really sympathise with you. However, even if the C-sections go ahead, know that you ARE birthing your baby and hopefully you can find ways to make it just as special as you were hoping for.

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. It seems like yesterday that I was posting my BFP news on the July 2WW board. I am feeling very positive about labour but the reality of imminent parenthood is looming in front of me now and that is a wee bit scary (especially in the dark after those 3am loo visits ).

to everyone
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Rotavirus update -- My house is a just a pile of vomit at this point. DNR -- Glad to hear that your family survived it. I can hardly wait until we're on the other side of this. My DH just threw up twice this morning already. I'm praying that I'll be spared. I'm pushing my prenatal vitamins and drinking lots. But, I've lost 2 pounds taking care of my sick boy so far. DNR -- like you said, the vomit reeks! Just don't feel like eating when your clothes smell like it.

Meanwhile, my Birthday cake is sitting in the fridge untouched due to a well timed vomit last night. My husband's Birthday gift to me was going to a concert tonight. I had a dress that fits all laid out, but clearly we aren't going. Rotavirus killed my Birthday! Really though, it would be a great Birthday gift if I'm spared this illness. Pleeeease!

Other than that - maybe my due date is wrong, I'm feeling really good. No aches or pains. I even sleep pretty well at night (in between the cleaning vomit). So, I'll send some of you all my feeling good vibes I do still have plenty of BH, but they've cooled down a bit since I cut down on the 5W. I've gone 2 days now with them only getting 4-5 mins apart lasting for a minute. Much better than 2 mins apart each day for a couple times.

Artemesia -- You've got to do what you've got to do. Hoping your birth goes peacefully and your (D)H is no where around.

DNR -- hoping your baby is LOA now! Good work making nice strong ctx!

heather -- Yeah placenta! That's great news! Congrats!

Pinksunfish -- It's amazing how kids change the concept of time. It all seems like yesterday, but you're baby is off to college already! Also, parenthood is a wee bit scary! But, you will find your way and flourish beautifully!
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About the rotovirus... My kids had it last Septemeber, right after my 5 yo started kindergarten. I didnt know what it was till someone on a board mentioned thats what it sounded like and after doing a webs earch I was pretty sure thats what it was. I never took the kids to the dr, I handled it at home, but it was pretty rough.

My 5 yo had it for about 3 days- vomiting, diarrhea, awful smell!!!! Then my baby, then 18 months, had it for a good 5 days. She was the worst. Round the clock vomiting/diarrhea. Luckily she was still nursing/cosleeping, so we went through lots of towels and cloth diapers.

It was horrible, but we managed!

i have a dr appt this afternoon, so will update later. 38 weeks!!!!!
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Hi March mommies!

Wow a lot of us have birthdays this month! Mine is tomorrow, my 30th.

A lot of us also seem to be sick. I'm so sorry! That makes preggo life so much harder.

Artemesia-sending you . You are probably better off going through this without such an unsupportive person, but I know it has to hurt...

Speaking of unsupportive, my dh says he is ready for this pregnancy to be over already. EXCUSE ME? Yes, he has been incredibly helpful, cleaning up barf for the whole time and occasionally cleaning the house, but for him to actually say I'm lucky I'm pregnant (otherwise he wouldn't put up with my attitude) makes me want to kick him to the curb. He is acting his age lately and being very sullen and withdrawn, but everyone I talk to just says to cut him some slack. I SOOO don't want to go through this again anytime soon.

Okay, I will CBL!

P.S. THANK YOU for all the supportive thoughts on c-section...I won't schedule one, but it might happen anyway if the chiro/acupuncture/herbs don't work.
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Congrats lisab

Artemesia, sorry to hear that things are so difficult. But you are right to do all that you need to for yourself and baby right now.

Special turning wishes to all you stubborn little breechlings.
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rotovirus...ugh! Gosh, I hope it skips you, that would be the worst right now.

Hugs to everyone with a breech baby...and lots of positive turning thoughts. I would be very sad if confronted with that, so also lots of peace about however delivery goes. (((hugs)))

Happy Birthday to RacheePoo!! I hope you have a great birthday.

My DH is also anxious for this pg to be over, but because he says he's sooooo anxious for the baby to be here I think he's cute. So I told him that lots of sex might help things along. LOL! I'm not quite as anxious, but probably because it's likely my last pregnancy, and I truly love being pregnant. Ah, well.
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I am so sorry about the Rotavirus Spark! I had it make a sweep through my classroom this month! YUCK!

DH and I are doing my belly cast tonight and I can't wait. I don't have one from dd. I had never heard of it then.

I also made my baby registry this week since my best friend is throwing me a babyshower. Since I really don't *need* anything I decided to register at EcoBaby.com since they are full of stuff I love but would never spend the money on.

Here is my uneventful update:
Baby is still head down, boobs are finally leaking fluid, have my bag packed and birth plan written, I am ready just need baby!
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Hi March Mamas!

Congrats to lisab (I can't remember if I've already said so!). How exciting. Who's next??

I have an appointment tomorrow and am anxious to confirm the baby's position. She was head down last time, so I'm assuming that's the same, but a lot can change in 4 weeks and she's been moving a lot! The kind of movement, you know, where you are startled and jump!? I'm sure some of you feel it.

Hugs to you guys with dh issues. Artemesia, especially. Sounds awful. but you sound strong! My dh got pretty frustrated this morning, which is uncharacteristic of him, and I'm sure he was really thinking that he wants this pg to be over with too! It's been a very frustrating few days around here for us (basement flooded, sick dd, keys locked in car, among other things) and I know we're both stressed on top of our everyday obligations. It's tough. I had a little pity party for myself this afternoon, too, fiacre! I think it's OK for us to do that once in a while.

our mantra: We are almost there! We are almost there!

Are you all doing birth plans? Are you all "ready" for baby, as far as clothes washed, organized, things like that? I *know* we're all mentally ready!!

Happy b-day to all the Feb. b-days, too!! Mine was on the 3rd.

I've been having weird random dreams. I actually dreamt last night that I bought some stuff from bebe luna on the MDC trading post! kind of funny. . . by the way, glad to hear you got through your move w/o having your baby. Now, he can come anytime, right?

Well, both my kids are napping, and I'm either going to join them or get some chores done. hmmmm. . .which to choose, which to choose??? :LOL
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Lisab--Congratulations on your new little guy!

Happy b-day Feb moms! Mine is on the 19th!

Here are some turnaround vibes for all those breech babes

I had an appt on the 13th. I REALLY feel like the babe has dropped and I have been having pretty intense contrax lately. The doc chechked me and said "Barely a fingertip and the head is still high up." I understand that I am only 35.5 wks, but I would like to think that my body is doing all of this work for something!

My water broke with dd after we went to church on Ash Wednesday. I heard this year that it was Feb 25 so maybe.....

Spark--My little guy went through rotovirus early dec and it was not fun! A coupla nights ago he started throwing up EVERYTHING, including bile and would not drink anything so I took him in. Turns out he had gastroenteritis and had to have fluids. He is better now but today my dd is throwing up and my husband came home because he has been, too. I feel bad but it is not at all what I would like to be doing at this stage. I just hope I don't get it. It is waaaaaaay worse than the rotovirus. Ahh well, I just keep saying to myself this too shall pass.......
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Back from my appt.......
Being induced on Thursday. Now its up to me to decide how. I told the doc I was very uncomfortable with the cytotec, so he sid its up to and I can choose how I want to do it.....

Bp was 175/100, came down to 150/90 while resting at the birth center, had non stress test, babys heartbeat was high, in the 180's. The nurse was concerned, but wouldnt tell me why it could be that high except maybe I was slightly dehydrated.

SO...... I thought I would try blue cohosh before being induced, but with the baby heartrate high, I dont want to, since I heard it can make it high. So could black cohosh in the 5W I'm taking be causing it to be high??

Doc says I could wait, but then face being put on bp meds, and being risked out of the birth center.

Will write more later..... gotta run!
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Wow, lots of news!

Spark--sorry to hear the bday festivities were a bust. THat stinks...literally. Hope you all are well soon...and that you are spared.

and for all the breeches....TURN! TURN!

Artemesia--Just wanted to give my sympathies on the DH. That must be tough....DH and I went through a horrible spell this pregnancy and it really sucked. I hope things smooth out and that you and your babe are able to focus on what you need to do.

Nothing new here. We cleaned out the office for the birthing room and got all the baby clothes washed and in a dresser. I am trying to find the energy to finish up some diapers that I've been making. I did some covers as well. I have so much I *want* to get done but really, I'm slowly drifting into late pregnancy orbit....tired, and really not too much energy for that stuff. I'm excited for my baby blessing coming up though....beginning of March. I'm due at the end of the month, so I guess I'llprobably see most of you "go" before I do. Which will be nice....it'll psyche me up.

Anyone else getting really weird kind of palpatations and stuff? sometimes I get really uncomfortable and feel kind of like when you're weak from the flu....like I need to pause. Dizzy a liitle...
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I am so comforted to read that I am not the only one suffering with painful braxton hicks and bouts of false labor. Not that I wish this on anyone, but man oh man, I didn't have this at all with the first pregnancy.
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Indigo -- I get that weak, dizzy, can't quite catch my breath feeling. I usualy get it after or during a big bout of BH. Or when trying to do too much on my feet. And, I agree hearing about other births gets me psyched up, too! Just think so many of us will be able to send you birth vibes straight from our births!

PumpkinSeeds -- Yes, BH, BH, BH! I had a nice patterned spell yesterday with them getting down to less than 2 mins apart lasting for a little more than minute each.

Emmama -- your BH could just be toning things up so your real labor is more effective. Or it could have been ensuring your babe was in proper position. Yuck on the gastroenteritis. But, are you saying that your son did not throw up bile during rotavirus? This is day 7 of vomit at our house and bile is practically all that ever comes up now. (I should note, I've been in contact with my Dr. They keep saying as long as he's not showing signs of dehydration, keep treating at home) I'm so glad Jude nurses still. It's the only thing he'll drink most of the time.

mamaroni -- I like your mantra! Hmm, maybe a new sig file for us all...

Bathrobegoddess - How did the belly cast turn out? I have mine that friends did. It's dry, but now I need to plaster of paris it smooth. Then, dry. Then, sand. Then, varnish/shelac. Then, dry. Then, I'm going to paint. What are your plans?

Heythereheather -- I'm really enjoying being pregnant, too. I figure this will probably be my last time. I hope our goodwill toward our pregnant bodies will last longer, but I'm ok if it doesn't. Sometimes it seems like getting uncomfortable and pain is part of the letting go process.

Love, love, love!
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