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Originally posted by indigolilybear
Anyone else getting really weird kind of palpatations and stuff? sometimes I get really uncomfortable and feel kind of like when you're weak from the flu....like I need to pause. Dizzy a liitle...
Just wanted to pop in and say, yes! This is exactly what I'm experiencing. And with each passing day, I am more and more out of breath, from just the slightest physical exertion.
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Oh, I forgot to add -- whoever starts next month's thread. Let's make sure to just have it March 1-15 and then another one for March 16-each has given birth. Seems like we'll probably be REALLY busy posting next month. Does that sound good? I was just thinking of it.
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Well hello ladies...

Regarding the palpitation feeling~ I haven't had any of that, but I have had what Gina was asking about~ a chest tightening feeling during braxton hicks, along with a blood rushing to the head feeling. I figure it's blood rushing upwards from the tightening of the uterus/contractions...

I had an appt w/ my midwife today. Looks like I am effaced about 50% and dilated to about 2cm. Baby is head down and so far NOT posterior (yeah!!!).

I am pretty much over my cold and feeling a lot better.
I was having a lot of ctx last night. I am up to the highest dosage of the antenatel herbs now, and also have been taking EPO 3 x a day and vaginally at night...
Is anyone else still on the herbal regiman? If so, how is it going??
My aunt gave me some energy work/healing touch to balance my chakras and promote relaxation~ it felt wonderful!
She will do some more tonight.

My energy is pretty low, so I haven't been going out of the house any more than necessarry. It's nice though, to nap and rest, take baths, read... (in between chasing my very active 3 year old ).

Any one else have aching hips... that hurt to walk much?? This seemed to happen to me when the baby dropped.

I thought it was pretty wild that the midwife could touch his head through the cervix today... I guess he's pretty low then.

I feel ready for this baby now. How about you gals??
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I have been having some dizzy bouts as well. And I'm more breathless. I've been breathless throughout this pgy, but it had gotten better. I have also been having some harder days due to nausea. For about a month that was going really well. It was pretty minor most days, and the bad days just weren't too bad. But in the past 1.5 week or so, the bad days have gotten a bit worse again. Uggghh. I really am at the point now where I don't prefer to go out. Last night I begged off the weekly dinner at the in-laws. Dh took ds and I got in my jammies and laid on the sofa and watched tv. And ate frozen waffles. Okay I ate two Valentine's chocolates also. Couldn't let that go, could you? :LOL

So, all in all, been feeling pretty generally crappy! My attitude is better today though. I really don't have long to go. I can make it. Right?

Side note: Okay how many Feb birthdays DO we have?? I can't believe we have so many!

38 weeks on Friday!
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Oh, and I meant to address aching hips...I carried A VERY low for the whole pgy and my hips STILL hurt after he was born at times when I slept. The two things that helped the most were to sleep with a fat pillow between my knees and to drink plenty of water.
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Wow, now that I think about it and read the descriptions, i think the way gina and bebe luna describe it is more how I feel--like the BH is causing a big rush of blood. And yes, bebe luna, I am aching and finding it difficult to walk. you should see me waddle from side to side! For me, though, it's mostly my lower back, on the left side.

I'm taking the 5W, and I'm up to 3 caps/day. I'm also taking EPO 2-3 times/day. I've been having what I'd describe at hot flashes (I'm having one right now, which remeinded me). I'm soooo hot all the time. could this be from teh 5W in particular?

I'm soooo ready for the baby. less than 4 weeks (hopefully!) to go.

good idea on next month's thread, Spark. Will we all then transfer over to Life With A Babe?
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Hi, All

I've been reading everyone's posts, but haven't had a chance to post any replies since Paul showed up!

Typing one handed atm while he nurses...but I wanted to say that I'd gotten up to 3 caps 3X daily with the 5W and was doing EPO vaginally nightly when I went into labor on the 12th.

Paul had his first ped. appt. yesterday, and was pronounced fit as a fiddle!

I'm looking forward to reading about each of your deliveries! I was also wondering if anyone has an update on CherylE and her girls?

Take care!
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Originally posted by mamaroni
good idea on next month's thread, Spark. Will we all then transfer over to Life With A Babe?
Ooooohhh, I was hoping someone would suggest that!
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thanks everyone who responded to my query on dizziness/weakness spells. I think I"m getting more worried cuz I always do late preg. and also my BP was slightly elevated (on the border of high) when I checked the last couple of times. I have read the main risk is to the baby and really, I feel the baby is very fine....very active and STRONG....but you know how worries are....

I still have about 6 weeks to go....found out about birth certificate req's today and they're pretty simple. THis is the the third county we've done a birth in and it's not too bad req.-wise. AND they were very matter-of-fact and cool about it....which did NOT happen last county we birthed in.

I went to a LLL meeting today and saw a new baby.....couldn't believe how tiny it was. Seems like I'm continually having relevations that YES, we're actually having ANOTHER baby/child, and YES, I have to start all that baby stuff all over again.....and I'm both excited and freaked out. I still think of DS (3 in May) as a baby.....but he's not really, now, is he?? :LOL On the other hand, dd (5) is so ready. SHE"S teh one I hold up the baby outfits to and say "isn't this cute??" instead of DH cuz she'll ooh and ahh over them. I think she will have a ball w/the baby. and THAT I'm looking forward to seeing.

ALso taking some preg. photos this weekend. My sister is an awesome photographer who has documented all our pregnancies, and our first birth in B&W.

This is kind of off-topic, but is anyone having a blessing ceremony? I am and have always had them w/o my family...meaning a small, intimate group of friends. Now, this time, it's bigger (since we've lived so many places...) ./and I've invited my sister who I am close to, and SIL--who I"m not, really. But now I must decide about my own mother. I wasn't *going* to invite her because although she is totally loving, supporitive, etc, she is not really into the same type of stuff as me. HOwever, I also think it would be nice for her to witness a really special time for me w/people who don't think I'm nuts :LOL (for the most part!) showering me w/love, etc. (She thinks we're/I'm pretty crazy the way we birth, BF for so long, etc.--though she never gives us grief) And now that I've invited my sister and SIL, I think it might almost be weird NOT to invite her.
My concern: she kind of inhibits me. Not overtly, but subtly and I really want to be open and not concerned about what she's thinking when they smudge, etc. I feel like I really want to get as much out of the ceremony as possible, and am not sure how much she'll distract me. I don't know.....any advice/feedback? or anyone have a similar situation?? Thanks in advance!
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Everyone with that breathlessness and palpatations, make sure your iron is sufficient. These are both signs of anemia, particularly if you kiddo has dropped down some and is no longer pressing on your lungs. It's not a bad idea to check your crit if it's been awhile or if you are less than regimented about taking an iron supplement. I struggled with severe anemia with dd so I know of what I speak. Take it in the spirit it's offered!!

I went to my mw today and though it had seemed by babe had started heading downward, it now seems he has settled right back up in the transverse position. I am getting an u/s next week to figure out which end is truly what and then my mw will try to manipulate him toward the exit. I felt so disappointed when she told me this; for some reason I thought at today's apt. she'd say that I'm efacing and he's engaged. . . . negative on both. No action with my cervix and the boy's transverse again. ugh. Guess he's comfortable - wish I could say the same.

On another note, I have been working for a few months on coordinating a partnership of sorts between our WIC state office and our welfare field offices. I had lined up all these trainings for welfare eligibility workers to learn about breastfeeding so they could recommend the bfing supports WIC has to offer as well as the nutrition help to anyone disclosing pregnancy. Phase one was 15 minute chat at a statewide supervisor's meeting yesterday. I introduced the WIC trainor and tried to couch the whole thing in work related terms; that breastfeeding is the purest form of disease management going, etc. that it helps the welfare bottomline, etc. But, apparently all that tiptoeing was worthless b/c the group rejected the idea completely. Said they wouldn't dream of suggesting breastfeeding, sharing breastfeeding pamphlets or discussing it either with their staff or with clients. I know it's just my hormonal state, but I took it soooo personally. I don't know what the director will want to do withthe project now; especially since I have been the one putting this together and I have only a week left before my leave begins.

OK, so Rome wasn't built in a day and I can't change the world over night, but damn, I like to think I can sometimes and it just sucks when reality smacks me in the face.

Off to bed ladies! Happy gestating!
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fiacre, hormones or not, you have a right to be pretty annoyed if the project you've been working on was rejected because some people are just afraid to do extra work. i don't understand why bf is such a tough sell, but it is. but keep trying, someone along the way benefits by what you do whether you are aware of it or not!
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i just had an OB appoint and they got a new 3D ultrasound and the OB (this is the partner i like him) wanted to practice using it so i said what the hey. i got to see my baby's face. i can't believe it. i saw the umbilical cord it front of it's face and the baby opened it's mouth, stuck out it's tongue, and tried to lick it! it must be a boy! actually, the OB got a good view of the privates, but i wasn't peeking so i still don't know if i'm having a girl or boy.

anyways the baby is very active. would not let the nurse get the heartbeat, the baby kept kicking off the doplar. baby head is up so it's breech. i called my midwife and talked to her about it, as i was talking the head went from the top of my uterus to the side and now it's just above my belly button. she said to really get to know where the head is so i can keep track of it's location. you can see the head outlined against my belly now. i'm so confused.

but the midwife just came across an article about an exercise to turn baby going on the theory that if the muscles are too tight in the lower areas, then this exercise will relax those muscles which will help baby turn. you need a partner to do this. she just emailed this so i am copying the email to this post

Have Mom lay on her back, recline into a well supported semi-sitting position,
couch is best. Place your hand under Mom( with thumb toward chin) crosswise
where the Uterine ligaments attach, just above the tailbone. Your other hand
will go very lightly across the Mom's lower abdomen, just above the pubic
(thumb up toward chin) Skin to skin is not necessary.
Once in position, you wait for the motion to begin below your hand. Rolling
bouncing like a ping pong ball tossing between your hands. This is muscle and
ligament motion releasing spasms. this may take 1-5 min to start. It may
continue 20-45 min. when you have not felt any movement for 5 min. slightly
reposition your hands and wait until you have not felt movement 5 min.
Also helps for ROT<LOT or true transverse.
Make sure you are in a comfortable position with your rings off before
you start.
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Hi everyone!

Sounds like most everyone is ready for these babies to make their appearances! I can't believe how anxious I am getting to meet it and find out what it is and what it looks like! It's very exciting!

To those of you who are sick, or who have sick children, hopefully everyone gets better soon!! This is not the time to have to deal with that! Yuck!

Also, Happy Birthday to (it seems like) half of you! Hope you all have wonderful days, and Spark, that you get to finally eat your cake!

I can give a quick update on Cheryl. I talked to her a couple of days ago, and everything seems to be going pretty well. Meribeth just hit 3 lbs! Yeah!!! They are just waiting for the babies to be transfered to a hospital nearer to their home. Cheryl right now is driving through nasty traffic every morning for probably close to an hour or so to go and see them... Good thing is that all seem to be getting better and better by the day, and kudos to her, she is breastfeeding them both! (well, through tubes, but I feel like I'll probably have a hard enough time with just this one full term baby! I'm impressed....) I don't off hand have the web site address where all their updates are kept, but I know it was posted on here not too long ago, and that has been kept up to date if anyone wants more info - or more current info - mine's already a couple of days old, I guess....

As for me, I am coming to terms with the c/s. I don't really have much choice. I had another u/s this morning to confirm position, and little baby hasn't moved at all. I guess that he/she is happy where it is. My c/s is scheduled for March 2. I think that I am going to back off on all the things that I have been trying to do to turn the baby. I really am feeling that if he/she could have turned, they would have by this point. I have been constantly doing stuff to flip the baby over. Even yesturday, I was at the local pool doing handstands in the water (and boy, you should have seen some of the looks I got.....) So, I think that I will just spend the next week and a half relaxing and concentrating on being ready for this baby to join our family! The stress I've been putting on myself can't be good for the baby or myself. I suppose everyone has to face their fears sometime in life, eh? At least by facing this one, I will be gaining a beautiful baby! Most people can't say that.... Also, on a positive note, is that I won't have to deal with labour (although I feel like I was ready for it - which bugs me... I'll never know if I was...)

Over the next few weeks, we're all going to start dropping like flies... heehee.... Very exciting! Good luck to all! Who's next???
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Wow, there's so much activity here I hardly know where to start!
I am truly sorry for those with illness in their families and am sending echinacea laced wellness wishes to you all. The last thing we need now besides a sick family to take care of is a sick self to take care of. And laboring while ill...NO THANK YOU!
Also happy birthday to all of you wonderful aquarius' out there! The best people in my life are all Aquarians and I am tickled that so many of you all are too

No bueno to so many dh's dropping the ball now, of all times! I think we should give them a little room for error though. I've always felt lucky in regards to the fact that women can more easily track our cycles and emotions whereas men seem to always be floating in hormonal limbo with no landmarks to guide their moodiness. Let's face it, they are probably freaking out a bit at this point over one thing or another too. We'll just say it's out of concern for their family's wellbeing

And Artemesia, You are very strong to exclude dh without even letting him know. Is there going to be a doula or support person there with you though?

Indigolilybear- I commiserate with your feelings about my mother. I feel the same about her being in the birthing room with me. I love her, and she's supportive, but she doesn't have the same spiritual feelings and opinions on natural health as I do. I don't think it's wrong to exclude her from the ceremony, especially if it might make HER uncomfortable. If she doesnt' "mesh" with the mood of the room, she'll feel it to, YKWIM? Maybe think about making her a short, special book with photos and excerpts from the ceremony, or maybe asking her for her own type of blessing at a different time.

Fiacre- Isn't it frusturating when it seems that managed health care, government programs, etc prefer to put bandaids over all of our problems as opposed to preventing the cut?

Thank you everyone for your happy baby turning wishes! I have put belly to the screen and read your posts. Update: Doc tried a version on Mon to no luck. He actually said it was the strangest version he's attempted because my baby was so active he thought it would be a snap, but my little one kicked and resisted very adamantly! I'm trying harder to accept a section birth, but I still really want to attempt a vaginal breech if that turns out to be the case. There might be ONE doc in town who will do it, but my dp is strongly against it and I dont' feel I could do it without his support
Rachel and Pam- I spoke with a very kind, helpful woman from the Family Life Center on the phone today, and she said that the breech could be from my or dp's emotional readiness for babe. She said a "topsy turvy baby" could reflect a "topsy turvy life." I don't know about you two, but I definitely fall in there! What with an unplanned preg, moving across the country away from my family, and being with a dp who's not the father (don't even talk to him anymore) certainly seems to fit the bill!
Also gender issues could influence babe's positon. Genitals first is baby's way of confronting you with their sex right off. "Look at me, this is what I am, love me for it," kinda thing.
On that note, I'm going tomorrow morning for an u/s to try and see my little one's sex. I really want a girl, but feel boy. So finding out could help me resolve all that.
Thanks for listening all it's such a help.
Smiles to all
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gratefulmum -- that's so interesting about breech babies and topsey turvey life. With that knowledge, I think it's a great idea to find out the sex of the baby. Perhaps it will help your situation. Certainly couldn't hurt! If you need support to have a vaginal breech birth, however, I think you'd find a lot of it around here. There's one woman with the name hotmamacita. She had two breech births (twins). And, I know there are a lot more women around here who had vaginal breech births of singletons. But, you really need to do what you feel is best for you and your baby. You're the only one that can make that choice. It's a wise DP that follows the heart of a pregnant woman.

MissPiggy -- thanks for the update on Cheryl. Talk about inspirational that she's nursing both of her babes despite the complications. That takes a lot of patience and tenacity! Way to go Cheryl!

Kristie -- that 3-D ultrasound looks so neat. The images look so... well, real! Did it make you want to meet your little one just all the sooner?

fiacre -- good luck at work. My heart is with you.

indigolilybear -- Ooh, can you share some of your pictures with us? I'd love to see. Sounds really cool. Also, my mother just asked me if it was ok if she didn't attend my Blessingway. I like her and all, but she's really intense. I was relieved. I wish you the same kind of outcome!

Well, I was wondering what I should do with my maternity clothes after this baby comes. Ebay, MDC TP, Charity, Friends, etc. The universe answered my question better than the poll I posted did. A fellow college teacher of mine just called a few minutes ago. Turns out a 19 yo student of hers just found out she's pregnant AND she's due in July. She's giving the baby up for adoption and is in need of maternity clothes. She wants to give the clothes all back when she's done. So... it looks like at least a few of my clothes will go to her bfore I have to decide what to do with them. What a strong young woman she is.
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wow, we're getting busy!

Claire, I think you're right...I told DH I didn't think I would go soon...I'm still having too much fun being pregnant

Here's a 36 wk picture, if you care to see...

Let's see...lisab, I didnt' say congrats, because I hadn't read all of the posts, after everyone's congrats to you, I had to go back Congratulations!!!

Wow, what a great use for maternity clothes, I would LOVE to be able to do that! I'll probably end up selling htem, because we actually need the money...but what a great service. Good for you!

I love reading everyone's updates, even if I dont' have time to reply to them all. The bathroom is calling me now
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Heather, great photo! (but where is all the snow and icicles?? I'm envious! the weather looks nice). are those regular jeans your're wearing?? I'm pretty much down to large "lounge" type pants and T-shirts. If I have to go out somewhere, I have one pair of jeans and a decent shirt. comfort rules at this point, though!

Regarding all the breech babies, I just wanted to add that my mw recently caught a breech baby AT HOME!! And it was a first time mom. No complications whatsover. The baby was born at about 38 weeks. I hope that those of you who wish to labor first will be given that opportunity by your care providers.

Spark, I haven't seen your poll, I'll go check it out. I've already taken most of my old maternity clothes that I've outgrown to the resale shop. I've lent some of the nicer/newer/outgrown stuff to a friend that's due in June. I have a very good friend that is ttc right now, and I'll probably give/lend her whatever is left, and when she's done with it she'll probably donate it. That's great you are donating yours to someone in need!

I'm not having a shower or blessingway this time, so for those of you who are. . . please share how they go!

I should have a picture to post in a couple days (from 34 weeks).

Glad to hear Cheryl is doing so well. Thanks Pam!

Mothers! ugh!! My mother has spring break (she's an alternative ed high school teacher) the first week of April. . .but do you think she is coming to stay with us??? nope. she's going on vacation. I'm a little irked because I really don't have anyone else besides dh (who will probably spend the majority of the time with dd and ds) and I know it's going to be overwhelming. But, we will manage. She will probably come for a long weekend (she lives 4 hours away) right when the baby is born, but she'll b#*ch about the drive, the unpaid days off work, etc, the whole time. The ILs are in florida until the end of April, and not planning to come home early. parents! can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!!

Enjoy the weekend. . . I hope we have some more baby news soon!

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I haven't posted in forever but I'm still here!

My due date was moved to 3-13. I've been having some ctx and was dilated to almost a 2 as of last Mon.

my back has been killing me. This baby is so so so low. Any lower and really, he'd be hanging on my knee.

Glad to read everyone else seems to be doing well too.
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Hey, Ladies! I'm still around, but I'm in so much pain most days that the only place I can sit is on the couch, and there's no way to move the computer over there. My back hurts absolutely everywhere -- up high, down low, and the ligament pain is awful. I feel like I need a walker at this point. I have to be very careful about my activity now. It seems like I have a couple okay days, then I can barely walk for several days. It's getting to me. My babies are big and long so I have never been able to tell when they drop simply because they don't have much space anyway so they don't drop far.:

At my last week's appointment she did the gbs and checked me. I was a 1cm an 50% (at 35 1/2 weeks) I know that means nothing since I have always been at least 3 to 4 cm dilated three weeks before going into labor. She didn't check me this week -- I hate getting undressed just to find out how much I'm dilated, it's too hard to get my pants back on.:LOL I did find out at my appointment Wednesday that I didn't spill any sugar into my urine this week and that I'm NEGATIVE FOR GBS!!!!! WooHoo!!!!! I'm so excited that the new recommendation is to retest all women, because in the past they have just assumed that once positive, always positive. This means no IV and no antibiotics unless I show other risk factors. I can also stay at home as long as possible.

Anyway, I've got to get this chair and waddle out of the house for a bit.
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Hi everyone,

I am so sorry to hear that several of you are having DH problems just now. This is such a hard time emotionally anyway, problems with partners probably become magnified and harder to deal with. I send all of you and hope that things work out for the best, whatever that means for each individual.

Congrats on the GBS result Jish. I am sorry to hear about your back. I have had ligament pains but luckily nothing as bad as you, I really sympathise.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the birthday girls! I am sorry that some of you have been too ill to enjoy your birthdays. My SIL lives in the States and her kids have had the Rotavirus too, it sounds awful. Hope that everyone and their kids gets better soon.

The work on our house is now finished (hooray) and the inlaws have gone home. It was lovely to see them and they worked so hard with a fantastic result but I am so relieved to have the house back. Our plan for tomorrow is to sleeeeeeep!

Had a tour round the birthing centre and labour and delivery ward at the local hospital. Very reassuring. The birthing centre is gorgeous and has lots of matresses, bean bags, birthing balls and birthing stools and a very nice pool room. It also has lovely single rooms with en-suite loo and shower where you can stay overnight if you want (although you can go home 6 hours after the birth here if all is well). Your own room is not standard issue in the NHS, so having one for free seems like a real treat.

Labour and delivery is one floor above the birthing centre and although it is naturally more clinical they have done their best with soothing colours and subdued lighting so I feel okay about going there if anything happens to rule out the birthing centre before my EDD.

The midwives seem to be very supportive of your birth choices so I am feeling very positive abour labour and birth in general. Only the odd 3am OMG feeling from time to time. I am not too worried about the pain, I am more concerned about having enough stamina IYKWIM?

I also am currently trying to decide whether or not to accept an invitation to a wedding in Germany in July. The baby will be 4 months old by then. I am feeling inlcined to accept because I am hopeful that we will have a handle on what we are doing by then and will probably appreciate the change of scene. Also, Germany is not a long flight from here so hopefully it won't be too much for the baby. There is a bit of a time pressure to book as the Bride and Groom have negotiated very cheap flights. It's just so hard to think beyond the end of March. The reality of having another person in the house hasn't really kicked in yet (even though we have all the stuff!). Any words of wisdom from those of you who already have children will be very much appreciated.

to all of you.
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