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Tracy, I can relate with you on the tooth issues. When my ds1 was 18 months one of his friends came up behind him at the mall to give him a big hug but she lost her balance as toddlers often do. As she fell, she grabbed him from behind pinning his arms to his sides so he couldn't put them down as he fell. He whacked his whole face on the ceramic tile, chipping both of his front teeth. I felt pretty lucky that was all that happened considering that his face was the first thing to strike the floor. Both teeth died and turned brown -- yuck. I've always looked at little kids with brown teeth and wondered why their parents don't take better care of them. Well, Karma came and bit me in the rear.:

Then, to compound the problem, my ds was a blankie sucker. He would shove huge mouthfuls of receiving blankets into his mouth at night to sleep. That ended up pushing his top front (dead) teeth clear up so that I could fit my index finger up to my second knuckle into the space in his teeth when he was biting down. Since he was about three he has looked like he had no front teeth. At least people couldn't see that they were brown.: Gotta try to find the positive somewhere.:LOL

On the pregnancy front, I go in for my ob appointment tomorrow. Should be just a weight and measure, but I'm hoping to find out for sure that this kiddo is head down.
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I KWYM re: keeping your mouth shut. :LOL I am in the process of finishing my Bradley training/certification process and am currently having to take a class/series since I never actually took a Bradley series before.....so here I and DH are....third time parents, in the room w/two sets of first time, hospital birthing parents. Luckily the teacher is a friend of mine...but I have to constantly bite my tongue since I have WAY too much info and ideas on this stuff....My DH tells me to slow down... Anyway, I sympathize But I'm sure the other couples think we are totally wacko.

I am going to do some preg. photos (my sister takes awesome ones...) soon and also do my body cast in the next month or so. I have ones from the other two kids up in the office so I really want one for this little turkey.
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Wow, check this out. It looks pretty cool. It's a map of the U.S. (sorry UK/Canada mamas) that shows high chance of delivery. I don't know if it's total woo-woo or not. Someone on Jan/Feb mamas posted it. Just thought it was interesting!

Pregnancy photos -- I was really glad that my DH took some of me this pregnancy. Thank you for the compliments on the one that I posted. There are some other really neat ones. I should see if I could post more of them.

Belly cast -- I didn't do this for Jude's pregnancy, but friends of mine have offered to do it for me now. I want to paint it, too. Any suggestions on painting them?

Tracy -- Oh, I'm so sorry you have A tooth karma to deal with. Hopefully it will be as pain free as possible for A. You never know, he may look exceptionally cute!

Gina -- I'm sorry you're headed for a C-birth. With a complete placenta previa C-births seem to be the only way. I was hoping it would move on up your uterus at least a bit to allow for vaginal. Sending you love and support.

Indigo -- I would love to be a fly on the wall during your Bradley classes. :LOL That must be the funniest thing... in a sick sort of way --
Couple A: "I want to get out of the hospital bed during labor, but I don't know if my doctor will allow it..."
Indigo & DH:

Couple B: "We have to have routine test A, B, C, D... X, Y, Z and bi-monthly amneos. We don't want all that, but we don't have a choice."
Indigo & DH:

Couple A: "I REALLY wanted a homebirth, but my great-aunt on my father's side had a baby born without a pinkie toenail and so my Dr. said it was just too way too risky for me."
Indigo & DH:

Couple B: "So nutrition actually plays a part in the health outcome of the baby and mother?!?! Well, then why are we taking prenatal vitamins? I thought they were our 'good nutrition.'"
Indigo & DH:

Ok, maybe your class isn't really like that, but it's how I imagine it going. Overactive imagination? Guilty!
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Hey, Rebecca! Please add me to the list, as well. I'm due March 1st...

You know, I was thinking just the other day that our thread had gotten really quiet, and then when I logged in for a quick advice fix, I saw we'd started a new one! DUH! :

Speaking of karma coming in a biting one's butt...I'd posted in the last thread that I hadn't been sick this pregnancy. I should've posted a "knock on wood" after that, because wouldn't you know it...I came down with a nasty case of bronchitis a few days ago! Whatever fragmentary sleep I'd been getting has been totally blown out of the water by coughing/congestion. I keep thinking I'm damaging the baby in some way by hacking this hard...he/she really protests (by squirming around) after a bad bout!

Mamaroni, I hear you about the BH's. I was having tons of them--to the point that some days it felt like they never stopped--and now...nothing much. Kinda weird.

To those of you moving or having just moved, you are strong women! I've also moved a bazillion times in my married life, and I think it gets harder each successive time. I can totally empathize!

I'm just trying to hang in there at this point. I don't want to complain because this pregnancy has been pretty much trouble-free, but BOY! I AM READY TO BE DONE.
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Hey, did you guys hear Cheryl had her babies?? It was posted on another board. Sounds like both were doing well.

Here come the babies!!!
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hadn't heard about Cheryl! Now I must go investigate...
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Angie, can you give us the link!?!?! I've looked all over trying to find where that was posted. What's the scoop? Inquiring minds want to know about our CherylE!
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He he.. I wasnt trying to be sneaky! My computer is just being
s l o w while I was trying to get the link.

Here ya go!!

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thanks boobiemama.

Oh Cheryl, congratulations! I have a few little tears in my eyes. The girls are beautiful, and how wonderful that they are breathing on their own! You look great, too. Get some rest, mama.
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YAY Cheryl~ Your girls are beautiful I also can't hold back the tears.

Much love and peace to you and your family.

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Congrats, CherylE! YAY! I'm so glad they look so healthy and beautiful! Good work! You held both those babies in despite so much strife! I hope you feel proud! Sending healing vibes to both babies and wishing you some good rest and love at home. I hope they can both join you soon! Congrats!
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What news! That is soooooo great that mom and babies are doing well...awesome!

Congratulations, Cheryl!
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wow, congrats CherylE!!! WHat a couple of beauties! And what a wonderful job it sounds like you are doing!

SPark--:LOL on the Bradley class. It's not *exactly* like that....but your version sounds more fun. We go tonight. Mostly I don't say anything too much, just add what I know to what she says....because actually I feel like our birth stories/approach discredits us more than anything and I don't want them to shy from Bradley/unmedicated delivery just becuase *we* happen to be in there....so I try to appear as "normal" as possible. Not sure how well I'm doing. anyway, your post gave me a giggle.
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Oh happy day Charyl! The girls are adorable!

Spark, I loved your rendition of what dnr's classes must be like. I'm taking classes offered by the childbirth center in the hospital and also spend a lot of time holding my tongue. The approach is actually pro-natural birth and the center is attended by a group of midwives, but most of the couples in the class haven't been doing the extensive amount of reading and research I have. Bordering on single minded insanity at times Anyway, I cope by waiting until break and after class to talk with the other women and offer up some background on circumcision and fish-oil vitamins, and yogic breathing benefits. I feel like I'm stepping on teach's toes too much if I volunteer all the info during class

Gotta go to bed. I actually stepped on the treadmill today and have felt like it was 10:00 since about 4
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Congratulations to Cheryl and her family. What beautiful pictures.

Spark- my classes aren't quite like that either, although it might be more interesting if they were, at least I'd laugh a lot. Instead, I found myself just talking first instead of letting the teacher go first. I was rather annoying, if I do say so myself. And like Indigolilybear, I find myself holding back my eye rolling at the truly silly questions because I don't want people to think I am the "freak" who is representitive of the Bradley Method in general. But, I did laugh at your version of class.

I went out tonight with a friend without dd! I had a night away! Evenif it was only for a few hours, it was still without her. Can you tell she's grating on me right now. When did others' kids stop napping? she seems very sporadic with her napping these days and I really need the nap time.
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Sorry dnr but I had to laugh at this question....re: napping. My DS stopped napping at 18 months!! I now schedule PBS tv time during the afternoon so I can sack out on the couch behind them. It's a guilty but necessary part of our day. I cannot function past around 2 o'clock anymore. And w/dd, she stopped napping totally around 3, but was more sporadic AND hard to get to go down for one around 2.5. Anyway. HOpe your dd's nap time continues at least for another couple months!!! BTW, I felt the same way re: my oldest while preg. w/ds. For some reason, this time I don't feel quite as drained from as I did when I had just her and was preg., but I think they now get so much from each other that it's not *quite* so taxing on me. But when you have an only, they are used to getting so much from you. Just a thought.

As for Bradley, I behaved well tonight. just try to share my vast knowledge :LOL (kidding...) w/o adding my personal politics w/anyone. Bascially this whole process has been really informative to me for separating my own personal birth philosophy from the one I feel has more value for other families in general. I mean, unmedicated birth is a rarity these days in itself. I think people need a lot of support and actually have a harder job than I do birthing at the hospital since it is more of a fight. I really admire people who chose hospital birth and succeed in getting a birth that resonates w/what they envisioned. And that's part of what I hope to help families w/when I get certified to teach. I would never actually ever recommend anyone do what I did....to each his own. To quote JP Baker, "I don't profess, I confess" And then only if someone is really interested!! And then, boy do they get an earful!! :LOL
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Wow everyone!

I am offline for only a week and the February thread is already three pages long, Christen and CherylE have had their babies and there are a whole load of new mums-to-be to .

Congratulaltions to Christen and Cheryl. I am glad that your babies are doing okay and you will all be in my thoughts.

I have been offline as we were decorating this week. My dh went into a bit of a panic feeling the house was really unprepared. Our spare room is now redecorated at last and in time for the inlaws who are coming down to help us tile our bathroom.

I love how the rooms look once they are decorated but the mess that is created on the way is really getting to me just now. Normally I can stand a bit of mess but it is making me a bit .

Is this nesting kicking in?

I had an appointment with the consultant today and a growth scan becuase of my thyroid issues. The appointment went pretty well, I am still on course for delivery at the birth centre (yay) but the baby is on the big side. My glucose is normal so there is no concern there and I suppose big is better than too small but eek! We will have to get on with the perineal massage!

Ed. to add: The baby's head is measuring in the 97th percentile so it's just as well I have big hips! DH is very glad that it isn't him who has to deliver this baby !

The baby is head down and I think LOA. So STAY LOA baby!!

to everyone
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Congrats Cheryl!! The twins are darling and it sounds like they are doing so well! Hope the spinal headache resolves soon, sending healing vibes!

Spark, Rebecca, indigo...what a funny thread about the Bradley classes!! I'm also certifying, but got a big extension because life has been too hectic to deal with the academic stuff. Hope your process goes smoothly, indigo, it's really a great thing to be a part of!

Well, I'm definitely in the achy club...there aren't many comfy places to sit at my mom's house, and she has terrazo floors (pretty much smooth concrete) so my hips are just screaming whenever I stand up! But soon I'll get my stuff, which will include my bed and some floor pillows, yea!! Poor Peri got sick again, she's had 3 throwing up episodes in the last 6 weeks, and it's getting me worried. But this time there was diarrhea and a fever, too, so perhaps it's unrelated. It'll be a quiet, cuddly day around here.

I'm going to start interviewing midwives today, something I'm really looking forward to. It'll be nice to start making a new connection with someone, my midwife in Madison was absolutely invaluable to me. And I've got to find a doula...then I'll feel pretty set up for the birth itself. It will be strange because I had a Bradley birth last time and my dh was really helpful, but now I don't want him around at all. Not sure if he'll even come to town when the babies born, from what he is saying it is too much trouble/too expensive. His attitude is unreal...

Happy baby vibes to all! Now that we've had a couple of early births, let's wait a bit on some more, kay?? Gestate those kiddos!
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Wow Cheryl!!! Congratulations!! Twins are such a wonderous miracle... I am so glad they are doing well. I wish you a speedy recovery!

I have been getting on and off nausea lately... anyone else experience nausea in the 3rd trimester??

I was wondering if had anything to do w/ the antenatal herbal formula...

otherwise I am okay... I can't say I feel terrific...
I'm achey, tired, and generally blah feeling...

baby dropped some more and I sure feel it in my hips and lower back!

Oh how I hope he isn't posterior like Talin was. I will never forget that nerve pain! OUCH
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Congratulations Cheryl! You did a great job keeping those babies in and they look great! Your family is in our prayers!
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