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My sympathy to all of you with birth and Mom/MIL issues. I will happily be avoiding any problems of my Mom wanting to be at the birth because I haven't spoken to her since July. My IL's don't seem to give a damn one way or the other. In fact they probably won't even come for a visit, or if they do it will be months after the baby is born, instead we will be expected to make the treck to see them, 9 hours in a small old car with two kids and two huge dogs. Sorry, no f**king way am I doing that. It is after the birht that worries me with my Mom. I envision her showing up at my door uninvited and unwanted, making a huge tearful scene about seeing her grandchild, either that or it will happen when I visit my grandparents who live just down the street from her. She will look all victimish and pathetic, dive for me and hug me and cry and whine. UGH! I'm sure I may sound mean but there is very good reason I haven't spoken to her in so long. Ewww, I feel all yucky and grumpy just thinking about her.
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dnr-- I relate to your post. I've been feeling panicy as well, though this is our first totally consciously conceived baby. My kids play so well, are so independant....and now a new baby!! ANd I think I forgot what it's like....less sleep, the physical intensity of bouncing, changing, rocking, nursing....Don't get me wrong, I'm excited....but nervous as well. I think from what I remember, I always get this way at the end though.....through the heart of darkness, I guess. It's a different head space than the rest of pregnancy....

And also, we don't have a boy's name and I really feel that it's a boy. DH is *stuck* on one name and won't hardly discuss other ones....and i'm not using the ones he wants!! Ugh.

On a weird note, I was cleaning out the office today for getting ready for it to be a birthing room and found a journal entry from my bday in 2002.....saying I dreamed I was preg. w/my third and I thought it was a girl, but then in the later part of preg. thought it was a boy...and then in the dream I gave birth to a boy. Which is pretty much how this preg. has gone! I was convinced that this was a girl at first but soon had a bunch of dreams this preg. that it was a boy. So ESPECIALLY if it truly is a boy! I mean this was almost two years ago. Weird.

anyway! take care mamas.
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Run (hobble? waddle?) don't walk to the chiropractor for the Webster Technique. I had 4 sessions that I KNOW helped--on the 4th he didn't even adjust me because he said everything was in balance and he didn't want to mess with that. I agreed. Within days the baby started turning vertex at different times and now only turn back to transverse when I go to bed. This, after spending every minute of this pregnancy up til now transverse.

Definately check out sites about ways to turn the baby. However, this is what I decided recently. Most of the info I found was about turning breech babies and I think it might be different (just a theory I'm working on). I think you should also REALLY listen to your body an see what works for YOU, even if it is not what those sites say. Example: they give a picture of a good postion to sleep in to give the baby plenty of room to turn. I slept like that from the beginning of my pregnancy (coincidence--didn't know the baby was going to NEED turning). I came to decide about a month ago that I think sleeping that way was actually contributing to the problem (I'll explain it if you need me to). Also, so much about turning the baby is about creating more space in the womb, but I really felt like many of the positions were counterproductive to me. I spent so much time trying not to recline, but when I sat up so straight, it felt like my poor, low, transverse baby was laying across my lap. He/she would squirm and protest. I started thinking, um, this isn't giving the baby MORE room at all.

So my advice really is to do what you think will work for you! Also, if nothing works, may I suggest that you talk to your doc about waiting to perform a c/s once you've gone into labor? It's said that many babies will turn during labor, plus then you know for sure that the baby is not getting taken out early. There is a slight increase in risk of complications, as I understand it, when you go into labor first, but if it potentially means you could avoid the c/s altogether, might be worth it!

Gotta comment on names. This weekend we scrapped our boy's name and are starting from scratch. : What are we thinking?? We had a hard enough time coming up with that one! But we were both dissatisfied. Oh, well! I guess eventually we'll HAVE to commit to something! Unless, of course it's a girl, then we're covered...
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Hi everyone,

I am adjusting to the news that I am carrying a big baby. Lots of active positions in labour and I've got my Vit E oil for the perineal massage. Even if it doesn't work it will be fun to try. I also still have the all clear to deliver at the birth centre and I found out that my antenatal class last night that the midwives will not do episiotomies (phew) and they have a good rate for waterbirths there (my ideal for now), which is reassuring as there is only one pool.

My antenatal classes have been going brilliantly, we were learning different massage techniques for labour and my back hasn't felt so good for weeks. My DH is going to be busy from now until delivery! He seems to be a natural at the massage too which is fantastic.

My ILs are here helping with the decorating. I am so grateful for their help but I REALLY want to tidy the house (almost irrationaly so) and I can't because it is full of tools. Hopefully I will still feel this way when the decorating is done so I can put the hormones to good use .

I am sorry that so many of you have difficult family issues.

I would have liked my Mum to be at the birth but she is too far away and can't get time off work in advance. She will be coming to visit afterwards and having thought about it I think that will work out much better. She will be happy to do the cleaning and cooking for me and let me have baby or me time. I don't think she would have been that helpful at the birth, her philosophy is pretty different to mine and firmly rooted in 1970s obstetrics IYSWIM!

My baby seems to be faily fimrly ROA for now. Lots of movement but no shift in position. There is still time but I am just thankful that he/she is not breech or posterior. The birth ball is really coming into its own at this stage. I just can't get comfy on the sofa at all now!

to everyone
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I sympathize w/ all of you having family & in-law issues...
when I was pg w/ ds my mom said she wanted to come, and I initially agreed... I later realized I didn't want her there. She tends to be very very emotional and a worrier. I just didn't want that kind of energy there. When I finally told her that I'd rather not have her there, she was actually quite relieved!!

This baby dropped more and now I am waddeling and my hips ache all night long....
The only comfy place seems to be the bath.

Well, we are pretty much all packed and will begin moving out tomorrow.
We are getting rid of a bunch of stuff. My cousin is coming for a bunch of our furniture we are giving her tonight. Then we will move our bed, clothes, computer, and some misc boxes to my aunts for the 6 week stay, and all the rest to a storage facility...
Then we close on the house on Friday...
After that I plan to just lay around a lot, take baths, rest, and hopefully have my baby!!
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I am officially off my CNM's care list. She can't see me within 30 days of my due date or her malpractice insurance will freak out on her (because I'm planning a homebirth). What a bunch of hooey!

Had my hbmw appt last night. I love going there. I got a belly massage. This babe is definitely ROP. Hopefully will turn, but I'm not too worried about it.

Rachel- I asked about turning trasverse babies- she said chiropractic and massage will help, but also she had the idea to take a warm/hot something (washcloth) and put it towards the bottom of your belly and something cold (frozen washcloth) and put it towards the top of your belly, then have your dh talk to the baby down where you wants its head to be. Sounds a little kooky to me, but I've of heard it before, so maybe it'll work. And if your babe doesn't turn, talking to your doc about having a little labor before a c/s is a good idea. It's better for the baby's lungs.

ok, on Friday I had my last appt with the CNM. There was protein in my urine (2+, which seems like a lot to me), but last night at the mw, it didn't show on the pee stick, so who knows? My BP is staying the same and I don't have too much swelling (it wasn't noticible to me), and I know that I didn't drink enough water on Thursday, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I think my yeast infection is gone!!! I'm so glad. I've been so "in the mood" lately it's crazy, but avoiding "shaking things up" in there, so the deed has not been getting done. How long do you think I should wait to make sure it's gone? I was thinking if I know it's gone by the weekend, I should be ok. Grrr, it's hard to wait with my hormones...I just might explode .
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Rebecca and Tracy,
Thank you so much for the advice on turning babies; I checked out spinningbabies but it didn't seem they had much about transverse positions. Tracy, that's really interesting what you said about positions that were 'supposed' to be the best but you felt were counterproductive. In my head I'm wondering if the cord is just really short and he can't turn? I don't know, it's probably just in my head but I've had that thought pretty often.

Anyway, this Saturday I meet with chiro for 1st Webster adjustment, so hopefully I can get 4 sessions in :LOL before I go into labor. I will DEFINITELY take your advice about not scheduling a section. If he doesn't like it he can lump it. Also Rebecca I'm giving the washcloth thing a try...at this point what can it hurt? Thank you both so much!

About the name thing, it seems like there are a lot of us going back and forth. I'm deadset on the name but dh keeps asking me "are you sure"? Um...yeah, I'm sure. He has nothing else in mind so that's pretty frustrating. I wish I had just waited to see the baby and then named him. We still might change his name when we see him.

PinkSunfish-you have such a great outlook on your big baby, I wish I could take your post and transfer it to another board I post on where they are talking c-section for a 6 lber...sigh.

Bebeluna-be glad your mom was so cool about you changing your mind! I think mine would throw an absolute fit. Please take care of yourself, it looks like you will be very active with this upcoming move.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Hey, Everyone:

Well, I got my latest bloodwork back from the midwife, and she thinks I've got "just a touch" of toxemia. Hematocrit was off in a way that indicated a slight restriction in blood volume, and protein and albumin were low. Liver function was A-OK, though, and I've never had any protein or glucose in my urine. I do have some edema in my feet and ankles, but it comes and goes (and I don't have any in my hands, face, or any other part of my body), and my BP has been pretty labile for a few weeks--seems to get high at night and when I've been on my feet a lot.

So, she said she's a bit concerned, but she's thinking we can manage it for the time I've got left, which she's figuring is about 2 2 1/2 weeks. I *feel* fine (pregnancy-wise...I'm still recovering from the bronchitis), still walking a mile on the treadmill everyday, chasing after my toddler, etc. What are ya'lls thoughts on this? Just as a reminder, we're planning a homebirth...

Also, I lost my mucus plug 2 days ago (didn't realize what it was until today!!), and had additional cervical tissue (stringy, paper-like) come out this morning, so hopefully we're getting pretty close here.

RacheePoo--about the washcloth thing--what I'd heard is that babies turn their backs to warmth, so the idea is to gently heat up the part of your uterus where you want the baby's back to be and gently cool the other parts. When this baby was posterior, I ran a fairly warm bath and then got on all fours in the water with my stomach hanging in the warm water, but my back and butt exposed out of it. Baby flipped around in a day, and has been ROA ever since!
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Lisab -- I'd still be planning a homebirth in your situation... probably even more so now with a slight touch of toxemia. MW know how to handle these shades of normal just beautifully. Also, that's really exciting about your mucus plug! Wow! Now, I have heard that it means birth around the corner... or even weeks from now. Let's hope it's a littler sooner than later for you though. Sounds like you want to meet your baby soon!

Racheepoo -- put your belly up to the computer screen:
LOA! LOA! It's the way to be! The way to stay! LOA! LOA! Put your head low on the left TODAY! LOA!
There that should work... well when combined with a few Webster chiropracter adjustments!

DNR -- I wouldn't want any pregnant woman to miss out on sex! It's so good while pregnant! I would hope you could soon. Perhaps you can do "other things" till the weekend?

Bebeluna -- hope the actual moving days goes well. Congrats again on selling your house. Sounds like your little one is holding off until you're ready for his arrival. How nice of him! Hope you have plenty of time for baths. Must not be too much longer for you now. You sound like you must be close ("Final Funk" ready).

Pinksunfish -- way to grow a nice big healthy baby. Your body knows just how to do it! It won't grow a baby too big for you. Mmmm, birth ball. It's such a good thing!

Name Limbo -- good luck on the name game, women! Hopefully you'll find just the right name for your babe... or you could always do what Peekaboo Street's parents did! (They let her name herself, but she didn't have a name of her own when she started skiing, so she just used her street address.)

Indigo -- Cool dream! I'm thinking it was right on!

Things are going well here. I still have my lovely patterned BH. Baby is LOA, but then if I lie on my right, she'll roll ROP. I think she must just have a lot of room in there.

Happy baby growing & positioning!
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It's been a chatty week!

I had to go back 4 pages to catch up since my last post!

So much to talk about. . .

I have a couple of specific questions:

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful? If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with? How?

Do you still have a belly button??

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?

My answers: go with it; not painful at all, hardly noticeable; dealing with anxiety with hypnobirthing; barely; and yes!

To touch on some of the things you've been discussing--

I'm feeling antisocial too! But I have no less than 3 social engagements coming up! ick, blech.

Sorry about the family issues, you guys. I have them too, but mine are easier to deal with: nobody has asked to come! I'm actually having to talk my mom into coming after to help! (she works FT and doesn't have vacation except for spring break, at which time she is planning a trip to AZ for a week!). The ILs are in Florida until the end of April. My dad and his wife are too busy with 3 young kids of their own, and also planning a Florida trip (we may actually try to join them.)

I'm done weighing myself. I'm huge. That's all there is to it. No need to rub it in!

As far as the realization that we actually have babies in us. . . YES!! It's such a crazy idea to begin with, then seeing Cheryl's babies, wow. It's almost here, ladies! I'm also having some anxiety about "what the he!! were we thinking -- THREE kids??" But I'm also soooo excited about it and the family dynamic we're going to experience. (My family life was/is kind of messed up).

We haven't decided on a name, although I've at least got dh thinking seriously on it. Today he told me which names everyone at his office likes. (as if I care about their opinion!!). We're narrowing it down. I prefer unique, he likes mainstream.

It is an absolute necessity for me to take a nap everyday. About 2:00, I just can't keep my eyes open anymore. I'm so thankful that dd and ds still nap--for about 2 hours! I've been having a difficult time falling asleep at night. My sinuses are totally plugged up. My pubic bone pain is still pretty bad, and now my lower back/hip aches constantly. I too feel like I'm carrying a load of bricks around. The baby's movement can be quite startling! I know she doesn't have much room to move at all. I was not nearly this uncomfortable for my first 2 pgs, so I'm sure it has something to do with being on my feet most of the day caring for them and the house. Last weekend dh took the kids away for the entire weekend and it was absolute heaven! I mean, it was quiet, and clean, and I rested and did not cook or clean. . . I love my dh! It was my b-day gift.

Well, if you're still reading, be well. . . we are in the homestretch now.

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Rachel~ have you looked into having moxabustion done by an acupuncturist or shiatsu practioner??? It can be very very effective for getting a baby to turn!!

Also~ homeopathic Pulsatilla to turn a breech~
pulsatilla 200c 1xday; repeat one more day if baby hasn't turned yet
or Pulsatilla 30C (homeopathic; dosage 3-5 pellets under the tongue twice daily for 2 weeks) which encourages position change.
or Try using homeopathic Pulsatilla 6X, one tablet under the tongue four times a day. Combine this with the breech tilt exercise at least twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Have the mom take one Pulsatilla tab before beginning the breech tilt.
Here's an interesting article:

From the book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year by Susun S. Weed:
* Do a headstand in the shallow end of a pool or lake (said to be pretty effective; you might want to have someone there to help you, just in case)
* postural inversion (lying with the hips propped up 12 - 18 inches higher than the head 3 x's per day for up to 20 minutes at a time)
* homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla 30X
* Swimming frequently
* Indirect moxa or acupressure on Bladder 67 (this can also start contractions, so use caution). It is highly recommended that an experienced acupuncturist or shiatsu therapist do this for you. Maybe they have other ideas??
* By the 36th week, external version can be done by an experienced practitioner
* Use visualization to enhance the other techniques. See the baby already in the head-down position (not turning but already down)

Here's a web page full of ideas and techniques for turning a baby:

I'll try and answer some of your questions:

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"~
**I'm planning to use a birthing tub, but not planning on specific positions... I will just go w/ it

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful?
**not painful

If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?
**Not painful, but definately more intense

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with?
**My anxiety is that the baby will come in the next 3 days (before we close on our house and finish moving). I am also a bit anxious or fearful about having another posterior baby and all the back labor taht accomponies that...
**I am trying to stay calm and trust that everything will be fine, as well as everything happens for a reason... also I see a chiro and practice pelvic exercises to prevent a posterior baby

Do you still have a belly button??
**NO!! Finally ahd to remove my naval ring as well...

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?
**No, but I have to go very very often!!

We also are going back and forth w/ names... If it were just me deciding I would have one picked, but it's harder w/ 2 people trying to agree and decide!
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Bebeluna - I'd love it if my baby came in the next 3 days!!! Good luck with the moving. I did it very pregnant once and it was awful!!

For our conversation starter questions....

I am planning a waterbirth , but not thinking about positions, not even totally stuck on waterbirth, I'll go with whatever feels right.

My BH are not painful. They are becoming stronger, and sometimes are a bit crampy, but no pain. I cant wait for the pain because it means its that much closer! LOL
I NEVER noticed bh with any of my other pregnancies. This is my 5th full term pregnancy.

About fear/anxiety- I was fine until very recently. The other night I was in bed, just about dozing off, when all of a sudden I was jolted awake and panicked as this thought popped into my head " OMG, a BABY is going to come out my VAGINA"!!!!!!!!! LOL
I dont want to be scared, I just want to let go and let it come and have no worries. Trying to keep pushing any fears away.

I am up about 6 times to pee in the middle of the nigt. It sucks.I have to roll my huge belly out of bed, waddle to the bathroom, then get comforable all over again. Then I need to go again an hour later! I did realize if I get any bigger I wont be able to wipe myslef!! LOL

Great questions by the way!

Now onto my appt update -
GBS- Yay! One less thing to worry about.
2cm 50% - eh... better than I was last pregnancy later on .I know, I know, it means nothing. but its better than nothing...
Only gained 1/2 lb last week. Hmm, end of pregnancy slow down?

And are you all ready for this part?? My dr sid next week, if I want to, we can discuss setting an induction date for the following week(39 weeks). If I want to, I can be induced then, If I want to waot, thats fine too.
So I ask his induction method. Cytotec. Yikes. he explains all about it, he does oral dosing, not vaginal, he doesnt see any risks in it other than too much stimulation.
Now this freaked me out. I have never used cytotec, never even heard about it except online. But most o what I heard has been bad.
I dont know why cytotec =BAD, but pitocin is aceptable to me. Isnt pitocin and cytotec both risky, and after doing some quick reading, seems the risks are the same for both. So how did I get it in my head that pitocin is acceptable??? I dont know.

So... I dont want to be induced. But you know, I see why so many people are. At this point in pregnancy, so fat and uncomfortable, etc, etc, it seems so tempting.
I talked with hubby about it, and he jsut said"whats the rush anyway, just wait". Yes dear, I know. I bet I will go into labor before 39 weeks anyway, so it will be a non issue.
So to avoid the issue at my next appt, I will tell the dr I will think about induction once I get to my due date, but dont really need to consider it ahead of time.
Whew, sorry for the novel..
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Boobiemama - Cytotec is nasty stuff. My first was induced by Cytotec and it was an awful experience. I went into immediate hard contractions that were anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes apart. After 10 hours, I was still at 1cm. After 19 hours I was transfered to the hospital for a forcep delivery.

I'd highly suggest letting your body take it's own course.

My current mw won't use cytotec and has know women who've had hysterectomies following cyctotec inductions! YIKES! I only wish I had done more research before letting them use it on me during my first birth. It was one of my biggest regrets.

So, there's my novel...
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Mamaroni -- fun questions!

1. Positions -- I'm going with the flow. I tried a bunch the last time. What felt the best during labor was sitting on the toilet and marching in between ctx. Then, I pushed squating, lying, side, all fours, etc. Modified sqaut is what actually brought my son down. While, I hope I don't have as long of a pushing session this time and end up only needing to push in one position!

2. BH/Pain -- My BH are not painful. Sometimes they feel like a panic attack though, especially when I'm lecturing and I can't get my breath and they come so close together. They are just the same as during my last pregnancy although they started to be patterned much earlier this time.

3. Fears/Anxiety -- Every now and then, this creaps up. I think it's really important to deal with these feelings & find out where they're coming from. Early on I was concerned about my hynpo technique and I called my birth educator. I simply said, "Tell me that this works and I promise I won't worry about it anymore." She told me that the programs I'm using has assisted in the most amazing births she's seen in her career -- better than the program I used last time. Ok, so that took care of that fear entirely. My other anxiety is the whole addition of another child and tandem nursing (specifically at night). I think I need to get some more information about tandem night nursing. Posting for info on Ex Bfing should help with that I think.

4. Belly Button -- I will never be a two-piece swimsuit model. My belly button is off center. When I'm pregnant, it REALLY gets off center! As a result, it always stays in. It gets less deep, but never goes away or pops out at all.

5. Bathroom -- Yes!

To induce or not -- I think induction, no matter what method, carries quite a few risks, not only of the drug they use, but the interventions that are more likely to be a direct result of them. But also, I'm not much for pain. I really don't like it. Natural labor, I believe, is much easier on the body and less likely to be as painful as cytotec or Pit ctx. Besides, waiting until the baby is ready is really important. While none of us are dreaming of going over our due date, patience is important. (remind me of this if I reach April and still am pregnant) Take this info or leave it, it's just my opinion.
There are many studies out there that have found these results. Here are some articles that have appeared in Mothering on these subjects:




Natural labor/Pain:

Boobiemama -- I'm sure you'll make just the right decision for your family. Afterall, you're the one that knows your situation the best. I would recommend some more research before you decide one way or the other. Best wishes!

BebeLuna -- I'm sending you Baby Stay In vibes for the next few days. Hope your move goes smoothly. You'll be in my thoughts.
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Just have a sec, swamped at work, but I wanted to thank you for all the suggestions and websites bebeluna! I will definitely do anything in my power to avoid a c-section.

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Here are my answers...

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"~

I'm planning to go w/it, but will most likely labor in water. I would really like to catch my own babe this time, so we'll see. I've envisioned squatting on the bed or in the tub....but am definitely a firm believer in my body dictating what's best.

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful?
--sometimes, but not usually.

If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?
--more intense and freq. than my first baby but probably about the same or slightly more than baby two.

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with?
--yes, this is always the time I deal more w/fears...the end of preg. though I don't have as many as last time. I fear it taking a really long time and not knowing if somehting is wrong. I fear the children being scared....TBH, I am a total worrier so I worry about everything...even things I"m not necessarily truly worried about, KWIM? Really, I feel pretty good about it...my brain just stays on low-level "fret" a lot of the times.

--By looking at them honestly, and dealing w/them. Talking about them. Doing my hypnobabies stuff. Connecting w/babe, my dreams and my sense of spirituality.

Do you still have a belly button??
--Kind of. :LOL
Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?
--Not really, but I do it often too. Sometimes it's hard to wipe. (Is this TMI???)

anyway, I always feel like I enter the heart of darkness to some extent at this point....It's kind of just startin gthis time.
Now, if only we could agree on a boy's name!!!! It's giving me fits!! :
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Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since my last post. I have been feeling good but very achy. I feel like the baby's head is halfway down my vagina right now. I do not want to know what I look like when I walk--this wide-legged waddle thing :LOL Last night I was on the toilet--the most comfortable place to be these days--and I had the urge to push I tried not to....that was pretty hard!

Here are my answers to the questions:

~I will do what my body wants to do.

~My BH are intense enough to where I have to breathe through them, they are also frequent. Definitely more so than my first and second.

~I don't know if this counts but I would like to be done with being preggo. Then I think "That would mean I have another baby!!!"

~No more belly button!

~No problems with the toilet......just have to frequently.

After my 2nd birth, I will never allow to be induced. They used pitocin and it is this domino effect. I got pitocin which caused me mass amounts of pain so my body would not contract--it needs to be relaxed. They thought I would need a c/s so then gave me an epidural numbed from chest down. I contracted from 4-10cm in 30 min(!) but then couldn't breathe to push so had to be put on oxygen! My first labor was 14 hrs--this one was 18 hrs!!

Just one more thing--everyone is telling me I will prolly have this one in 2 weeks.....my b-day is Feb 19, it would be neat to have a babe on my b-day!!!

Happy gestating everyone.......not too much longer to go!!!
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Emily, my Birthday is Feb 16 and my son was born on my husband's Birthday. From before we conceived, I've been saying I wanted a little girl born on my Birthday. Well, we're having a little girl... but I don't feel miserable enough to deliver so soon! I can soooo relate to wanting to share Birthdays with this baby though! I suppose our babes just want their own Birthdays!
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Great questions Mamaroni! Here are my answers:

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"
*I plan on being in the birth tub,but other than that, who knows? whatever I think is working, I guess. I had a water birth with dd and loved it, even though I hadn't planned on actually giving birth in the water that time.

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful? If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?
*I'm having BH ctx, but they aren't painful, just very tight, like to the point where it's hard to move if I'm walking or doing something. I've honestly been having them since really early on (I was in CA in Sept and I remember asking my mom if it was too early for them. She said she had them really early iwth my brother, so it wouldn't surprise her if that's what I was feeling). The only time they worried me was one time at the zoo when dd was running away from me a lot and I couldn't pick her up and take her to the car because then they did hurt. That was a while ago though, I know because we were outside and there was no snow, but can't remember exactly when that was. I'm kinda of annoyed with the BHs because I feel like I'm thinking about them too much and don't know how to get over my annoyance with them and turn it into gratitude for having contrax once they become the real thing.

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with? How?
*well, my idea that the baby is breech has left me, so that was a big one that I appearently dealt with. I guess I talked about it a lot and came to terms that this baby will line up the way it's supposed to. My body will be fine regardless of where this baby decides to hang out. I have already given birth to an OP baby who never turned and my mom had two breech deliveries at home with no problems. Now the baby is ROP (Claire- I need a chant!), and I would LIKE it to turn, but will be ok if it doesn't. I am a little afraid of scaring dd during labor, and not quite sure how to prepare her for the potential noises of birth; I feel really silly just groaning and grunting with her right now for no reason.

Do you still have a belly button??for the most part, but it's flatter than normal. my belly is off to the left a bit and I also having gained that much weight, so it's not too gone. Just wait until the end though!

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom? actually going, not a problem, but as others have mentioned, frequency and wiping are getting old.

We had our birth clas last night and I managed to keep my mouth shut the whole time! I was so proudof myself. There were a few times when the teacher looked at me, as if expectingme to blab, but I managed to stay mostly quiet. Only one time did I answer something for her (but she looked right at me and shrugged and said she didn't know before I said I did. And it was a question about if chiros can help with round lig pain, which I happen to know they can from first hand experience with it, so I felt ok about answering).

Dd fell last night at my mom's while we were at class. She fell off a bed (they were jumping) and hit on a radiator. Now, in a normal family, this might get shrugged off, but in mine, it led to everyone crying and freaking out. Dd fell and hit her head about 18 months ago and had a stroke right around the same time that led to hospital stays and so many tests I can't even remember it all. All of the testing led to the neurologist saying "we don't know what's wrong and dont' know if it was connected to the fall." So she hits her head last night. We walked in the house and my sister, first thing, says, "she fell, but we think she's ok" and starts crying. I was freaking out. Then she fell asleep on the way home and had night terrors last night. I was so close to bringing her into the ER, but we had a horrible time with them last time, and we coincidentily had an appt with her neurologist set up for today, so we just waited and talked about it then. He said that having a stressful day can bring on night terrors and that he didn't see any signs that she had suffered any injury, so that was a big WHEW!

Discussions of Cytotec: this stuff scares the crap out of me. My mom is an L&D RN and it scares the crap out of her. I was just reading aobut it, tryingto remember where, but I think they said that it wasn't even made to be used for inductions, that it's a side effect. That freaks me out.

That's all for now!
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dnr3301~ I am glad your dd is O.K. that must of scared the bejeezes out you last night when she kept on waking.

Here are my answers to Mamaroni questions:

Are you planning a specific positoin for birthing, or will you just "go with it?"
I will probably stay in the shower for most of my labor than I would really like to try pushing standing up. Then again I could feel totally different once labor starts.

For those of you having BH ctx, are they painful? If this is not your first pg, are they more or less painful this time?
I do not think I am having BH ctx and I did not have them with dd either.

Does anyone have any specific fears/anxiety you're dealing with? How?
YES YES my biggest fear is that I am going to be 2 wks overdue and at 41 wks my ob is going to be disscussing induction. I was 9 days late with dd and my OB wanted to start the induction process I took Castor Oil instead. It worked but I really do not want to have to go thru that again.I really do not want to have the disscussion with my OB about me not wanting to have the poticin.

Do you still have a belly button??
My bellybutton is almost popped out.

Do you find it logistically difficult to go to the bathroom?
This is the part about pregnancy that I can not stand. I go to the bathroom more times than I can count and YES it is getting rather difficult to wipe.:LOL

These were great questions and I really enjoyed reading everyone replies.

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