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Natural Dehumidifier?

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I just got my monthly electricity bill and was really surprised that it was double last months usage. In July we had to turn on the dehumidifier in the basement because it was so humid water was starting to pool on the floor.

Is there anyway to dehumidify without a dehumidifier?
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Sometimes opening windows during the day helps (then close them before cool night air comes in). If your dehumidifier has mult settings try setting it at a higher humidity level so it comes on less. Or just have it on for a couple hours a day.
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that seems strange. even when we use our dehumidifier a lot i've never seen that kind of increase in the electricity bill. could there have been something else contributing to the increased usage?
i don't know of any alternative in our situation as the windows in the basement don't open. with all this rain we've had this year we have had to run ours a lot. :
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I wonder if there are some kinds of plants that would draw the moisture out of the air?
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When I lived at the beach, we used these bags of some kind of rock to naturally dehumidify closets. I don't know how that could translate to an entire house, though. The real key, though, was air flow. Fans, in addition to the A/C, will help lower the humidity. Plants are usually recommended to INCREASE humidity, but perhaps they work both ways???
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DO you have decreased energy costs during the night? Maybe you could just run it through the night. I live in a very humid area and find the window thing just makes it worse here as our air is just so wet living right on (well, next to ) the ocean in a very foggy clime.
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We live on the river and that combined with the massive amount of rain we have had this summer has made it really damp. Even with the dehumidifier running 24/7 the basement smells really musty. I am sure the increase is from the dehumidifier. Doubling our regular monthly bill is easy because we don't use a lot of power to begin with.

Interesting idea about the plants and salt. I will look into those.
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