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Lack of sleep and being able to function normally

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Mamas, I am starting to loose it!
LO sleeps for around 2 hour stretches at night but makes so much noise when she is *sleeping* that I can't actually rest enough to fall asleep. She makes little cries, clears her throat and gets the hiccups constantly and I am getting literally minutes of sleep here and there. I think I am loosing my mind. I find myself stumbling around the house and afraid to drive most days because I am so tired and don't think my reflexes are up to it. I am desperate to get back into a running schedule but there is no way I could actually exert myself in such a way right now.

DH says that maybe I need to forget about the co-sleeping and try moving her to another room and see if that helps (he is not sleeping with us- co-sleeping at the newborn stage scares him). I love laying in bed with her next to me and seeing her adorable little face right next to mine but I am not sure how much longer I can go on like this. DS is 23 months old and really wants his Mommy back. I cannot sleep during the day for many reasons, but mostly because I am taking care of DS.

Any advice? I am just not sure where to go from here
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You need some sleep.

Maybe you should sleep in different rooms and try co-sleeping again after you catch up on some sleep. You need to take care of yourself and be alert enough to drive and be a parent. Pretty much all mother are tired but this sounds beyond that.

Take care.
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FWIW, I am going through something similar. I have actually broken down and given my LO a bit of formula here and there (if you know what a breastfeeding advocate I am you will be shocked out of your mind by that one) just so he will sleep long enough that I will get SOME sleep. I ended up in the ER on Sunday because I just feel SO ill physically. They ran tests and more tests and decided that it is my MS combined with fatigue. Fatigue is terrible for MS. So the "prescription" was to have other people help me more and get more sleep. My sister drove 700 miles yesterday so she can come help me. She has a LO she is nursing and at least she can nurse my baby for a few hours here and there so I can SLEEP. Anyhow (((hugs))) I can understand where you are coming from and I'm sorry to hear there are others in the same fatigue boat.
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Have you considered ear plugs or a white noise machine? You'll still be able to hear baby's cries over either one of those, but it might help to block out some of the other noises. Also, can you put your toddler in a Mom's Day Out program or have someone help out with him one day a week so you can sleep whenever baby sleeps all day long to "catch up"?
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I ended up having the same problem with DD in the bed. My mom gave me a pack'n play with the bassinet attachment, so I set it up in my room and it is about 24" from the bed on my side.
This way I still feel like I am close enough to hear her early and meet her needs at night, but the little baby sounds aren't quite so loud and I'm able to get some sleep.
I agree with OP there is nothing like having baby in bed with you! Sometimes I'll bring her to bed in the early morning 5-6am so we still get that time, but mama is better rested first!
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My dd was just like that - she had allergies and would be snorting and scratching all night long, and woke up to nurse every hour or two. I didn't really do anything about it, although I really should have since I was exhausted to the point that I think it caused postpartum depression.

Could you put her in a bassinet or crib in the same room but farther away from you, and put a fan or white noise machine on? If you're not doing so already, swaddling might help her sleep when she's not right next to you.

I really feel for you. My ds is sleeping very well and I'm still exhausted!
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i had the same problem ad a co sleeper solved it. do it mama. you can still see her little face, and hear her, but you wont be so hyper alert. and a fan for the white noise. goodnight!
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I do have a white noise machine and wear earplugs but I am super-sensitive to her sounds. I have a wonderful cradle that she absolutely refuses to sleep in. Every so often she will sleep in there for a half hour or so but always wakes up crying soon after being put down. She will sleep in the bouncy chair on the floor next to me but I still hear every sound. I am thinking at 6 weeks I am going to try and transition her to her crib. I borrowed one from a friend *just in case* and I may use it for a while until she is more regulated in her sleeping. DH is going to hang out with her tonight from 7-10 so I can get a few hours in. If I feed her now she really should be able to go 3 hours without a feed (I hope!!).
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have you thought about a baby hammock? I had a friend who used one with her baby and she swore it was the most awesome thing ever. It cradles baby close and sways when baby moves to help rock baby back to sleep. You can hang them from the ceiling or you can get one that hangs from a stand.
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{{{HUGS}}} Everyone has given you some suggestions that I agree with. I understand the situation you are in, but things are slowly getting better (baby is sleeping longer stretches at night vs not sleeping at all). I hope that you find a solution. I think the idea to put a bassinet or crib in the same room, but a little bit farther from your bed is a good one. We had this very same discussion on another msg board and some of the mamas who were in your shoes (baby making lots of noises) said this was the only thing that helped. FWIW, if you feel you need to transition the baby to her own room earlier than planned, don't feel bad about it. DS2 was like your baby, made LOTS of noise and it kept waking DH and I up and then we would go over to see what was going on with the baby and wake the baby up. We ended up moving him to his own room at 1 wk of age, b/c NOBODY (baby or us) was getting any sleep. It wasn't the ideal situation, but it worked and it did not compromise our nursing relationship, he nursed until he was 3 yrs old.
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I've been in your shoes before. All I can suggest is to see if your lo will sleep in a bassinet or similar nearby arrangement. A little space might be what you need. You're doing great- your mamma instincts are just hyperactive to protect your lo from danger. Millions of years of evolution in the making!
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