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Question about wool clothing sizes

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I am aware that woollen undergarments are sized using European sizing standards of cm instead of ages/weights. The problem Im having, however, is that I have gotten conflicting size charts from two different sites!!!

I will be buying my daughter a complete set of woollen undergarments, so you can understand $$$ why the correct size is important. I ordered a wool onesie from A Toy Garden last year b/c they had the cheapest prices. I bought 70cm to fit 5-12 m. Length-wise, it was perfect, but the arms were short Right this second, my daughter measures at 80 cm tall. The chart on Hanna Andersson says that 80 cm is for 10-24 m and that you should NOT size up. 90 cm is marked as 2 - 3.5 years. Okay, fine, dd will be 24 m at end of April, 80 cm sounds perfect, and a size 70 cm outfit that she had from there did fit correctly for 5 - 12 months. But, THEN, I checked the size chart at Nordic Woollens, and it says that 80 cm is for 9 - 19 months and 90 is for 18 - 36 months! Whoa, that is a HUGE difference! Specifically, the company I am mainly inquiring about is Ruskovilla. When you have bought your kids woollen undergarments, what the heck sizes did you buy??? DD will have just turned 17 m when she will start to need them.
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I would go by the size chart of the manufacturer that you are looking to buy from. Fit varies from company to company. I find that Nordic tends to be by size or small while Ruskovilla might be slightly larger. I also found that the woolens she carries at A Toy Garden are smaller.
Hanna Andersson stuff is always big, and I wouldn't use their size charts for woolens.

Here is the Ruskovilla size chart, and it goes by arm and leg length instead of total height.

I would order the best guess size (personally I would err on the larger size), and try them on. Ruskovilla has a ribbed cuff that is easy to roll over, they are also such a nice weight that you can get a lot of use out of them even if they take a bit to grow into.
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Thank you for the link to the size chart, melamama! According to it, my daughter needs a size 60 pants and a size 70 shirt. WOW, that seems REALLY small! At Nova, the bodysuit is shown on a toddler and it is not available below a size 80. Size 50 is listed as newborn size. I think I will go w/ my first reaction and get size 80s. Thank you again so much!
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The 80 will probably be fine--your dd could have a growth spurt and need the larger one between now and the cooler weather.
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My dd, 18 mo, is about average size, maybe a little on the small side, and the size 80 in Ruskovilla fits her perfectly. Her 70's still fit too though, as do her brother's size 90's- so I think you will be fine ordering the size 80.
The Toy Garden wool shirts were always too short in the sleeves for us as well, but the Ruskovilla ones have been perfect.
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HA and disana run pretty big. in HA clothes my 1yo and almost 4yo can wear a 90 (although a 100 fits my 4 yo better for length). I always size up b/c I feel it's better to have things to grow into then to have them too small.
Most of the girl's woolens are ruskovilla. Right now my 1 yo is in an 80 and my 4yo is in a 100. But whats really funny is my 4yo has the ruskovilla organic cotton undies and she wears a 70 I think in them! Shes a skinny girl though. She'd probably fit in a 70/80 size if it wasn't for her being so insanely tall for her age.
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My 8 month ds wearing a size 80 in ruskovilla woolies. He is tall and skinny. He has some room to grow, but I actually bought a set of 90's just in case he has a growth spurt in the middle of the winter. He wore 50's when he was born. He also wears hanna andersson 80's with a bit of room. I can't imagine your dc would wear 60's, that's pretty small. I agree that an 80 would probably be perfect, but more likely a 90. They are slightly close fitting so even with room to grow they fit well and may go for two years.
My 4yo is wearing a 120 in ruskovilla. She can wear a 110 but they are short and 100 are way short but wearable. Actually, we should be posting our kids height and weight, then we can share notes.
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? newborn/infant size

So what size does a 0-3 month old wear? How long did that size last for you?

I am trying to figure this all out. Help!

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Newborn is size 50.
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I always buy woolens up a size or two, as it is easy to felt them a bit to fit if they are too big and then my DSs get two years out of them.
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I have a set of the Ruskovilla woolens that fit my kid perfectly and they are a size 90. He wears an 80 in Hannah Andersson.
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So if newborn is 50.
What are size 60, 70, 80???

And how many of each did you need?

Any help, experience is much appreciated. Thanks!
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