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Worth the wait!

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I finally had my baby! 13 days after her due date, Lavender Belle arrived at 2:58am, August 9th. 9lbs. 10oz., 23 inches long! A beautiful homebirth that her older sisters slept right through (hooray!)

We're happy to have her arrive after such a long, unexpected wait. Since both her sisters were born very near their EDD's, we were not prepared to be wondering if this one was going to ever decide to come out. I had no signs of labor during those almost 2 weeks, and am so thankful for my midwives' peaceful attitudes that reassured me about these unpredictable 3rd babies. I did go in to the local hospital to do an NST, and was glad to know that baby seemed fine, but I definately did not want to have to do that again. On my midwives' advice, I tried castor oil to get things started. Sure enough, I went into labor. It was my longest active labor, but still not bad -- 7 hours. Lavender came out with chubby cheeks and fat pooches by her eyes... I definately felt those as I was pushing her head out!
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: Congratulations, mama! Welcome to your sweet daughter. I love the name Lavender Belle.
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Congratulations, mama!
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Congrats!! Welcome earthside little one!
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congrats! Welcome baby! Yeah home birth! :
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