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Now, to the article. I don't know, the term "bump aholic" sets my teeth on edge. The whole thing rubs me the wrong way, can't explain it exactly.

It's like, I'm sure there are those rare mothers who just won't stop even when they should but that's the exception. I'd say the majority of us make a rational decision about having children and looking at what we can handle and if you enjoy it at the same time, all the better.
Someone who is a something-aholic are doing that something beyond the point of healthy, with a total disregard for the consequences, an addict. Alcoholics drink to excess, for instance, without a care for what could happen to them or to others. This doesn't mean alcohol in itself, even in sometimes high quantities, is necessarily bad.

Nadya Suleman is a bump-aholic. She wants a ton of kids and who cares where the money will come from. She'll just take it from taxpayers because she wants kids, therefore she'll have a messload.

The Duggars want as many as they can have. Who cares that the older ones care full-time for the younger ones as if they are the parents instead.

People who have as many as they can just because they like being pregnant and having babies, then shuttle them into the care of someone else, like a nanny or older sibling, are bump-aholics.

People who think through what having another child means, and whether or not they can afford it and have the time themselves to parent the child, aren't bump-aholics even if they just happen to love being pregnant.

Pregnant for the primary love of being pregnant and the attention of a newborn rather than pregnant for a child to raise themselves is the difference.

It' just that celebrities give pregnancy a bad reputation these days, and all the fuss and worship around shows about big families that make all big families look bad. It's the same type of deal for infertile couples who seek medical help. We're pegged as being selfish people thanks to Octomom and the Gosselin and the Table for 12 family. You've just got to learn to separate between those who do it for the wrong reason from those who di it because it's been maturely and rationally thought out further than, "I want I want I want!"
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