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Sewing Circle - East Bay SF

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Anyone want to learn to sew (better) with me? I would love to start, or become a part of, an east SF bay area sewing circle.
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I've never been part of a sewing circle before but it sounds fun! I've been sewing since I was a little girl, my mom is a seamstress by trade, but I've never taken any formal classes or anything.

Where in the East Bay do you live?
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PMed you about the CP. I've never had anyone show me how to sew, so all I know is self/book taught, which isn't saying much.
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I'd love to join a sewing circle! I've been sewing most of my life, but am still very timid about certain things (like cutting into expensive fabric)... I'd love to have the motivation to work on some of the projects I have sitting here.
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Hello All!

I saw the messages for the sewing circle.  I will be honest I have only tinkered with sewing for the last few years.  The ladies of my family are just wonderful with the sewing machine and gorgeous fabrics....so I want to get to that point too!

I'm actually a practicing commercial and fashion photographer.  I only started sewing because I would watch the designers sew up these beautiful gowns and I wanted in!

If anyone is interested in starting a circle please do let me know!   I know there is a library that allows usage of the private rooms.  

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please do see my reply for a sewing circle

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