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relocating to brattleboro/keene

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looking for:
mama friends!!!
home-school groups
ap friendly family doc or ped (esp, delayed/alterna vax friendly) not looking for lectures on co-sleeping and extended/tandem nursing either


my husband got accepted into antioch's grad program at the last minute and so we will be relocating within the month - 6 weeks.
we found a lovely apartment in brattleboro and really loved what we saw of the town
however, we know nobody.
I am 31yo artist (painting/installation/printmaking) and sah mama to my 7mo happy baby boy and my 3yo fun and spirited girl.

who's out there??
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Welcome to the area!
We have a pretty good homeschool community here. The annual meeting is at the end of the month; let me know if you want more info.

We have a local monthly publication called parent express (you can p/u at the coop or around town) that list playgroups, story times, classes, activities etc. Definitely check it out.

As far as Ped go, Dr Haydock (at Brattleboro primary care) is the one to check out. She has been great with us. Brat naturopath and sojourns in Westminster are great resources as well.

Let me know if you need more info and good luck with moving!
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I am moving a bit north of you (Rockingham) next month! I'm sure I will be spending time in Brattleboro as the only people I know in VT thus far live there! I'd love to meet up with other MDC moms for sure!

btw, I know this might be slightly off topic but does VT not have a state homeschool organization?
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thanks everybody!!
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Hi! I'm in the Brattleboro area. There's a yahoo group called brattleborobabeswithbabes that will connect you with lots of events and mamas in the area - I just moved here recently and it's been a great resource. There's also a family practice naturopath in town. the practice is called Biologic - I know she's definitely accepting of no-vax as she told me that most of her patients dont do it. but i haven't actually had an appointment there yet.
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thanks for the yahoo tip blackbird2...
I'm going to miss my neighborhood yahoo group here in philly...it' good to hear there's one in brattleboro.
how old are your kids?
I've got a 3.5yr girl and a 7m boy...
we're going to be up there by the end of the month...
I'd love to meet other mdc mama's...
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Hey! Welcome!! I just moved to the area in the spring, although I did grow up in Brattleboro. We just opened a new resale store called Whippersnappers and you're welcome to come in a say hi anytime. We're definatly a extended/tandem nursing, cosleeping friendly kinda place.
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We're looking to move to the Brattleboro/ Wilmington area soon too so thanks for posting this. Hopefully I'll see all you mamas around this winter! Will definitely check out that yahoo group. Love the co-op there and can't wait to check out your shop CTdoula!
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woo hoo!
even in a city as big as philadelphia...I haven't managed to meet many people who don't raise an eyebrow at one or another of our practices...
even my closest friends think that I am downright crazy to be nursing my 3.5yo along with my baby!
and co-sleeping...forget about it
I'll definitely be by to introduce myself and hope to see many more of you!
we'll be there in 1 week (just in time for the beautiful fall foliage, I'm told
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I have a 15 month old, and I was actually just in whippersnappers the other day - great place!
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