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Seeking advice - Caring for newborn while DH has major surgery

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I would really appreciate any caring advice that you have to offer.

My due date passed me by yesterday so we are still waiting on our little baby. Meanwhile DH and I have recently found out that he has a tumor growing inside one of his kidneys. The doctors are suspicious that it is cancer but, regardless, it needs to come out due to it's large size.

My biggest stress right now is figuring out what to do when the time comes for surgery. Depending on when this baby decides to come, it could be 1, 2, or 3 weeks old. I will want to spend as much time as possible with DH. I am not worried about my older 2 children as they will be with my family. I have however been told by 3 people thus far that it would not be a good idea for me to have my baby in the hospital too much.

I had been thinking that as long as I keep the baby close by in a wrap carrier, and in it's own carseat when I have to use the restroom, it would be okay. I mean, I am breastfeeding and that will help build it's little immune system and I myself won't be touching yucky stuff. If I do, I will religiously sanitize.

What do you think? I just feel so utterly and completely torn. This right now, is the only thing that breaks me down. I can't fathom leaving my tiny child. Even if it is with my own mother whom I trust entirely.

The hospital that we are probably going with is about 30 minutes from my mother's house. We will be staying there while DH is recovering from surgery. DH will probably be in the hospital 2-3 nights.

Somehow I need to find some sort of peace about this before my child is born.
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I would have no quams about bringing my child with me to the hospital. Your child needs to be with YOU during those first weeks, and if you need to be with your husband, then baby comes with you.
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Your baby needs you and your dh needs you. It sounds like you're totally prepared for that! I think the wrap is the perfect way. And sticking to just his room as a homebase. I might skip the baby seat and bring a stroller only because you could use it for diaper changes and stuff. Then baby would be laying on any hospital furniture.
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My husband was admitted to the hospital the day I was leaving with my first baby. I popped in downstairs with an hours old infant to say goodbye, then came back every day for seven days. He had an infection so bad it almost killed him, but I was there every. single. day. with a baby that wasn't even a week old. I didn't even think twice about it.

Take the babe. Like a PP said, they BOTH need you.
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Thank you all so much for your wonderful words of wisdom!

The stroller idea is perfect. I will be sure to have it cleaned and ready to go for the surgery.

DH just scheduled his surgery for the 2nd of September.

Things will work out!
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