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Feeling the need to pee

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Here's a weird question, with potentially TMI.

When I have to pee, instead of getting the usual feeling in my bladder, I get a lot of pressure on my pubic bone, particularly at the very front. It's really frustrating because I won't know I need to go if I'm sitting or laying down, and then I'll stand up and barely be able to walk! The middle of the night is worst - I'll go to roll over (an effort in itself) and feel such pressure that I can't, so I'll pull myself out of bed and hobble to the bathroom. As soon as I go, I'm all better (for the most part).

I remember having tenderness there, in general, with ds, but I am not sure if I remember it being associated to when I need to pee. Anyone else get this? Maybe it's just completely typical and my memory is failing me.
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I'm with you! I think part of it is that now our babes are so big, we have to go much sooner than before. I swear if I saw a movie of me "sleeping" I'd laugh. Turning over is such an effort not to hurt myself! A lot of times I do take the time to get up and go because after shifting position, I do feel like I need to go. Not the normal, huge, urge, just a sense I should. Also, I know that I'm getting a few times where the baby is really pushing down below with a head or a booty or something. It can be intense at times. A few times I've gasped out loud.
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That happens to me at least 2 times at night and normally when I get out of the van I gasp and go "ohh my I need to find a bathroom" But at night I cannot ignore it as I am prone to UTI's and really do not want one right now! I also keep water in my room so I can get a drink after I go for so reason I have always felt the need to drink water after I pee?? odd huh?? I get the pressure thing also I just figured it was because things inside are all gambled up and there is a person in there too!
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I second this! DH looks at me funny because I'll just stand for a minute and I must have a weird look on my face because he's like what are you doing? and I say, I'm trying to decide if I do really have to pee, or if it's just the baby's head on my bladder. Usually, it's just the baby's head on my bladder!

and turning over! I am not usually a still sleeper, I change position alot. but now it is too much effort and I stay in the same position all night (or until I have to pee) and as a result I am so stiff in the morning! and it does hurt to move. oh well. it's worth it in the end!
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me too, me too! Oh what fun! heh. I get a lot of pressure down in my lower regions, and half the time I can't tell if I have to pee or if my gut is going to spontaneously combust, or if the Babe is just all tucked up next to my bladder. Good times.

And turning over at night... gah. it's like hog flopping over in the mud or a pig trying to turn itself on a spit. That's what I was thinking this morning around 4.
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