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WHere can I find Fleece Spinning Classes?

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I am looking for fleece spinning classes either in Eastern CT or RI. My sister has a large Alapaca farm and she has given one to my daughter, but neither of us know how to spin. At the very least I would be happy to find some place that would do the spinning for me locally as my sister sends hers out at this point.
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You could ask Lucy at Minds Eye Yarns if she has any recommendations. She's a spinner who offers classes and is very familiar with other New England spinners who offer classes. Also, if you're on Ravelry, you may want to check on there too.
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Webs in Northampton, MA has classes. The only local(ish) processor of small quantities of yarn is Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, VT. Call your local yarn shops though. Some have spinning classes or can connect you with a spinner who can teach you.
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Try here, OP:http://www.nehandspinners.org/

Oh, and there is the Nutmeg Spinners Guild on Ravelry, I'm sure if you ask around there you can find some one to help you. There is a woman up in Dayville that just opened up her own little fiber mill last year I think.
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Learning to spin is tough, and alpaca is not the best fiber to learn with imo. Wool is tons easier, and will increase the satisfaction/motivation factor and once she/you get the hang of that moving onto a longer, slipperier fiber like alpaca won't seem as daunting.

Not to be discouraging, but rather to encourage in a way to help you love spinning as much as I do! It's really magical.

Do you have a wheel? Or were you hoping the class would have loaners?

Have you found the spinners magazine called Spin-Off? I've never checked out their website, but guessing that either one would have resources for classes, wheels, teachers, and places that would process the fiber for you (clean, card and/or spin). Spin Off is often available at B&N.
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Hmmm... Mocha's closed their brick & morter. www.mochasfiberconnection.com They are in Colchester.

Um, there is a gal on Ravelry trying to get a SECT spinner's group going. I can give you her Facebook link. (nope she's changed it.)

Of course, with notice, you could crash our Thursday night or Saturday morning knitting group and someone could give you a drop spindle lesson.
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I used to spin. If you buy a spinning wheel or a drop spindle the person who sells it to you can give you a one time lesson and it's all practice from there.
In fact, you could probably buy one and teach yourself. It is not hard to learn but it takes some practice to get a consistent, even thread.
Have fun, alpacas so wonderful!
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I live in Sturbridge, MA and am looking for someone to teach me to spin FLEECE, Alpaca specifically.  Sister-in-law sent me pounds of it from her Alpaca Ranch in PA.

Already an avid knitter & crafter.  Think I can learn to spin in a day.  Old Sturbridge Village won't let me use their wheel unless I know what I'm doing.  HELP.

Thank You.

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