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Yearly physical eeesh vent

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I swear I would avoid these things if at all possible just because of dealing with the ignorance. :

Todays visit went like this:
ds lays down and the Dr. says "I am going to check for hernia's now"
Me: ok you can check his testicles only. Do not mess with his foreskin at all please.

Dr feels for hernias and says: His foreskin is to long have you thought of circu....

Me cutting him off: It is fine totally normal. I meant no messing with it right now. (since it looked like he was fixing to touch it)

Dr looks at me and sorta half smiles: Yes normal long though. Well it might cause trouble with an erection.

Me: He has not trouble with that.

Dr: Is he retractable?

Me: No, not really about halfway and that is totally normal for his age.

It kills me that these Dr. are not keeping up with the information out there.

If ds was tripping over his foreskin then I would say yeah it "might" be to long other than that I dont for a minute ds foreskin is to long. From what I have seen ds has just the right amount for what he needs when he has an erection.

Then we had several conversations about not vaxing He tried every way he could think of to get me to talk about why my religion was opposed to vax without coming out and asking me what religion I was. Even asking was dh in agreement with me on this : and saying he would love to talk to him. He also asked if I would treat an illness with abx and I said of course if it is needed.

I just kept saying religious reasons and then asking a new question to distract him He said in his 30 years I was only the 3rd family he had ever had that didnt vax for religious reasons. I cant help but wonder if that is because the families where like I was and had no idea they had a choice.
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So...don't go?
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long foreskin to cause problems with and erection that's like what and he was talking about circumcising your boy because of a long foreskin .

Sad docs are not up to date on this stuff yet and i just wonder when that time will come.
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I would say...

"yes, isn't he lucky to have a long foreskin? He'll have full coverage when he grows into it!"
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His foreskin is too long??????????
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Originally Posted by Fyrestorm View Post
So...don't go?
I wish it where that simple but I don't have that option. The kids must have a yearly physical for school. I also need to at least show that I take them for that since ds hasnt been for one since he was 4mo. Only took him when he got sick.

I havnt came across an exemption to the yearly physical for school yet either.
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Originally Posted by Vancouver Mommy View Post
His foreskin is too long??????????
Yep those where his exact words. I want to say in his defence he is at least 60 but that isnt really a defense since he should still be keeping up with the latest information out there.
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Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X View Post

I havnt came across an exemption to the yearly physical for school yet either.
That SUCKS! It took forever, but I found one for CT...We have mandatory PEs for school here too.

Can you bombard this doc with info? I'm guessing he causes a lot of bous to get cut.
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What state are you in?
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He is one dr in the practice of 7 and he is the only dr that has given me trouble with ds or the vax thing. I am going to avoid him from now on this time I just wanted to get in there asap to get the paperwork turned in to the school.

Next year I will be calling well in advance and request the dr. that in the past has just nodded when I said exemption.

I am planning on getting some stuff together and taking/sending it to them. Would hate to think of someone else falling for that bs.

I am in TN.
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There may not be an exemption...let me do some digging!
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oh jeez - we just went to our first one ever. (I circ'd ds uneducated at the time) and it was a total nightmare.

It was scary and they were mean and it just sucked!
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Yes, it's stuff like this that makes me not want to ever take my DC to the doctor. Am I the only mom who doesn't think my kid needs to go to the doctor unless it's life-threatening? Honestly, every experience I've had (except once when she was dehydrated from diarrhea and they gave us super rehydration salts) has been totally bogus, ignorant, negative, harmful, or simply unnecessary. I am still hoping to find a natural family practitioner for us. Who takes medicaid and understands my non-interventionist stance.

Is there a non-medical tribe/board? Besides UC? Seriously, sometimes I feel like the only momma out there who just abhors taking child to the doctor. We've been able to avoid it for almost 2 years after a doc made her ear bleed in order to get earwax out---when we returned later (after I noticed fresh and dried blood), a different nurse looked at her ear for about a second and then prescribed antibiotics-after I told her what happened in her own office! All totally ignorant and unnecessary.

I feel like if we have to go in and educate them, then why are we even bothering to take the babe to them? I understand that docs go to school and blah blah, but it seems like they just spit out these blanket "common sense" statements (like duh, I know she needs rest and fluids) and then try and pressure us into harming our children (like bullying young/new moms into unnecessary vax). Grrr. Sorry, just had to vent.
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Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X View Post
I wish it where that simple but I don't have that option. The kids must have a yearly physical for school. I also need to at least show that I take them for that since ds hasnt been for one since he was 4mo. Only took him when he got sick.

I havnt came across an exemption to the yearly physical for school yet either.

That is true....BUT in all my years I have NEVER had a doctor check in my kids underwear for a kindergarten physical...I have had doctors ask me if everything was "okay with the genitals"...or "any questions"... but I think I would throw down if a doctor just started touching or looking at my kids privates...as a matter of fact before we even go to the doctors I ask my kids (both female or male) about it and see if they would be okay with that...to which they say ..."no way"... their body and no one gets to stare at them or touch them with out their permission (unless something was medically necsassary, of course).
This inspection would be alarming to me.
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I'd check the form, because in FL a DC (chiropractor) can do the annual PE and I think they would be more inclined to ignore non-vax or intactness.

I'm done with diaper-free exams. The doc got too close to retracting before I had to forcefully remove her hands. If they can't have their diaper on during an exam, they don't need to go unless they're sick!
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TOO LONG??? : Erectile problems come from too short (after circ), not too long.

Is there not a pedi who is more in line with your evidence-based views?
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I have looked for other peds but this is the "best" practice I know of. They have office hours 7 days a week and are really good about not prescribing meds when not needed.

I sat there before the Dr. came in and tried to decide if I wanted to allow the testicle check or not and decided that I would allow it because he could have a small hernia that I would never know about. I have no idea what to look for either. I know ds has no pain in that area but there are times when a hernia is present without pain.

I mentioned before about not seeing this ped or the other I had issue with in the past with retraction there are 5 others to choose from and I will go through them to find one that is better suited to our needs.

It really is sad that this is even an issue I want to do what is best for my kids without having to fight every step of the way *sigh*

They do offer free physicals at the school and you can choose to be there or not for them. Cant imagine not being there but some parents choose not to be : Maybe that would be the best way to go if I could be there? Not sure if that Dr. would want to do a hernia check or not but dh says it is a routine part of a physical for a male.
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at first I thouht you put "practice" in quotes. hehehe.
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A bit OT here but worth mentioning.

I didnt mention it in the OP but he also unbuttoned and unzipped dd's pants to check her lower tummy and femoral pulse. He did not ask dd if he could do this : He did it so fast though I didnt even have time to think about it. *sigh*

I also forgot the fact that both kids had to pee in a cup to test for diabetes and a few other things I cant remember and dd's came back with a trace of protein and according to him that makes the second time. He then said Now about your ds and then got this bemused expression on his face when he saw that ds's urine was perfect I got the very strong impression by his voice and attitude that he was a bit put of that ds's "nasty" foreskin wasnt causing problems

Dh said I should tape the visits so that people could really see how irritating and upsetting a visit like that can be. When I told dh what the Dr. said he said BS my cousin J's was way longer than ds's and obviously he is fine since he has since fathered several kids.
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