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Kirkland (Costco) Natural Dish Soap and Laundry Detergent...any good?

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I saw them today and while it appears to be a good choice what is the truth? There labels don't appear to be completely honest, but if they are a good safe, clean, environmental choice then I will buy them. What do you think?
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Well, I bought the dish soap (not for the dishwasher) and I like it. It works well and smells nice - kind of grapefruity. How true their claims are about being environmentally friendly, I don't know. But in general Costco seems to be "above board" on most things.

I also tried the all-purpose spray cleaner from the same line of products and I like that too. The only thing I found it wasn't so good for was mirrors - it leaves them streaky.
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You might want to smell it before your buy - Greenmansions liked the smell but I didn't; I think ours was lavender. I bought the hand dish soap last year when I ran out of my usual brand and I hated the smell. It gagged me but I didn't want to waste the huge bottle so my husband uses it in the garage and outside.
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We got the lavender laundry detergent, and our clothes smell like mildew. (The detergent itself smells great, but the aftermath is not so good...) We have a front-loading HE machine, though, so I don't know if that's just not a good choice for our machine or what. We had used the free & clear before with no problems, so now I'm going to try it again and see if I can get rid of the mildewy smell.
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I've gotten the dishsoap, and it's okay. There are other 'natural' brands I do like better, but it's better than others I've used before too. Smell wise, it's kinda 'meh' - sorta a weird mix, but seems to work fine.
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A good friend uses the laundry detergent, and their family's clothes always look dingy and fade WAY before ours do (we both shop at The Children's Place often and our kids have several matching outfits, so I can compare apples to apples in this case, kwim?) and I know she washes about as often as I do. Not sure about the smell, though.
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I've tried both. The dish soap is 100% satisfactory. The laundry soap I'm not yet sure about because I tried it in a few loads but then went back to finishing the two open containers of other brands I already had so as to reduce clutter in the laundry room! I have a feeling it may not rinse out completely because of the way the wet clothes feel, but they are not actually sudsy and I haven't noticed any film on them.

As for fragrance, my Costco only has unscented and citrus. I like the smell of the dish soap. The laundry soap is slightly strong and flowery for my tastes, but the smell fades after a couple of days, and it does help to keep things smelling fresh in my musty : closet. I've learned not to buy lavender-scented natural products because they too often smell like mud.

KayleeZoo, are you sure your friend uses the Kirkland NATURAL (plant-based) detergent? It's been available less than a year, at least here in Pittsburgh, so I wouldn't think that's enough time to make a visible difference. Do you know if your friend washes in hot water while you wash in cold, or line-dries in the sun while you dry another way? Those things can make a big difference in fading.
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