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What do you do?

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I've been trying to come up with a WAHM job for myself and was wondering what everyone else does...

So, what do you do? Do you like it? How demanding is it? How does it combine with caring for your children?

Just curious Thanks!
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First, welcome to the boards ! Please take a peek at our sig policy which asks that you keep your signature to 2 lines

Thank you!

Now as for what I do...

I have an online business that I started 4 years ago and it is finally turning profitable!

I also do consulting along the same lines of Mary Kay, Tupperware etc, but with a newer natural parenting oriented company.

There are a lot of jobs in that type of business selling something in a pyramid of sorts, but it's not for everyone!

Other people have mentioned daycare, nanny, newspaper delivery, etc as methods of increasing money supply here and there

What are your interests?
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Hi and Welcome
I am a WAHM with a small home based business. I am a Master Herbalist and I formulate all kinds of medicines, tinctures teas aromatherapy products as well as seeing clients for health concerns from time to time. I spend about 15 - 20 hours each week and my dd plays in the studio while I work. She is quite the apprentice 'helping' me with all my herbs.
I also work out of the house about 15 hours a week at a whole foods market as a produce clerk.
I did my education for my Master Herbalist 2 years before pregnancy, while pregnant and I wrote my thesis in the first year of my dd's life, so I suppose its really who she is and what she knows right now.
Hope that helps, somebody a while back suggested proofreading and research as a home based contract work thing.
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I sell fabrics and my mom's diapers
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I sell Hemp, organic cotton, silk, and flax fabrics....yarn, T-shirts, bags, diapers, herbal soap, soy candles, and more !

The business works well with my life....and doesn't interfere with my family at all. It does not generate enough income to support my family, but is a great suppliment to my husbands income. I often say that if nothing else I have made some incredible friends through this business.

The WAH Place is a great new support community. You might also find some ideas there.
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Welcome! I have an online store selling cloth diapers right now, will also be carrying (soon) batik clothing, and such. I love it, only been in business a short while, and hoping it keeps getting better!
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I'm just starting an online business that will sell e-cookbooks. I'm learning tons and having fun!
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I make and sell soaps and such.
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I have a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and I am just trying to get started freelancing so I can stay at home. I am also going to be a Partylite consultant and I have started sewing diapers to sell. The last two are just for some extra money.
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let's see...

1) I do consulting for my former employer...it never hurts to ask. My fee is $25 per hour and I just signed a contract for another 100 hours. I work (reviewing, writing, editing training materials) on the computer after DS goes to sleep. Best hours for me are 8pm-midnight.

2) I also grade papers for ETS (you know the SAT people) online...these are high school acheivement test essays. You would need to request to be an Online Scorer at www.ets.org
There are six 4-hour shifts per day to pick from.

3) This is outside the home, but also teach 3 classes a week for our local homeschooling group.

4) And kind of sort of ...starting a small paper business on the side. DHmade me a cool website, but it is labor-intensive so mostly just fills the artistic creative side in me.
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I have on online store selling baby related items. I try and work primarily during night time after my kids are in bed. I've only been open a few weeks, so not too busy yet.
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I am a lawyer. But if I didn't have a degree and wanted to stay at home to work, I wouldn't do pyramids or Mary Kay or Avon or anything like that. I would start my own business. Maybe wordprocessing brochures, resumes, typing dissertations, etc. Internet businesses seem to be fun too.
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What do I do?? LOL. Besides run my mouth a lot.......... HAHAHAHAHA......... I embroider stuff and I dye stuff and I sell stuff. Its mainly a hobby though. I wouldnt call it a money-maker. :LOL
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i have sold herbal crafts (spice trivets and soap) wholesale...

i sold tye dyed clothing...

i have been a freelance web developer (taught myself html and php and sql in the later 90's)

i have sold vintage clothing online (via ebay - late 90s)

i am now a diaper shop owner

the key, i think, is to find something you love and make it your work...i have also babysat/nanny'ed and done word processing and taxes for small businesses....

good luck
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I'll stand alone

Ok- I will stand alone. I do Mary Kay- please do not wince. I never in a million years would have thought I would sell make up! I found myself pregnant- with 3 years of school- toward psycology- on my way to a doctorate- plans change.
I love to do the MK because I get to get out and see people- work my own schedule and have found lots of support and friends from MK. I do make decent money and am starting to make more and more. I also like it because it is all right there for you. SO many women have gone before and have it just layed right out! It is also low risk- not alot of money to be put up front.
What I do not love is the assumptions from people who do not understand. I am not a bored housewife who has no skills. I am very intelligent and did great in school. I just need something that I can use all my skills with. I am a people person. I feel that I am in the business of empowering women- either by giving them the oppurtunity to make money and stay at home with their kids- or get out of a situation they do not like- etc etc etc. I am not a pushy sales person- I have what you want - great if not- no biggie.
I find that this business is founded on principals I truly believe in. For the most part.
That is what I do. I like it- I may not do it forever- or I might- who knows- I will wait and see. Right now it is just what I need.
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I'm also a Certified Herbalist (there does not seem to be one official title for us, but I'm well trained, 4 years and countin of school) and have a wholesale business, and dream of starting a doula/herb/massage practice with friends (between us we have the skills, we just need to cross train)

It takes 10ish hours per week, for now, and I am trying to grow it. I had a day job until last month, and on top of my every-moment job of parenting my toddler, well, it was *enough*!! But now I am ready for more.
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ahh...we could use some herbalists here in the midwest!

In portland we could go to homeopaths and talk to herbalists at every corner, but here...nothing.

it's bizarre!

Is that a field you can self train in or do you have specific schooling for that?
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Oh and another idea to earn extra income if you have someone to cover your shift in the evenings is to teach classes. I teach classes through our local community college and the pay is pretty decent. I only do it sparingly now, but I will probably pick up the pace when the girls are older.
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Originally posted by LaLa
Is that a field you can self train in or do you have specific schooling for that?
Yes to both, you can self train since there is no standardization for the field of herbalism, you can take this in a university/college setting or correspondence or all three which is what I did. 4 years of study later and I feel confident about my training but I continue to upgrade my schooling with lectures and seminars as well as continuely researching and studying.

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I do medical transcription for a service and also sell knit clothing on the side for fun.
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