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I Drank Bad Milk

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I had a glass of organic milk this morning. I glugged down half of my glass of milk. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and it had no smell to it at all. Then I sipped some and it tasted kind of gross (it was best before today). I dumped it all out. Then I drank some different milk that was best before tomorrow, about a quarter cup. It smelled and tasted fine but upon another sip, it tasted like it might be bad.

None of it was curdled and it had no smell other than a bit of a milky smell. It just tasted off. I usually don't drink milk and just give it to the kids and now I'm worried I've been giving them bad milk. I thought bad milk had a bad smell to it so I guess the sniff test is redundant. Now I have to dump out all our organic milk and taste the kids milk before giving it to them

Should I be concerned that I drank about a cup of potentially bad milk? None of it was past the best before date and didn't look or smell bad, just an off taste (usually it has a great fresh taste right up to the best before date). I've been a freak lately about food safety since I get sick pretty easily. I was planning on fasting for the next 24 hours (abstaining from food and water for spiritual purposes) but I wonder if I should keep drinking lots of water during this time just in case.

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it doesn't sound like it was bad, just past it's prime. milk gets kind of a different flavor when it is past it's prime, but it's not going to hurt you.

trust me - you CANNOT mistake bad milk. it is really truly horrendous. you most likely would have smelled it first if it was bad, but if you didn't, you would have know as soon as you tasted it.

so, rest easy
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Bad milk makes you gag as soon as it hits the back of your tongue. It's an unmistakable taste and physical reaction. But milk can change flavors as it gets older, if it absorbs another smell in the frig, and depending on what the cows ate (I find grass-fed milk to be onion-y in the spring and sweeter toward the end of summer, then more bland and less sweet in the winter if the cows switch over to feed). It sounds like your milk is fine, just at the stage where I'd want to use it up quickly or turn it into something else, like yogurt or ice cream.
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Thanks! I think the first one was at the starting to curdle stage as there was some clumping in the bag after I tossed it. I had some strong flavours in my mouth which is why I didn't notice it didn't taste good at first. I'm going to put it out of my mind because I can't do anything about it now, lol!
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You would know if it was bad, that is something that you are just born with
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Yeah you would know if it was bad as in cant get to the toilet fast enough gonna puke know. It was probably just on the turn, but as you drank alot of it you might have a bit of an upset tummy.
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It's possible that the "strong flavours" you had in you mouth threw your taste buds a bit out of whack, and the milk was still good. Another possibility is that the milk picked up flavours from other stuff in your fridge.
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when you said bad i thought 'regular' not organic all the pesticide hormone milk.

i think even when milk curdles its still not bad right. its just the milk breaking up into a different form and tasting bad.

once my dad guzzled a whole glass of curdled milk before he realised.

nothing happened except us shaking our head at how he didnt even taste what he drank.
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I was sweating a sour milk smell right until today. Even showering didn't get rid of it. I had gastrointestinal problems yesterday but I don't know if it was related. I think it may of been on the brink and I can still smell it it. Bleck..I'll be wary of milk for a bit, lol!
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