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Anyone else already wanting another?

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It took us 14 months to coceive our beautiful lil lotus. But I can't wait to be able to dtd and start trying for #2. I know our bodies need time to heal AND I'm bfing so it won't happen for quite a bit, but when it does....WHOOPIE!!:
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you're crazy!!! The memory of pushing out my big old baby is still way too fresh in my mind! I'm sure it will at least be a few months before I start thinking thoughts of more children.
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not here!!! I really like the age gap between DD1 and DD2, so just shy of 3 years But we all know that can always change
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ME! ME! ME! I miss being pregnant and can''t wait to have another one. My two are just shy of 3 years apart, but I'd much prefer a difference of about 18 months.
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No, thank you. I'm not ruling out the possibility entirely, but not within the next year or two.
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When I was pg with DS I was SO SURE I was done. But immediately following his birth (I mean within hours) I knew I wanted to do it again. I'm not sure if we will try to get pregnant again or if we will foster. DH is done with school in a little over a year, and I'm done in May 2011, so if we did have another it would be after that.
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I loathe being pregnant, but I love giving birth so much that a part of me wants another one soon. No such luck though - we are out of room (in home and in vehicle) and I need to finish college and apply to pharmacy school. So if we have another, it will be 6-7 years from now. So chances that this is my last are pretty good. But I'd already be up for doing it again if we won the lottery.
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This was my last. It took us 10 years to conceive him and I am just grateful that he is here. Also, this was so hard on my body, I just can't do it again. So it is a trip to the urologist for hubby.
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I've been saying that there won't be another one until at least 2011. I'm not eager for another newborn too soon.
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Not for me! Talk to me in a few years but right now I am totally content with a lil' fam. I have been working on my brother though- cousins!
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Yes please! But probably not until she's at least a year. It did take us over 8 months to conceive this one, so that will probably weigh on my mind in a few months, but we're definitely not done! :

My husband thinks I'm crazy to even THINK about his right now (I had actually mentioned it when we were still in the hospital!).
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I have felt the urge to have another one right after I give birth all three times, even this time...even though I was planning on being done with this babe (our third). We probably are done but it is hard for me to "feel" done, at least pp. Its the hormones!
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OH GOD YES. I missed being pregnant within 3 days of having Sorel, and already I would love to start trying for another. I know my body needs to heal, and I know I want larger age gap than 11 months...lmao..but man oh man..Im ready for pregnancy, Im ready for birth (I enjoyed birth this time) and Im ready for another newborn to love.

DH and I want 6 kids...
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oh yeah, I would totally have another one now... birth was awesome. But with breastfeeding and all I don't get fertile until like a year and a half after having a baby... at least that is how it was last time, and I think 2.5-3 yrs is a good spacing for our family with our attached our kids seem to be... not sure I could do any closer! BUT, we don't use birth control at all... so I guess we'll see.
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We are definitely planning to have more than one, and while I had an awesome pregnancy and birth I am way too busy enjoying my little guy now to even begin thinking about the next one. I think a spacing of 3 years will be about right. I meant to finish school before we had one baby (surprise!), so I'd really like to finish before we have another.
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Originally Posted by pinksprklybarefoot View Post
I loathe being pregnant, but I love giving birth so much that a part of me wants another one soon.
totally hate being pregnant!! totally love my babies!! and this last birth was awesome.

i think we might be done, though, if our financial situation does not change soon.
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I will be ready for another in about 4 years. Maybe 5. But then again maybe 3, but probably not.
This is just all too fresh in my mind, not to mention my other health issues that I need to deal with first before I even think about another beb!
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Definitely! Within hours of popping out DS I was thinking about what a rush it was and how I could do it again and again. While I totally agree with those who want to enjoy the LOs they have for awhile, I miss being pg and will be happy to do it again. I think I will wait until DS is 2 or so...
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I definitely do not want to get pregnant anytime within the next year or so. We thought that we were probably done after this one, but now we're not so sure. I don't mind being pregnant (except the last two months), and I absolutely love the whole birthing experience and newborn stages. So I would be sad to never go through that again, but I guess you have to stop at some point, right?

I have had this strange feeling lately though....In May sometime we had a post about how some of us were sad to be changing our family dynamics although we were happy about baby coming. Someone posted that they weren't sad, but that they'd instead had this feeling that "someone was missing." Oddly enough, during the last week or so, when accounting for my kids and they were all there, I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was still missing....Anyone else ever feel this or is it just hormones????
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We are done! With my first, I was actually sad to think that I would only get to do the baby stuff one more time if we stuck to the plan and only had 2. Now it is so obvious that our family is complete. As excited as I am for the little baby stuff, I am also really looking forward to the next phase in our lives... more travel, the new experience of having older children, seeing what sort of people they become, etc.

Of course, it might be different if I were younger and I didn't have preterm labor issues. Might be just susceptible enough to baby fever to get pushed over the edge....
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