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natural oral antibiotics

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Does anyone know of any helpful natural oral antibiotics that will prevent staph infections? My husband has a tailbone cyst infection that is not staph but the doctor wants him to take antibiotics to prevent it from occuring.

So far all I can think of are garlic and goldenseal. Any recommendations?
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I've used high doses of vitamin C to treat mastitis twice, worked very nicely. Is it infected now, or you just want to prevent infection? Seems like daily vitamin C to bowel tolerance should reduce the likelihood of infection. You'd need to experiment with how much, I need a lot more vitamin C than most folks, and it needs to be divided into at least 3 doses/day.
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it is infected but but not with staph.. actually we wont know till monday. but it is just your typical pilonidal abscess.

thanks i do have sodium ascorbate but my husband cant stand the stuff. ill start him off in small doses.
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Garlic is a good source (fresh cloves crushed or you can get ali-C or the like that has proven potency even better I believe).
We've used oregano oil (P73 form only by NHS). It's a good natural antibiotic. Some people use silver but you have to watch the form and doses carefully.
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What about transdermal iodine? (applying to skin)

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Can't think of the name of it right now but there is a special honey (from New Zealand I think) that is clinically proven to be antibiotic both internally and externally. My friend's husband took it internally due to an infection on a metal pin in his leg that oral antibiotics couldn't clear up. Seemed to help a lot. Try googling "antibiotic honey". Good luck!
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natural antifungals, antibacterials, antiparasitic, antimicrobials foods and spices in our diet

Did they do a culture and sensitivity of the wound?

Coconut oil, kefir, lavender essential oil, all help to kill many serious pathogens, including MRSA. I'd apply kefir first. Then overnight with a combo of CO and lavender EO.

Active Manuka Honey is another topical antimicrobial. I would not, no way take systemic antibiotics for a topical issue.

I would do Epsom salt soaks which help with healing also.

Unnecessary antibiotics ARE dangerous! Antibiotics damage the integrity of the microbial balance in the gut. The healthy gut microflora is 70-80% of the immune system. Impaired immune systems are less effective at healing the body. Also, regarding detox issues to help with immune support: Where to start? Help 101

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I forgot to mention. If he uses anything that is antibiotic in nature--natural or not--he needs probiotics. You give them three hours after every dose of antibiotic. The natural ones stick with three hours. If he goes on a medical/RX antibiotic and does a regular probiotic it's three hours after each dose. But if you can get some florastor/sach. bouldari he can take that with each antibiotic. It's a beneficial yeast so antibiotics don't kill it. Most natural antibiotics are also anti-yeast as well as anti-bacterial so they do kill off the florastor. Stick with three hours after as you would any probiotic in that case.
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I came across this thread while looking for something to help with my problem..I'm not sure if any of the "remedies" would be appropriate for me, can anyone advise?

I am plagued with gum/mouth infections despite what I would consider to be good oral hygiene. I am prescribed antibiotics more often than I would like.

I would be interested in something I could take regularly as a preventative

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Raw garlic is great. How about colloidal silver? That is one of my favorites to use, but make sure its a good brand. I use Sovereign.
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