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Still feeling weepy

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My good friend is in labor right now and i am so emotional over it! We both met our men right around the same time and got pregnant pretty close together and she helped me through the long dark journey of my pregnancy. I'm so thrilled and can't wait to meet her lil one. Waiting for the updates are so hard. But i find myself crying at the simple things still, my horomones must still be raging. I am not the emotional kind and everything is making me weepy. Granted i lie here in my bed with a 102 degree fever nursing my sweet lil one while the rest of my clan is terrorizing the house and the outdoors. I so wish i had a partner or someone to take the kids so i could sleep! Y'all are lucky to have partners.
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Big to you, Avani!
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I am also weepy still, despite having a wonderful partner. Sending you love and light.
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I also want to send you hugs. I hope you are feeling better, regarding the fever. Sending you strength and light.

I hope your friend and her LO are doing well too.
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Hang in there, Avani. I am still really weepy, too. I had PPD last time but I am waiting for my checkup in September to talk to the midwife about it. It seems to be getting better as the days pass. I think lack of sleep has a lot to do with it.

You are a brave, magical woman! I am always in awe of single moms. You are stronger than I can even imagine. I wish you peace, health and true love!
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DS and I had two days alone together and I thought of you. I can't imagine how you take care of so many little ones by yourself, 24/7! I'm envious of your strength.
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Why do you have a fever?
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