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yes, me too! drive DH batty because he hates moving furniture..lol poor man!
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My long lost sisters!!!!!! lol.
Here I was browsing topics daydreaming about what room I should move around today
Right now our house is so small that it is hard to move much around, but I make it work As a teen I used to change my room around 1x a month.
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In HS/college, I was known for rearranging while my roomie slept. Including the bed with a sleeping roomie in it.

I don't rearrange so often now, only twice a year. Sometimes. Or six times, maybe. Hmm.
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I LOVE to rearrange furniture, but have limited opportunities to do so - we have big furniture and fairly small rooms, so there aren't a lot of options for furniture placement. And I have to do it when my family is out of the house, because they think I'm nuts!
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I love rearranging furniture too. Unfortunately, I'm finding that this house is too small and the rooms are too awkwardly shaped in terms of usable space to do very much of it. I'm currently having a bit of trouble trying to plan out my living room to include a small dining area. Oh for a bigger space!

If anyone wants to take a peek and make some suggestions, I'd be more than willing to read them. http://rainberryblue.blogsome.com/2009/08/22/simplify/
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Peggy=I love a challenge. For the dining set, since space is at premium, I'd go with something along these lines http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/ca.../series/12389/ butted up against the half wall. The simplify sign could hang right above the table. The big green couch needs to be sold along with the tv cabinet. I would also get rid of the small table thats sitting beside it. Use the trunk to store toys and use it as a coffee table. Slide the tv over to the left and put the chair on the right of it at angle. The loveseat should go directly in front of tv where the green couch is now. If you hate that door, I would run a long curtain rod all the way across that wall. Put six curtains across it, leaving them closed in the middle/in front of the door and just open the outer two in front of the windows. Be bold with that fabric and pull color out of it and put a nice 5X8 rug under the trunk. Bring the color into a table cloth or table runner on the dining table. Repeat the curtains at the window by the table and you can close them to hide ac unit when not in use. On the half wall I would relocate your bamboo plants that are on your tv cabinet. And consider a hanging candle holder right above the half wall.
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Quick fly-by post on my way to bed. I have to be up and on the road tomorrow at 7:30 - that's only five hours! Just wanted to say that I LOVE that Norden table!!! It doesn't seem to be on the Canadian site though. Booooooo! I'm considering the Jokkmokk one because a) it's cheap and 2) it's available and 3) it's classic. Will continue to look though. I'm not buying anything yet.
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rearranged my living room. vaccumed under couches and in couches. It seems so fresh. ahh
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I belong here I have been rearranging rooms since I was literally 10 and could move some furniture. My mother would get home from work and her house would be totally different. My sister and I would also switch rooms as kids that was always fun! Now that I am pregnant I have my fiance move things around I have also debated on switching our room and Ds's room before the baby gets here we could paint Ds's room for us and Ds could pick a color and maybe border for him! His room is way bigger and then he could still have his toddler bed in our room and the hammock would fit good in there also for the little bean!

I have also switched the furniture from the familyroom to the livingroom I am also a paintaholic I love to repaint rooms and the feeling of freshness and the way that color totally changes the feel of a room.

One othere thing that i have done is when I want a TV in a different spot I have actually drilled a hole and bought new cable line to make it possible :
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Uh yes. I do this. It's like getting a whole new furniture set without having to spend a dime...
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My kindred spirits!

I am another 2nd generation furniture rearranger. I don't think I am as extreme as some of you (I have NEVER moved a sleeping roomate ), but I have been known to completely redo rooms, and to switch the purposes of rooms. In fact, right now, I am in my bed, in the downstairs family room! This house is so #&@& awkward that I really feel the family room is the best place to be our bedroom. Today, anyway.

My mom is constantly repainting, rearranging, reflooring, refinishing, or reuphosltering (sp?) something.

I am also notorious for getting out graph paper and a tape measure.
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Oh yes...painting..I LOVE to paint. The whole place feels clean and fresh. I am happy to say my kitchen has been five colors in seven yrs. However, I am SO smitten with its current color I am planning to leave it at least two years. lol.
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Originally Posted by mommaof3boz View Post
I am SO smitten with its current color I am planning to leave it at least two years. lol.

two years that is crazy talk! I want the familyroom pained before this baby gets here but this room is HUGE it used to be two bedrooms and a tiny hallway so it takes about 3 days to finish totally! I also am really thinking I may switch Ds and our room as I said in my above post I think I need to talk to STBDH about that! I am sure he will be
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Literally drooling, Sally. I would love to come and paint for you and move all that furniture.
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: I enjoy nothing more than spending a weekend driving furniture around the room/house to make it feel 'new' again! I have decluttered a lot of 'hand me down' furniture and bits & pieces over a couple of moves (we rent) which has sorta limited my furniture rearranging join a little lol...there's just not much TO rearrange! :

At the moment our BIG project is making an empty bedroom, so we're focusing on a new computer solution for our 2 machines that can fit in the family room. When that happens the 3yo will move into this smaller bedroom so we can have an empty bedroom for the IL's to temporarily move into while they sell their house! (good thing my IL's and I love each other!?!)
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