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Lupron and birth defects?

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I've been reading up on Lupron and I don't like what I'm seeing. I will admit that I never wanted to take it in the first place due to side effects, an extra med being an additional step away from 'natural', etc.

All web info on it states that it may cause birth defects and so MUST NOT be used if you are pregnant or could become pregnant during treatment (barrier contraceptive is stated as a requirement for use). Lupron is in the FDA pregnancy category X (meaning the risks outweigh the benefits and/or there is not enough info to prove it is safe), and it has NOT been approved by the FDA for ART/IVF. From what I've found, there haven't been any large controlled studies so really there is no answer. My doctor didn't say anything about this. Curious to see what others have found.
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My clinic uses Synarel nasal spray, which has the same effect. You might look into that and if there are fewer risks, ask if you can use it instead.
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Honestly, by the time we got to IVF, I didn't want to know what the possible side effects were/are. We ended up going to CCRM, the top, or tied for the top depending on what you read, clinic in the country. They use lupron all the time with their protocols. I was on the long lupron protocol. Our baby is perfect as far as we know.

I'm also the daughter of a very health conscious, whole foods, home birthing, breastfeeding mom who took no meds to conceive me and was med free during pregnancy. I was born with a uterine birth defect.

You just never know unfortunately.
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