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Thank you Indigo, what a beautiful story. What a wonderfully peaceful birth. Gives me strength and excitement for this little one's birth. I am so happy for you! Enjoy your babymoon
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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story, Indigolilybear! It brought me to tears as I read through it.
Enjoy this beautiful, magical time.

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Oh, Indigo, what a wonderful birthing! I am so happy for you and your family. Your birth story reminded me of my last birth (although interestingly I did have other people there). What you experienced with Soleil's birth sounds like what I am hoping for this time for this baby (8 more weeks for me, give or take!) You sound so incredibly calm and centered. I am so happy for you. Welcome to the world, Soleil!

I'm getting really excited as more of the babies are born on this board!!
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Indigo, Congratulations!!!! I am all teary and happy after reading your birth story!
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Thanks so much for sharing your birth story! It was truly amazing.
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What a great story! I want to do it now!
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indigolilybear... I've been waiting to hear your birth story. It sounds so perfect. I hope my birth goes as nice, and smoothly as that one.

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I haven't read all the posts yet, but I *will* and love it.. I was just so thrilled to find this thread. Not pg yet, and actually aren't sure when we will be trying, but I just oh so casually mentioned to my dh the other day that maybe next time we could just NOT go to the hospital. We've had two perfectly wonderful hospital deliveries, but I started out with plans for HB with the second that were derailed by an impromtu move to another state. Since then, I was thinking dh would never entertain another HB plea. I'm still floating around with the knowledge that not only would he do HB, he'd do UC!! I think he'll require the usual appt's and tests, but then just blow off the hospital delivery. And we'll definitely have a nice big tub handy. Fail to mention to anyone that we're in labor until we have a baby. With both dd and ds, they got there before the doctor could, and I think he's finally come to terms with just how competent the two of us are with bringing our children into this world. I can't wait for this next baby!!

And now I have all of you to learn from in the meantime!

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birth/baby photos

Blue Violet posted these on her site for me, if anyone wants to see.


thanks, BV!
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Indigolilybear! Your photos are beautiful! You look wonderful and your baby looks so smooth and soft that I just want to eat her up! Thank you for sharing these! (And BV for hosting them!)

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such a treat to come across on a rough afternoon... a beautiful story and some gorgeous pictures. thanks to you both, indigo and blueviolet!

off to find some kleenex,

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Indigolilybear, what beautiful pictures and what an inspiring story! You and your daughter look so amazing! Congratulations! Welcome Soleil!

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Yeah, those are great pictures! And that baby has just the right amount of chunkiness!

ILB, I love that lavender tank top. How come I can't find cool maternity clothes like that?

And, any significance to the necklaces? Did you make them? So pretty!
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When I looked at your pics, indigo, I had to smile. That's how it made me feel. It all looks so harmonious, and that there was no one "missing". KWIM? Congrats~~
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Wonderful pictures!! Your children are all beautiful!
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Thanks for all the kind words mamas......warmed my heart, it did.

BV-- as for the tank top, MIL got them for me at the Gap of all places!! :LOL I loved them...and still am wearing them. I hate most maternity clothes....so sick of the A-line!

As for the necklaces, one has the shela-na-gig (sp?) or the yoni goddess. It has jasper, which was foudn close to where ds was born and carnelian. DH got it for me before I was preg. w/dd and I have worn it strung w/different beads during each birth. The other one is the rose quartz venus of wilendorf taht my women's group friends gave me when I moved away and I love it. I restrung it w/Botswana agate and garnet. As I mentioned, DH and I went through some bad times this preg. so I made and wore this necklace as a reminder to myself to be strong w/in myself during this pregnancy.....and remember my *own* power. HOwever, when I had the bloody show, I wanted to wear both of them for the birth. I make a birth necklace and an anklet for the baby each birth. DH wears every day the one that matches mine since I was pregnant w/ds.

thanks again mamas for your kind words.
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Indigo, your birth and pictures are just gorgeous! Thanks for telling us about the necklaces, I was wondering, too. They look so beautiful, just like your little one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with us. Reading your story and looking at the pictures again has just made my day!
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Yes, those pics were really nice. You look exactly how I think you should.

I wanna bitch and moan some more...hope nobody minds.

My SIL says she's coming to visit after the baby is born. Um, excuse me?! I don't like her, she doesn't seem to like me...why does she think she can come visit me? And, at such an intimate time?

My dh's family is really losing their collective mind. I want to cuss them out. Lucky for them, they're talking to him not me. I really don't know who they think they are.

Dh says we'll just not tell anyone when the baby is born, but I'm not passive-aggressive like that. Just b/c I had a baby is no reason to come visit me without my permission. Esp. if you're not someone who visits me anyway. Last time my SIL was at our house, she was soooo rude I wanted to hit her. And, she's ALWAYS rude, no matter who's house she's at. I don't know what dh told her, but I don't think it was, "No, that's not a good idea."

What's wrong with him that he can't just speak the truth and stand up for his immediate family? Why do I have to deal with EVERYTHING?


Back to your cheerful thread...

I guess I'm next in line to give birth...anyday now! A friend says I'll give birth this weekend. I hope so! I have a cough and my muscles under my stomach are so stretched out (the baby's head is down there) that it hurts when I cough. Poor me, right? :LOL This kid needs to be born soon, or I may have to put myself on bedrest.
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Oh Chaka, I'm sorry you are getting that kind of crap from the family! Sending you calming vibes and thoughts. And some gentle birthing vibes too!
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So your husband will not tell them to not to come? Is there anyone else who could spread the word for you? If not, I'd call them myself and just make it clear. It's a pain, but you'll be happier after the birth.

Shoot, my own mom who I love dearly wasn't invited until a week after the birth. My in-laws live just down the road so I had to give them a few minutes (and they are very sweet and respectful so it wasn't a big deal) but in general I just had to make it known that I am extremely emotionally raw after birth and need time to adjust before doing any socializing. And people accepted that, maybe because I was making it about me, not about them, so it would've a stretch for anyone to take it personally.
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