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I haven't read the whole thread, but I wanted to ask:
For those of you doing the Holiday Grand Plan, how do you keep the rooms that you clean early in the program from backsliding before the holidays? It's a huge issue for us...
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I take the approach that the HGP does a "deep clean" of each room so that when the holidays are at hand rooms just need a "normal clean" to look really good... I don't try to keep each room at it's end-of-week-super-clean level. I'm sure some people can hold the line set by the HGP, but I can't!

And the HGP helps me stay on top of the other "stuff" so that I don't go crazy stressed in December.

Three weeks on one room = worse than one week. It's just enabling my procrastination!
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WHY oh WHY have I not heard of this BEFORE????

what week are we on? I'm jumping in. I was sort of doing this anyway, just not as organized...
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I'd like to join.
I'm just going to start with where everyone is right now and not try to back track to catch up.
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okay mamas, we are FINALLY getting our foyer finished this weekend (crossing my fingers anyway!) so i haven't done another THING on this plan because there's no point at all in deep cleaning with plaster dust flying during demo and now insulation installation and then drywall dust....not to mention, all the tools, ladder, etc. lying around in every room. like shoveling during a blizzard! lol!

however, once we're finished with the 'messy' portion of the program i'm going to get all lightening speed on each room......other than my kid's rooms as they are responsible for their own (they're 10 & 12 so are MORE than capable )

we are hosting a big halloween trick or treating party on the 31st, and hubby has promised to have the foyer done by next weekend so i have TIME to clean before the party.

i love hearing how everyone is coming along! i WILL catch up....one of these days!
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Porch and foyer area DONE, craft room (with most all crafts moved into it) DONE. Books boxed, sold, ready to be mailed or donated, and bookshelves moved into other rooms and nice and neat-DONE. Movies gone through and reshelved neatly-DONE.

I am so fortunate to have kids who like to help out, otherwise this much wouldn't get done in one day!
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My house is slowly improving/coming together and it feels wonderful! And when my mom first acted for gift ideas for Christmas I actually had some for her already, as opposed to not coming up with anything till about dec 1st, if then... I may even be able to give my parents a tour of the WHOLE house when they come to visit for Christmas, without being embarrassed at all about the condition at ALL!! And without having to Crisis Clean before hand!! that is a wonderful feeling!!!

Been prepping the bedroom this week for this weekends painting party in there.. And a little bit of cleaning in the kitchen, but not too much..

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Anyone else still doing this?? I'm attempting to, though right now I'm still a bit in recovery from the painting/home improvements we did over the past week.. (recovery being getting the house back to the way it should be.. ie tools back where they belong, things that were temporarily moved to other rooms either moved back to their original rooms or moved to new locations, etc..)

For the first time ever I'm actually looking forward to showing my parents the whole house when they come for Christmas! In the past they have been kept on the main floor or if they went to a different level for some reason I grimaced and asked pardon for the mess.. while the whole house isn't clean yet, I feel like it will be by the time they come.. and without having to do stash and grabs and staying up late the night before doing massive crisis cleaning!! (and then only managing to get the main floor semi-decent! and me being tired and very migraine prone and as a result getting AT LEAST one migraine during their week here.. Oh...and purchasing, not to mention wrapping presents last minute!! So, hoping to avoid all that this year!!!

Hoping all of you have a peaceful/stress free holiday this year, too!!

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Is anyone here likes house cleaning? I remember when i was a kid, i adored to clean the house with my mom, but when i became a dad, everything is vise versa. By the way i found interesting house cleaning tips. If you are interested feel free to visit.
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