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Originally Posted by Miss Information View Post
Hey, I tried that write or die today. I wrote 449 words in 11 minutes. That was kind of fun.

I don't think I could keep that pace up without getting some serious carpal tunnel or unless I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say.
I find that I get the most use out of WoD when I want to get inside a character's head. It helps me get out of the way and let my character speak

How is everyone doing on the motivation front? I'm not finding my story flows as easy as I'd expected. While I can empathize with my MC--a victim of date rape--and our home lives were quite similar, I think I need to do more digging to find out what I'm getting wrong here.

At 14K, I'm a little behind my daily goal (for 75K) but if I hadn't spent most of last night procrastinating about calling my mum (what do you say to someone who is dying without sounding banal... or crass??) and in tears, I would have caught up. As it were, some of last night's word count was not actually story related, so I need to cut them from my count... leaving them in would feel like cheating
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I could not get out of the house today and only managed to write 300 words here at home. Disaster! Being behind now is rather depressing. I actually cried about it. I am just so tired. Pregnancy in November... well at least I am not giving birth as was the case for two of my NaNo years so far. LOL

Really though, I just have to hope I can focus tomorrow.

Hope the rest of you are doing better!
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We went to a local farm yesterday where they have tons of things for kids like slides of all sorts, haystacks you can climb through and over and lost of other things.. plus this weekend was pumpkin destruction weekend, so they dropped pumpkins from two stories high, to big splats (we even brought ours from home to watch it get splatted! ) catapults, squashers, etc..

But by the time we got home I was sooo exhausted, luckily DH let me take a nap.. 3 hours later I dragged myself out of bed to make dinner... and an hour later I was having a hard time holding my head up... spent an hour searching the forums about exhaustion, couldn't focus enough to get myself to get myself to write..

Been awake less then an hour today (let DS & I sleep in) and am ready to go back to bed again... Definitely calling the Dr tomorrow to make an appt to try to figure out what is causing this exhaustion.. praying it is something they can fix with supplements and not just my fibromyalgia kicking in.. Also need to schedule my sleep study, see if that is the problem..

For now I need to try to write 4,506 words for today to try to stay on target.. um now problem... PANIC!!!! Praying I can get DH to take DS outside so I can get some time without outside distractions... I provide enough of those for myself, thank you very much!

Praying all the rest of you are doing well on your NaNoing!

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I managed 513 words in 10 minutes thanks to write or die. I dare not try for more longer. LOL I do like that pace though when I have thoughts in my head to get out and only a short amount of time to do it. Now I just need more 10 minute sprints and I can cover the words I missed from yesterday and get to todays word count.

I will NOT cry over word count today darn it! LOL
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I'm sorry you're both having a hard time getting the words in. Just do the best you can. That's all you can do.

Kym, break up that 4K into manageable chunks... an extra 500 a day if you can manage, or less if you can't. You will catch up if you pace yourself. If you haven't already, I'd recommend the Nano 2009 report card. It's an excel sheet and it gives me my daily word count goal depending on how I did the day before. It's one of my favorite Nano resources

Kontessa, I'm glad that write or die is working. I like the ten minute bursts, too. I can get a lot done that way, but I find it harder if I'm writing dialogue
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Thanks Bella Catalina for your kind words..

Kontessa, praying for you and your exhaustion level.. praying it lets up soon!

Okay so I kinda cheated, because of the exhaustion and in and how far behind I was, and thanks to doing the first half of my novel last year, today I rewrote one of the chapters I wrote last year.. It was originally written in first person ,when I thought the story was going to all be about one character/ from her point of view... but later the story shifted and it switched to third person and I realized I would eventually have to rewrite the parts written in first person.. so that was part of what I did today .. adding words, changing some bits, etc.. for a grand total 5,122 words, meaning I am no longer behind and am actually a little ahead! I was hoping not to have to resort to cheating like this so early in the month, but life gave me obstacles and it just felt like it needed to be done..

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up from now on..

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I have officially 15,000 words right now (29 pages) into the book and it still has no title. My husband is not officially doing nano. He's got a title and chapter titles too. He's only got 9 pages though.

I did go to the regional writer's "event" yesterday without a lap-top. It was still enjoyable, and I got to meet 3 nice women who encouraged me and reminded me:

1. This is supposed to be FUN
2. Don't overthink things
3. Whatever you have today is more than you started with and oh yeah,
4. This is supposed to be FUN

Oh, and even though I don't think this is ever really good enough to be published, I am loving re-living some of the memories this is bringing back to me.

I think my girls will appreciate what life was really like for me in the crime lab.
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I caught up!

It feels like a huge thing!

I know NaNo is supposed to be fun, and it is, after I have finished my word count for the day! LOL
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I hadn't written at all for the past four days due to getting ready for DD's bday party (20+ people in my house- ack!), but today I finally got back to it. It seems like such slow going, since most of my noveling has been one-handed typing while nursing DS. But tonight I actually got a bit of two-handed typing in, and managed to go from 4K to 8K today. Woohoo! I'm still way behind, but if I can write at this rate for 4 more days (we'll see how that goes ), I can get caught up to my goal. I am enjoying having the excuse to use the writing as therapy re: a certain part of my life.

I will have to try out that Write or Die everyone is raving about.
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15k today, thank you Write or Die!!

I must say, this is probably the crappiest thing I've ever written. But I am having so much fun! For the first time since I wrote all my stories longhand in notebooks (when I was 11 years old), I am not getting bogged down in editing and futzing until I spend 2 hours agonizing over one paragraph.

My narrator is even starting to grow on me (I hated her until about 10k).

I have not bothered breaking things into chapters yet (I'll do that in december if I feel like editing/working on things). I have finally come up with a really sucky working title, though, that's better than nothing right?

My kids have finally gotten the message to not to try to talk to me or bug me when I've got the WoD screen on!

Despite the fact that it's utter crap, my confidence level in writing is soaring! Which is the whole point of NaNoWriMo for me. I wanted to prove to myself that yeah, actually I do have time to write (in 15 minute bursts, 3 or 4 times a day). And I'm getting the idea drilled into my head to WRITE first, edit later, and it's simply not going to be polished and perfect as I go and that's okay.

I am so sad I didn't learn that lesson earlier in my writing life though!
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I got the call today Mrs. P died over the weekend.

My daughter wants to go to the wake. It's going to be hard.

I've done no writing today, though I'm up to 15,100
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major_mama11-- Try Write or Die.. you'll like it! Everybody's doing it!

Tigerchild -- Congrats on making 15K!! As for not learning until now that you can write a novel 15 minutes at a time... just be glad you learned that lesson now!! You could still have at least half a dozen more decades of writing in you! Think of all the writing you can do in that time!!! (at 15 minutes at a time)

Miss Information I'm so sorry to hear about Mrs. P's death praying for your daughter and all who knew her..... On the writing side, congrats on making it to 15k!!

I made it to 15K, in part thanks to a long wait at the Drs office where I wrote a chunk of my writing today by hand which I later transcribed via Write or Die! That chunk and a tiny bit more helped me stay on track today!!!

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I have to share with all of you something cool that happened last night at dinner. I was explained to DH that I had figured out WHY the section of the book that I'm at and need to write is so hard for me to write.. It's because it is about people being mean to each other and being generally bad, and terrible things happening and I don't like having to think about that stuff much less having to write about it. But the story itself is a redemption story and there can't be a redemption if the characters don't go through this traumatic event, raiding, killing and possibly even raping and all...

So DH sat with me and he began talking about the present Bad guy, the one that basically causes the situation that results in the massive raiding, killing, etc.. and asking me about him and why he does what he does, his motivations, etc.. (the guy's drinking was his greatest weakness and in part what caused the whole situation (long and complicated..) So prodded me about why this guy drinks, weather it was social, what he was looking for when he drank etc?? THe entire conversation helped me get more into the mind and heart of that character, some of which I fleshed out even more last night and this morning and realized the guy is really more pitiful then anything else..

Hopefully I won't have to drag DH into every problem character, but at least I know he is there for when I am struggling... and he truly is a blessing!!

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Have to share with all of you an interesting motivation thread from the NaNoWriMo Forums: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/3435435 I was about to quote it, but I beleive that is against the mothering.com forum rules..

It's about the carrot and the stick to motivate a donkey.. carrot as a reward, stick as a punishment, to prod you on and get you moving.. Here is my examples (ie I was the one who actually posted these, so there should be no problem with quoting them) from today:

"Thought I'd give this a try:

Goal: make it to 16670 by 4:30 (I only have 727 more word to go in a little less then an hour.. But I have a toddler to distract me, try to drag me away from writing)

Carrot: I can make Spiced Pumpkin Mousse for dessert!

Stick: If I don't reach my goal I have to clean the kitchen floors! :P

Off to write~Kym"

"Wahoo... Despite DS I manage to make my goal, with 4 extra words and 1 minute to spare! lol Spiced Pumpkin Mousse for dessert tonight... but first to play soccer with DS... "

"Spiced Pumpkin Mousse is in the fridge... looks yummy and the tiny bit that got on my finger and I just HAD to taste WAS yummmy, but I decide:

500 more words and

Carrot: I get to eat the mousse

Stick: Clean the kitchen floor"

Well... the kitchen floor is still very dirty, but the dessert was quite yummy! and I'll be starting tomorrow 545 words ahead.. nice bonus!!

Anyhow, it was another interesting motivation technique to try, so I thought I would throw it out there in case someone else needs so help getting/keeping writing!!


PS.. One person's Stick, which may become mine, if when I ever get that floor cleaned... ironing.. <grimace> my least favorite chore ever!!!
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I am seriously behind in typed word count. We've been finishing our new bedroom ourselves a bit at a time since Spring (drywall, wiring, etc.), and I really want it completely done by Thanksgiving. I have been full-out painting walls and ceilings for the past two days so we can maybe start putting in the floor this weekend.


Since I had nothing to do but think while I painted, I used the time to brainstorm and work out dialogue in my head and jotted notes on paper. Now my body is so sore and tired I only have energy to sit and type, so I should have an easier time making up for lost time over the next few days. LOL

Originally Posted by Mirta View Post
Here is my examples (ie I was the one who actually posted these, so there should be no problem with quoting them) from today:
Yep! As long as it is your own words, quoting is great. If it is someone else's words, you'd need their permission to post it here. Thank you for sharing that.
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Could it be, that I burned myself out, when I didn't write on Friday, and failed to write during my 'weekend getaway'?

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Autumn Breeze--- You can get back into it!! Just make yourself sit down and write, even if it is just for 15 minutes.. Maybe try Write or Die..

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I tried WvD. Not for me. Not that I'm having a problem with word count, I just thought, I dunno, it might help. I totally froze. Maybe it was the wrong point of my novel? I like to go through literature about what I'm writing about, or look at pictures, and do a description scene to get my mood up.
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Must. get. back. to. noveling.


My midwife put me on a supplement last week that I had an allergic reaction to, so I spent the last few days in a brain fog and sleeping most of the time. Now I'm so behind!!

Plus, has anybody else been happily writing along and suddenly your scene takes a huge turn that you didn't expect? It's almost like my characters are taking on lives of their own and adding stuff to the story I never intended to write. I can't quite decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe I'll have to wait to see what happens down this little rabbit trail?
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I am writing with an outline, and sometimes that happens, mamie, and I love it! It's like- BONUS TWIST!
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