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Hey Christian
Glad you made it!

We went camping on the weekend, and needless to say Reece ate too many things he shouldn't have, and slept way less they he should have LOL! He was up at 5:30 this morning the little turkey. So mama was too tired to drive anywhere this morning

I'm sure we will be there next week though!
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Yes, playgroup was good fun. Welcome Krista and Elias, it was really nice to meet you.

Christian, if you are looking for other activities....We found some great (and inexpensive) programs to sign up for at our local rec centre. Plus there's a "Parent and Tot" meeting place on Dutch Village Road. The number is 443-9569. We haven't checked it out yet though. Has anyone else? The library has a bunch of great programs for little ones... I'm not up for a first aid course though - I've had my fill of that over the past few years. Great idea though.
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Hey! Sorry I missed Monday - I have a month-long (ish) temping gig downtown so mum and a friend are looking after the weeble. I will try to make it in October.

Yeah, Alison, might have met at Ken's loooong loooong ago. Actually, my partner is taking the same course as Ken did at COGS. Here's hoping it means an actual job instead of sponging off me for a change.

I have a question that maybe I'll post on another forum but I'll try here first. I'm not sure about NS legislation regarding vaxs. Doug isn't (and never will be) vaccinated. So I'm wondering if I'll have to go thru a lawyer to get him registered for school. I realize this is long in the future (4 years) but I thought I'd better start early.

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I tried your tip on using a battery powered toothbrush the last couple of nights with Reece. He is now actually coming to me asking to have his teeth brushed, and OPENS WIDE! No more crying and acrobatics to get them brushed

Thanks for the tip
See you Monday
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Yay! i'm glad it worked! one less bit of hassle, eh?

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: A good day at the Playgroup. We missed some of the usuals, but Lana and Ella, and Alice and Thomas came, after a long gap. Krista V and Elias were also there. Callum thankfully did not jgo for Elias' hair today. We had one new addition; Mary and John, who are local to the area. It was nice to see old and new faces. We look forward to seeing more old faces soon! :LOL
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Sorry I missed it! I had to go to the dentist, so Andrew had to go to daycare. I'd much rather have been to see you guys. I won't be back now until I think October 3rd. Andrew and I are on our way to Edmonton on Friday for a week, then to Ottawa on the way home for a few days.

I was just looking at the fall rec schedule--anyone feel like going for a swim before playgroup one Monday? The Wavepool in Spryfield has parent and tot swim every Monday from 9:30-1:30 (other days too, but only Monday works for me!). It's only 4 dollars, and they have nice warm water, and a "beach" area in the shallow end. No, sadly, no sand, but the bottom slopes down very gradually from less than six inches deep. Even the little ones can stand up and play in the shallow end.

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"anyone feel like going for a swim before playgroup one Monday?"

I would be interested. Eli loves the water. Were is it located?
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The wave pool is actually out in Spryfield, in the Captain William Spry Community Centre, off the Herring Cove Road behind South Center Mall. It can be reached by bus, although I can't for the life of me remember which bus! It's a little way out, but such a nice pool. Although I haven't been to many of the others, I don't think any of the ones right in town have such a nice shallow area for really little ones.

I'm thinking about going on October 4th, although that might be optimistic, since I'm only getting back from Edmonton at 11 pm the night before! If not that day, then it would be two weeks after that before I could make it.

See everyone at playgroup on the 4th.

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Howdy! Wm. Spry is out at my neck of the woods. You can get to it by taking either the #14 or the #20, get off at the SECOND STOP at South Centre Mall on Dentith Rd. for the #14 (there are 2 stops, one by the Superstore and one by Canadian Tire, get off at Cdn. Tire) or the Cdn. Tire stop on Herring Cove Rd. for the #20. Walk down the hill and you will see this big brick bldg., first st. to the right (Kidston Rd.). That's Wm. Spry Centre.
The toddler swims are 11:30 - 1:30 (usually) (take a boo at http://www.halifax.ca/recreation/cat...4-aquatics.pdf). Doug loves it, has been going there since he was 5 mos. Be sure to bring a lock for the lockers, there's a playpen there to keep lil ones out of trouble, a change table, a family change room (tho it's small) and it costs $4 for a parent & one child.

You can request an infant lifejacket or a floating animal of some sort when you're there, just in case. They don't turn the waves on till 1:30 so it's pretty sedate.

And when you're all done and out the door, take a look, in the parking lot, up the hill past the Legion Hall. There's a great Frenchy's in the basement-part of the mall with a lot of really cheap and gently used toys and clothes if you are so inclined...
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On the fall schedule, Monday Wedensday and Friday, the parent tot swim goes from 9:30-1:30. You can honestly be the only person in the pool!

Anyway, I won't be going tomorrow after all, we have returned from Edmonton with a nasty cold bug that left Andrew vomiting for two days, and with a nasty cough. He's still coughing now, and still has a bit of fever, so I don't even think we'll be at playgroup tomorrow. Don't want to give you guys the nasty Edmontonian flu! We all got it while we were there, so I know it's pretty contagious!

Pool maybe in two weeks if anyone is up for it?

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Playgroup was fun yesterday. The little ones were very mellow, mine too even LOL!

DH and I are going out for dinner one night this week. It's been a little while since we've tried anyplace new, and I'm sure there are lots of new places that have opened up.

Anyone have any good suggestions? Where is you favourite place to go at the moment?
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Originally Posted by Mrpeabody'smom
DH and I are going out for dinner one night this week. It's been a little while since we've tried anyplace new, and I'm sure there are lots of new places that have opened up.

Anyone have any good suggestions? Where is you favourite place to go at the moment?
I like the Birmingham Bar and Grill, in Park Lane, or I Love Sushi on Blowers Street (and they don't just have sushi, but all sorts of Japanese cuisine, so you don't need to be a sushi fan to go there!). We don't go out too often either, but Andrew has eaten in both of the above places, more than once (not that you're taking Reece, but just to explain how we've managed to eat out there!). I've also heard that Anatolia's is awesome (off SG, Turkish food), but haven't made it in there yet.

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I'm sad to see that the rest of you must eat out as infrequently as we do LOL!

Let's all show up together one night at a nice restaurant with all the babes in tow

Thanks for the recommendations Alison. I love the Birmingham's seafood crepe, yumm yumm. But the Turkish restaurant sounds intersesting. I may have to try that one. I'll let you know if we end up going there.
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Eating out? I vaguely remember something about that. It seems so long ago! what seems? it is so long ago!
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The Italian Gourmet Deli (near Woozles) is a great place to go with kids. Not the kind of place for a romantic dinner, but it's perfect for when you have a toddler in tow. We go there (almost) every Friday night. We have a tasty and healthy (lemon meringue pie is sort of healthy...you know..eggs, fruit ) dinner for $25 and then go to Woozles afterwards. Kieran plays at the Brio table and we sip our lattes. They don't have high chairs though, so we bring our own portable one. We've tried to convince the staff there to let us leave our portable highchair at the restaurant (where ya'll could use it) but they keep saying there isn't any space.
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I was thinking of asking for restaurant recommendations the other week but then realized that we do not have any one to take care of Eli. That Turkish place caught my eye...

I actually need to find child care for Eli. I have a few Dr. appointments and tests that I do not want to bring him to. Does any one know of a babysitter, nanny, or even drop off day care? Someone or place near the south end?


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O also my ob said that I could try a VBAC! I did not think it was an option for me. Any doula recommendations?
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Oh the Italian Gourmet sounds great. I'll have to try it. I can't believe you can't leave your high chair there. Silly.

We ended up going to the Metro Medditeranean Tapas and Wine Bar. It was yummy. I overdid it though. Chocolate indulgence or whatever they called it is healthy too right Leigh Anne

Rob and I completely inhaled the bread tray they brought out with our tapas LOL! We aren't used to having bread in the house and not having to sneak it!
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