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Originally Posted by Krista Voth
O also my ob said that I could try a VBAC! I did not think it was an option for me. Any doula recommendations?
My awesome doula moved to Moncton, or I'd recommend her in a heartbeat, she was a good friend before she was my doula. But there are a lot of doulas around in this area. You should contact the Single Parent Centre, they have the volunteer doula programme there. You can find them in the phone book, I think, but this is the info I have from the library's clubs and organizations listings:

Single Parent Centre
3 Sylvia Ave., Halifax, NS, B3R 1J7
Contact: Barbara Sowinski, Coordinator
Phone: 479-3031 479-3031 479-0508 (Prenatal, Doula)
Fax Number: 477-2257
Email: single-parent@ns.sympatico.ca

Good luck with the VBAC. That's what I'm hoping for the next time around (not that I'm pregnant or anything, I still need to convince Jeff we should have another!)

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Hey, why don't we try to organise a Friday evening at the Italian Gourmet for everyone? Kids included, we can do it early-ish.I have a portable high chair as well, I'll remember to bring it! It would really show them that they ought to have ahigh chair! I really enjoy the food there, and yes, lemon meringue pie is healthy!

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I hope your little one is feeling better Alison.
A Friday evening get together at the Italian Gourmet sounds great Maybe not this Friday, but next Friday the 15th? We can eat healthy chocolate mousse (dairy, carbs, phytochemicals).
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I would definitely be at the Italian Gourmet on the 15th. Eli and I just went there this week for some treats and coffee. We love it.

Is there play group on monday even with thanksgiving?

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I LOVE phytochemicals They are the best part :LOL

I think we would be up for the 15th! Just be sure to remind me

I'm not sure if we will be at playgroup tomorrow or not.
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Okay, it sounds like people are interested in the Italian gourmet. What time on the 15th?

I do hope there's a playgroup on Monday, because I'll be able to make it, and I haven't been in ages!

We had Andrew into the ENT clinic today. He has another ear infection, and it's only October! Anyway, it looks like we're going to go ahead and get tubes in his ears. I didn't realise it, but the tubes are temporary, and they fall out as he grows, in maybe a year. I wasn't totally keen on the idea of surgery, but I couldn't face another winter like last year, where he was only well for about four days between courses of antibiotics for months!

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Yes, indeedy, there is playgroup on Monday. we'll be there bright eyed and bushy tailed! Why? Because we have no lives! no, just because we love seeing everyone, and can'tgo a week without you!
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The topic of ear infections came up last week. I mentioned that a good friend of mine had gone to a well recommended chiropractor in Fall River. Apparently there is a little technique that you can do with the ear to release the fluid. Her son had had tubes etc. and the infections kept coming. This really helped him. Might be something to consider before going the surgery route?
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Yes, I've been recommended the same chiropractor (unless there is more than one in Fall river!). Was is Dr Soujourner-Appleton? The thing with a chiropractor is that you generally have to keep going back. I am thinking about booking an appointment for Andrew next week, but I still think we're going to get the tubes. I just don't want him on antibiotics anymore--he's had seven courses already, and he's only one and a half! I don't think I've had more than eight courses myself, and that's in thirty something years!

I have one friend who dealt with ear infections by cutting dairy, sugar, wheat and something else from her daughter's diet.

We'll see everyone on Monday at playgroup!

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Yes, I'm pretty sure that is her name. I think ever woman in my book club goes to her and just raves.

That does sound like an awful lot of antibiotics for one little guy! I'd definitely be looking into other options too.

I woke up with a headache this morning from some late night stitch work. Rob and Reece made GF choc. chip cookies. I don't know how many he had, but the little turkey was squeeling with delight, covered in chocolate when I came out to look
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A good day at the playgroup, if small. Krista and Elias came, and it was great to see Allison, Andrew, and Jeffery! The boys all played relatively quietly:, while we sat and sucked back the tea . The darkening skies certainly made it seem cozy in there. I met the Minister of the church, and he showed me where the thermostat is. Whoo-hoo! We can make it warm in the winter ! We missed everyone else, and look forward to seeing you guys again.

Is this thing on Friday a real go?
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Hey everybody. I wanted to post this here in case any of you guys are interested. I'm hosting an Usborne party at my house on Sunday (for those of you who don't know, Christian sells Usborne books now!). Anybody who is interested, please feel free to e-mail me for directions. If you aren't familiar with Usborne, you should check out their website at www.usborne.ca, because they have awesome books that you generally don't find in the bookstores. Really excellent quality stuff.

Krista, do you and Reece want to come? Natalie and Liam are coming!

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Originally Posted by Krista Voth
O also my ob said that I could try a VBAC! I did not think it was an option for me. Any doula recommendations?
Hi Krista! I never make it to playgroup because Ainsley's always napping at that time, but I drop in here now and then.

I had not one, but two awesome doulas. My main doula, Erin Parker, was out of town for her birthday the night I went into labour! (That's what I get for being 10 days overdue!). Her backup, Tamara Ribble, was with us for the first half of our labour and was just fantastic. Erin was able to join us the next morning. I'd highly recommend either of them, and will definitely be calling on them again!


Good luck!
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Hi everyone,
My Mom has been visiting this week so we've been busy but we would love to meet up with whomever this Friday at the Italian Gourmet. How does arriving between 5:30pm and 6pm sound?
LA and little K
ps - Kieran is nightweaned WOOHOO!
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Originally Posted by mamabike

ps - Kieran is nightweaned WOOHOO!
Lucky you! Andrew is just about the exact opposite of night weaned. I'm going to have to do something about it soon!

I think that we are planning to be at the Italian Gourmet on Friday, so we'll see you there!

Anyone else coming?

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friday sounds good. congratulations, LA, that's half the battle!

see ya,
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Hey Krista--

I'm pleased as punch with my doula, Karen Reed. She's in Halifax and comes down to me in Lunenburg. She's a former LPN with a background in Ojibwe medicine, and just a great, calm all-around good presence. Her contact info is on the DONA website, or PM me for more.
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I'm not sure if we will be in town for supper tomorrow night or not. I'm sure you girls will have a ton of fun though

Same thing goes for the Osbourne party Alison. I LOVE thier books though. Being an ex-elementary school teacher though, I have SO SO many books I'll email you for your adress though if I am going to be in town.
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You think you have lots of books! Then you have GOT to come over and visit me. Teachers just can't compete with librarians when it comes to book hoarding! My dad just automatically builds us a new set of bookshelves for Christmas every year!

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I bet you do :LOL

Can I get on your dad's list this winter? We bought wood to make book shelves, but they ended up becoming a stool

That's the way things work around here though
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