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Here, but I hardly ever make it. I've been tentatively planning to go monday, but my coven is putting on a Fairies and Wizards Tea as a fundraiser for a local garden here in Eastern Passage, so I may be too beat! I haven't been since the art day, which was a bit of a disaster. After looking forward to it for weeks and weeks, somebody decided to sleep in so we missed the bus. It ruined my day, so dh agreed to leave work, drive the 20 mins home to get us, drop us off then return to work. We'd get there halfway through, but I was so convinced dd would have a blast that it was worth it. Recall it was raining that day. SO, we got there around noon, and do you think dd wanted to touch a thing? Nope. She didn't want to go anywhere near the goop! I tried to non-forcefully convince her. Eventually I gave up, and we went for a walk. I tried to salvage the day by getting some cookies, and that seemed to help. But I sure was bummed.
"You can lead a toddler to fingerpaints, but you can't make them make a mess!"

Sorry you won't be at playgroup anymore! Hope your new house and new job are going well.
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Hey Nat! We miss you. The art thingy was fun, but Andrew was a bit like Pam describes Abigail. He didn't touch anything except the popsicles. I didn't even have to wash him or change his diaper--not like Callum, who put his whole body into everything! Reece absolutely refused to get messy as well. Oh well!

Anyway, I'm still going to playgroup every second Monday with Andrew. There was a new mum there that Alice and Christian and the rest had met at baby's first books, at the library, so that still seems to be the place to recruit playgroup members!

Let us know when you're ready for visitors!

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Oh, how happy am I to see this thread!! My husband is from Halifax and we (try to) get down there every summer. This year we'll be going maybe mid-July? I'd love to meet up with some of you while we're in town.

Anyone know of Julien's bakery? They have a location at the Hydrostone and another in Chester. My SIL and her husband own it. Best bread I've ever tasted! If I do get to meet up with all of you I promise to bring treats. (By way of a bribe for letting me come play. :LOL)
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Hi There! Actually I do know the bakeries, I love them both (especially the pain du chocolat). My sister just started working at the one in Chester a few weeks ago, and she's here visiting me. What a small world!
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Welcome MamatoFallon! Oh, anyone who has anything to do with Julien's is always welcome at our playgroup! Actually, pretty much anyone is welcome at the playgroup, so even if you don't bring treats you should drop by I'm pretty sure the plan is to keep meeting all summer, so maybe we'll see you in July! LMK if you need directions or anything!

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Hi MamatoFallon! Ooooh, I love Julien's! In fact, I have a thesis meeting there every Friday afternoon (I work better if I'm near treats!)
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Pam, pain du chocolat is my absolute favourite! When my mother in law comes to visit she normally flies up after the market on Saturday so she brings along a dozen or so and a couple loaves of good hearth bread. But this last time (a couple weeks ago) she decided to come on a Friday so I got brioche instead. Made for amazing French toast, but I certainly missed my fav.

Originally Posted by Pam_and_Abigail
...dh drove off with the sling in the car, and I don't know if I can handle taking her on a bus trip without it.
Noticed this comment as I was skimming, so thought I'd chime in with a tip. You can use any piece of cloth you have lying around as a sling. A shawl or beach sarong works perfectly - just throw it around yourself and tie a knot. Check out http://www.mamatoto.org for lots of great, helpful information on how to use a simple piece of cloth as a baby carrier. My absolute favourite way to carry my daughter is in the wrap cross carry with a Moby Wrap, which is esentially 6 metres of knit fabric. (Ok... as you can tell, I'm all about slings! :LOL!)

Edited for typos.
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Julian's Bakery

OMG Juliens is my favourite, and I have never had the Pain du chocolat ! The brioche is to die for, I will splurge every now and then. Welcome Mama to Fallon. PM one of us to let us know when you will be arriving. You will be welcomed with open arms .

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Hello everybody : Well, we're here...after a lengthy move, we officially live in Halifax. Yay! I'll have to check out that bakery. Are you still meeting on Mondays? Is it always 11am to 1pm? My toddler almost always naps during that time so it will be tricky for us to join your group. I'd love to meet some other MDC mama's though. Thanks
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Hey everyone,
Wow - my vacation is fast approaching. I fly into Halifax on the night of the 22nd - I'd love to find out when are where your meetings are this summer - I love my family but I know I"ll be starved for some Mama-company!

Can someone PM me with a phone number or contact information for the person who organizes your playdates - I'll be in NS until the end of August, so I should be able to make a few!

Can't wait to get home - it is about 45 degrees Celcius here right now!
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bring your parka jeanette, or you'll go into shock! just kidding, it's actually starting to warm up, but until this week, it was lucky to get above 10 degrees!
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Yikes! I learned my lesson last year - after five years down here I had forgotten how cool summers can be sometimes - I only packed one pair of jeans for each of us and it was FREEZING when I arrived (at least to my desert thinned blood). Luckily Superstore had all their clothing on clearance!

I can't wait to get home and not have to worry about things like my daughter getting burned when I put her into her carseat!

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That's what I like about our climate. It gets warm enough that we can enjoy the beach, but not so hot that it's a health hazard, and in the winter, it gets pretty cold, but not as cold as the arctic circle! Plus, living by the ocean makes it even milder for us. DH comes home from work, complaining about how hot the city is, and all I'm thinking is "wow that breeze is getting cooler, better close the windows". I hope I can live by the ocean forever!
(ok enough about how much I like where I live, I'm sure there are good things about other places too!)

My sister brought me home a pain du chocolat from work the other day, and I was disappointed, it looks like they've "downsized" the amount of chocolate. It was good, but not like I remember. Oh well.
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So, what gives?? DD and I showed up for playgroup about 20 after 11 and there was NO ONE there? What happened? There was another lady there wondering the same thing, an older lady, don't know her name. Can someone please tell me what's going on? We were quite disappointed :-(
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I'm sorry we missed you! Because the weather was so good, they decided to go down to the playground in front of the train station--it's only a two minute walk. They've been discussing doing it for the last four weeks, and finally got around to it today. We waited until 11:15 before going, because usually folks don't show up much later than that. I will suggest to them next time that they put up a notice on the door to let any latecomers know where we are. The mother running things right now isn't an MDC mama, so things might not always get posted here, unless I know about them myself in advance--and I don't go every week, so the chances of that are slim! But if it happens again, and the weather is nice, you should definitely check the playground in front of the train station across from the Superstore.


PS How are you feeling? Hope everything is going well?
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Hey Melanie

Nice to see you here. I just emailed you about something else a few moments ago LOL! Be sure to PM me when you get in town. I can give you dates/times locations etc. for the group. Looking forward to seeing you.

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So here it is: looks like we're moving. We're trying to buy a house, and it's just outside Bridgewater. I'm really excited about the house, but a part of me is sad about leaving. Especially our beautiful place here in Eastern Passage. I don't think I'll ever get to live this close to the ocean again, but I do hope so! I wonder if there are any mdc mamas hiding on the south shore...?
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The playgroup is still running!!!

Who is running it? What is the status on the united way money? I have reciepts if anyone needs them.

I am still working on getting a parent resource centre for the south end. We (my boss and I) have approached Alexa Macdonagh and she is willing to work with us! I am crossing my fingers.

Hi krista! how is everything? I miss you and Mr. peabody .

Pam, sorry to hear you are moving , but there is a beautiful Waldorf School on the South Shore.

I am hoping to attend a playgroup meeting in August. See you then!
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Hey Natalie!

We miss you guys too! I bet Liam has sprouted 2 inches since we last saw him!

How is the new house?

I hope everything is going well for you. It would be great to see you at playgroup again.

See you soon
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Hi Krista, I just PM'd you .
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