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Spinal Stenosis - Herbs or Supplements??

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My DH has horrible spinal stenosis in his cervical spine. He is only 35 and, per the ortho doc, has the neck of a 60 year old. He tells me he is really just biding his time until he has no choice but surgery.

I know people with lifetime chronic back pain and they all ended up being addicted to painkillers. This made them nasty, mean, and stole the person they were.

I am DESPERATE : for some alternative suggestions. I've read around the forum and see yoga/pilates are good for it, but I think that's more lumbar stenosis - his is in his neck. I've heard glucosamine and fish oil are good for arthritis (he has that as well). He won't take the fish oil anymore because he gets indigestion and says he can taste fish (I've had the same experience with that, so I do understand).

Any suggestions besides glucosamine? Is it really worthwhile? I guess I need to know of natural anti-inflammatory herbs/supplements. The prescription the ortho gave him makes him have night terrors which is scary for everyone.

TIA mamas...you are the best! :
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Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I know of a few people who swear by it to help inflammation: turmeric. A friend of mine takes a handful of capsules of it each day. I hope this is helpful!
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I agree with pp.
I think curcumin would be worth trying given that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulator.
If there is an AI connection this may be a very good choice for your dh.
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Did you find any solutions? My hubby is going thru this same thing. He is on two anti-inflammatory and taking pain pills at night. He has been sleepy and grouchy. He works a very physical job although that may have to change. We both hate what the vicodin is doing to him....

I would love to hear any success you have had. Is your husband in physical therapy?

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