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Ezekiel is here!

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Ezekiel Edward was born at home Sunday morning at 8:30 weighed 7lb 11oz and measuring 21.5 inches long!
A whole 1.5lb bigger than his big brother and 2 inches longer!!

Everybody is doing great over here, Zeke is an excellent nurser, Damien is very interested in his new little brother, and DH is absolutely infatuated with the little guy.



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Yay, what a cutie! Congrats!!! :::
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::: Congrats!! :::
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Congrats!! What a cutie. I love the name!
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Hppy birthday little one, and congrats mama!
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Congrats Mama:
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I love his name
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adorable! congrats!!!!!
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Congratulations with the birth of your little man!:
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Congrats!!!! Too cute!:
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Oh i love the name! Congrats!
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