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Chemistry help

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Can anyone point me to useful sites where I can print off the basic info about chemistry for teaching my kids eg....atoms, molecules, etc. Also any useful experiment sites.
I have 4 kids varying in age from 7 to 15 so all levels appreciated.
Or anyone care to share how you have covered chemistry?

Louise x
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This is a really good curriculum and not too expensive.
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www.chemed.org has some really inexpensive chemistry experiment books, if you choose to get both volumes the total cost is $20
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Thanks for the links. The problem is I have NO money to spend on curriculum, I have to use the books we have, libraries or websites. Do you have any links for those?
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We're covering Chemistry this year using Noeo. They use living books and many are available right at the library, so you might check to see if what you have matches up with any of these:

-Adventures With Atoms And Molecules
-an illustrated science encyclopedia
-Fizz, Bubble, and Flash
-The Mystery of the Periodic Table

Most are self guiding, and the encyclopedia helps match up the exact science behind the experiments.

Here's one of the sites I have bookmarked - http://www.chem4kids.com/ Lots of info at around a 6th-9th grade level.
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Adventures With Atoms And Molecules

this is at most libraries
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Here's a good resource with book lists and plans:

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Well, for fun there's the Periodic Table Song (by tom lehrer) which can be found at http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/IEC/elementsong.html

Plus, the library will have tons of things. Science shouldn't be expensive. Aside from baking soda and vinegar, the inevitable paper plates and 2-liter soda bottles, it's pretty cheap and easy.

love, p
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