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New Midwifery Student, can I join you?

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I am so overwhelmed with the amount of posts in the midwifery students tribe, I don't know where to begin there! So, I figured before jumping in, I'd introduce myself here specifically to the MDC birthing professionals (and birthing professionals to be).

I'm the mother to 4 children, 1st one born at the hospital, 2nd and 3rd born at home, and the 4th born at the hospital due to a preexisting medical condition. Their ages range from 2 1/2 to 11; 3 girls and 1 boy. I live in Western NY state, and I was recently accepted into The Aviva Institute Midwifery Program.

I'm a Unitarian Universalist, financially conservative/socially liberal, uber-geek (compIete with the geek glasses accessory). I enjoy nerdcore, indie, and classic rock music, but I'm definitely not a music snob. I'm a coffee shop socialite, supporting the local art and music scene.

I'm engaged to be married to the father of my youngest child. He's a mountain of a man, at 6'6", with a 180 IQ, having studied Computer Science at an Ivy League school (he started college at age 12!).

We live in a beautiful apartment, with hardwood floors, beautiful crown molding, vivid colored walls, and stained glass windows. It's right down the street from several of my closest friends.

My group of friends are strange and different. My best friend is a stereotypical geek boy, working as a database analysist, reading Popular Science, and watching The Discovery Channel. He also really likes to play cards with me (okay, it's Magic the Gathering), and he enjoys yoga. My best girl friend is a straight laced republican Christian, engaged to a military man, and she plans on having a lot of babies, living on a lot of land, running a horse stable, and living a "simple life". Another good friend of ours is studying art history (her specialty is pornography), and she's 1950s pinup girl style. Other friends include the big Italian dude (very proud of his heritage), covered in piercings and tattoos who is a culinary genius; then there's the geek-punk chick covered in tattoos and piercings who likes to go down to the river and catch fish; and then there's my good friend the athlete, involved in every local sports league, playing poker with the guys, playing cards over at my place, telling the funniest (obscene) jokes.

See, though my friends are all so different, they all support midwifery. The girls all want to have their babies at home. The boys all nod their heads that midwifery is good (though they'll leave the birthing choices up to the mother). It's amazing that these people, from different cultures and social classes, ages ranging from 20 to 38, in a society that generally discourages midwifery care, all came to the same educated decision. Midwifery care is preferred in most cases, as we know here. But most people don't think, don't question. I make it a point, though, to always ask "Why?", and I surround myself with people who ask questions as well. I like people who THINK. That's why I'm attracted to this forum, too. People here think. They ask questions. They find answers.

I'd be honored to be accepted in this forum. So, here I am, presenting myself to you, birth professionals, and birth professionals to be, hoping to learn from your wisdom, aspiring to become the best midwife I can be with your assistance and advice.

May I play with you?
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I'm a CNM to be...I start school in just a few days As far as the Midwifery Students Tribe - it will take you a while but go ahead and read from the beginning. I'm probably one of the only (if not the only CNM to be) that sometimes participates in the Midwifery Students Tribe but there's lots of good info on the thread.

And introduce yourself on the thread too! No one's going to bite you
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We don't bite.......
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Wow that is the best intro I have ever read, I loved it,

Anyway, i have poked around here for a while, and finally as I was signing up for AAMI , or just before, 6 or 7 months ago, I dove into the student tribe. It is great, but I have to admit that I have never read the entire thing through :

So I say and join us
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don't feel like you have to read the whole thing, just join in!
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I have been lurking around these parts for a while now and have learned a lot from the ladies here. I have been apprenticing now for a bit over a year--starting on my primary births soon. I have been doulaing on and off though for 13 years...The main reason I replied to this was because your user name is my birth business name! lol. At Your Cervix Birth Services...just thought I should introduce myself to somebody with similar linguistic tastes.
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