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Buying medium diapers

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This week I bought my first medium diapers. They are Bumkins AIO so they start at 12 pounds, but it still seems so soon! They grow so fast!
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Originally Posted by midnightmommy View Post
This week I bought my first medium diapers. They are Bumkins AIO so they start at 12 pounds, but it still seems so soon! They grow so fast!
Yes they do! My baby never fit into newborn size anything though. I bought diapers she can share with her 2yo brother.
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I am scared about this. My baby still fits a newborn cover, but he is moving into the smalls. I know it isn't a medium, but he is growing so fast. It just reminds me he wont be little for much longer.
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We're on our 4th size diaper already (size 1). Eah time we move up, it's like a celebration.

XS, P, N, 1

and we're gettinginto the 1/2, but mostly bc we've almost used up all the 1's we got for gifts!
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I know! My baby can now wear some of the same diapers his brother did when he was almost 2! Size Large! They're snapped all the way down, but he's solidly in them (which is great! haha! I love the second use of cd's, it feels like free diapers!).
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My little guy is now in medium cloth dipes and covers and size 3 disposables. He's 16 lbs at just shy of 3 months. I cannot believe how fast he's growing.
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Our last baby needed size medium at 3 weeks. I was so glad that I had bought him such a great stash of newborn dipes! He was too big for them at birth (10-10 and REALLY chunky).

Leo, our June baby, is about 13 pounds now, and would probably fit in mediums, but isn't busting out of the smalls yet. He is on the second rise-setting of the one-size Gro-Baby, though. Craziness.

Where did our tiny babies go?

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I doubled my diaper supply by being able to use the small and medium Fuzzi Bunz with Beauty. It won't last for long (maybe another month or so) and then she'll be solidly in mediums. I expect she'll outgrow those quickly--like her brother did. Since he wore size large diapers for 1 1/2 yrs, some of them are pretty worn. I'll have to replace some, but then that means I can buy some of the girl colors. No pink or purple diapers here yet...I'm waiting until I replace some of those larges.
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We've beeen in Mediums for weeks!

Maybe bc he was born at the beginning of June (9th), but we have been Medium Fuzibunz for at least a month. Somehow, I only have half my size medium diaper stash though. I must have some in the garage somewhere, but Bruce was firmly in mediums at 2 months.
Since I know a lot of my large FBz are well worn, I ordered some of the new one size FBz and I love them!

I have also manged to keep using the size small by using the wrong row of snaps and having it look funky (I just use one snap down on the lower level). I think I can only do this bc he is a boy.

I haven't weighed him lately but he was 15 lbs at 8 weeks, he has slowed down since then.

Since this is our last baby, it makes me sad to be rid of the small sizes (clothes and diapers). There are a lot of my favorite things he never even wore bc they are too hot. I don't think he will wear most of the warmer sized 3-6 month things either, since it stays pretty hot here until October.
I have all the stuff in bags. I just need to learn to let go!!

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Just proves my little guys is tiny. He still can use a newborn cover for his diapers and the small disposibles are still big on him.
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Benji still fits in his side snapping medium covers and his DDNB fitteds, but all other NBs are too small now. He fits perfectly in the size smalls. I haven't tried mediums yet, but this is a good reminder that I need to start sewing them very soon.
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DD ended up being born at 37 weeks (May 28th), so she is one of the bigger kids. She's still wearing her small stuff, but can wear a medium (although a little big) as well. Makes my stash bigger :
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