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slim jeans for DS?

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Hi all -

Where does everyone buy jeans/cargo pants for a skinny-pin DS12 - we probably need 12 slims, but I know 12 slim can mean 20 different things at 20 different stores!


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The only place I find slims is at Target.
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We have 3 "slim" kids and 1 "husky" kid. (Ages 8, 10, 10, 12)

We buy all their jeans at Old Navy. They have regular, slim and husky in pretty much every size for both boys and girls.
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Thanks both of you. We have bought all our pants at Old Nany in the past, and will probably buy some cargos there this year, but DS is going to middle school, so we're hoping to find a couple of pairs of "cool" jeans somewhere in slim (Hollister or Aeropostale).

We're going to the mall today - that should be fun - NOT.

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It's not "cool" but if you're looking for basics for him to wear out of school, Lands End has a 12 slim--that's my DS's size as well.
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Also, you might try Gap jeans. My DS is tall and skinny, but with the internal belt (not sure if the bigger sizes have them, he is in a 7 for length) he is able to wear their cargo style jeans.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
Also, you might try Gap jeans. My DS is tall and skinny, but with the internal belt (not sure if the bigger sizes have them, he is in a 7 for length) he is able to wear their cargo style jeans.
We will try GAP. We're back from our foray to the mall. Before we went out, he told me he didn't want pants with internal elastic belts anymore. After every.single.pair fell right off his rear, he now says he will wear jeans with the inside elastics and buttons!

I used this as an opportunity to remind hm to EAT a little more to bulk up!

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I'm facing the same issue, my oldest is 14 and he is 5'10 & 3/4" and about 107 lbs. His waist is like 27". I can't get pants that are long enough (36" min) and small enough in the waist. I can't even get him shorts that are long enough. It really sucks.
At Christmas this past year I was able to get him wranglers in a 40 length, he has to cuff them but at least they are not high waters.
If he was even 10lbs heavier....
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Slim Jeans

I buy slim jeans at Target. OshKosh, Gymboree and Crazy 8. So far, my experience is with girl's slim, but I've looked at what's available for boys since I anticipate slim pants in DS's future too.

Gymboree only goes to size 10 in boys. but I think that their stuff runs tall. Crazy 8 goes to size 14 in boys though. Crazy 8 is Gymboree's cheaper sister chain.

I'm pretty sure that gap jeans go right up to boys 18 in slim, but we don't have any gap slims. I'm not sure if all of the stores carry them or if it's just online.

I think that Osh Kosh also goes to size 14.
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My 13 yo is 5'7" and100 lbs. He can only do American Eagle if we are lucky enough to find the smallest waist size they make (26, Hollister starts at 28 I think) used, so they have shrunk a bit to which a belt is also added. Old Navy has the internal elastic and slims in sizes that still fit these guys. They are not stylish but they are not the OMG you are wearing your dad's old pants either . They cover their heiny so their undies don't show and they look nice.
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Levi has boy's sizes thru 18 in slims or regular with the adjustable waistband so you can cinch the waist. This works if they wear their shirts loose and outside of their pants.

I have stitched the sides of jeans before when I couldn't find adjustable waistbands.

I can't wait until ds#2's waist is big enough for regular jeans.
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My children all wear slims, and we have our best luck at JCPenney.
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As far as I know GAP and Old Navy STOP making slims around size 12. So if your son is past that then those stores may not help.

We have fabulous luck for our VERY thin ds at JCPenny. They carry everything in Slim up to size 18. They even carry slim shorts, which is extremely rare.
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Wow - I forgot I had posted this thread and just checked back to see all the replies. Thanks everyone!

We are likely heading out tomorrow to shop again. We will try Gap and Old Navy, and I may order one or two trial pairs of pants from Boden (an English company) - they have side tabs as well and go up to size 12.

Good luck to everyone else also shopping for a slim!

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Just wanted to chime in for anyone else looking, I have luck with Target.
My boyfriend, all his pants were falling off so we went shopping. Ended up a boys 16 with the elastic on the inside fit him awesome. Target has trendy styled jeans even for kids.

And yes my boyfriend is a twig, 110lbs. x_x
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My 14yo is about 5'4" tall and 105 lbs. I thought he was super skinny until I read about some of the sons on this thread!

I don't buy slims anymore....too hard to find. I just buy the pants with the adjustable elastics inside. My son likes the baggy look, anyway....as long as the pants stay up. I mostly shop at Old Navy....even the stuff I find at thrift shops tend to be Old Navy brand.
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