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Hello! New to this board, but not to being a student. I think I've been in school nearly continuously for 11 years. I'm a teacher, so there's always continuing ed credits to be taken. Right now I'm a graduate student assistant, so it's a lot easier than trying to teach full time and take classes at night.

This fall I'm expecting my first baby, so my course load is light. I'm going to be writing my master's thesis and taking Multi-Cultural Literacy. I'm nearly done with my master's in Reading Education and Reading Specialist Certificate.
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Practice Lab
Practice and Program Evaluation
Interprofessional Ethics and Issues
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For my second year (at last!) of MS in Nutrition:

Food Science + Food Science Lab
Contemporary Nutrition: Global & Ecological Issues
Thesis Seminar and credits

.... with a toddler, ay ay ay!
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I am a 4th year religion major with a focus on Islam. I am taking 5 classes this semester.

Intro to Middle Eastern Islamic Civilizations
Junior Seminar (religious theory class)
Islam and European Politics
Religion in the Southern US
Arab Culture
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Intro to World Religions
Foundations of Gerentology
American History 1
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Landform Process (my last science requirement)
Principles of Technical Communication
Technical Editing
Tech Writing: Instructions and Manual

9 credit hours in spring '10 then I will finally receive my BS
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I am really excited because I will be going to school full time this semester now that dd will be in preschool! I am taking the following:

World Religions
History of the Western World II
Women's Lit
Speech 101

Busy semester but I am really excited!
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crunch time...

undergraduate Social Work major here...

Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
Social Work Practice II
Social Work Research
Literature for the Adolescent
Feminist Theories

second-to-last semester of classes, then the internship. I think I can, I think I can...
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Cell & Molecular Biology
Intermediate Hip Hop
Women's health and health care
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Calc-based physics. 5 credits. Not too much studying thus far.
Probably won't make it back to class full-time until 3.5 y.o. heads off to kindergarten in two years.
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brit lit
american lit
lit research and writing
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I'm taking Elementary Education but I'm still doing gen ed courses right now. This semester:

health - completed
eng comp - final in 2 wks!
natural science - awaiting results; hopefully final in 2 wks
essay course
research course
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I did it.......

I started this WHOLE process about 3 weeks ago, and I FINALLY have my line of of classes, not alot but still full time with 12 credits!

Cause I'm a dum bass I literally decided to go to college LAsT MINUTE...LOL.
but hey, at least i'm here!

again cause I'm a dum bass, I have math 010...LOL....Hope not to be such a dum bass after this one
college english......hope I don't wear out my old laptop on this one!
computer class..... Hope I learn something USE full in this one!
and beginning psych..........Hope I learn something interesting here....:-)
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