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I have a 5 year old son, and am going to start homeschooling him this year!! I've decided on the A beka phonics program, so I got all the student work books brand new, the teacher manual I found used on eBay, and I'm looking into the flashcards, which look so nice, but are really expensive! (even used on eBay)...

So, my question is, which sets are most important for the K5 level (I'm not getting the picture alphabet ones, he already knows all his letter sounds very well)...and which ones do you use FIRST in the K5 curriculum? (i.e...are there a few sets I could get now and more later) I see that we use them right up to 3rd grade.

My choices as far as I can see are:

Basic Phonics Charts
Basic Phonics Flashcards
Clue word cards
Blend Cards A
Blend cards B
One vowel word cards

All are over $80 new from ABeka...