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Late pregnancy blahs

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It it typical to feel a little depressed about now. I'm 34 weeks today. I've been so tired and a bit stressed at work. Or is it is just hormones? When we were waiting to adopt DD I recall be a bit down about 6 weeks before she was born so I'm wondering if it is just the anticipation and not being able to anything.

I had an ultrasound yesterday which helped (Baby has hair!) but I was soon moping again. I've been tired and going to bed early but then I wake up at 4 am and start stewing until my alarm goes off. If I try to visualize a perfect birth I slip into thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

My friends and sister are planning a small shower/mother blessing for me this weekend. I was anticipating that but now it is stressing me out as well. My sis and this friend were independantly planning something and I put them in touch with each other. It didn't occur to me that my MIL or SILs didn't get invited to this. The hostess doesn't have much room and I didn't want a big production.

What is wrong with me. This is highly anticipated pregnancy. Why can't I just be happy and enjoy it all.
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Oh, honey, hang in there! I was totally depressed last week. No reason. Nothing special happened or didn't happen. There was nothing different going on, and yet I was totally grumpy and sad and lethargic and whiny and edgy and everything! It sucked!!!

The good news is that it passed. This week, I feel more myself. I have my totally hormonal moments, of course, but I don't feel that awful blah feeling (which I now realize comes and goes).

This too shall pass! Try to do something nice for yourself, a bubble bath or a chocolaty treat or whatever suits your fancy, and rest!
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