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As a recently PP mom, I went with the copper IUD. My midwife inserted it at home during my 6 week visit. I was nursing the baby on the couch when she inserted it.

I'm only 5 months PP now, but it is WONDERFUL. I can't feel it in the slightest. My partner can't feel it at all during sex, we kept the strings very long and they softened up and you can't feel them at all. I LOVE being able to not worry about BC at all, just like when pregnant. I get very slight spotting every once in awhile, but nothing I even need to wear a cloth pad for.

We were using a diaphragm when we got our little wonderful 5 month old surprise. I'd like my next baby to be planned, if at all possible!

BTW-- My midwife ordered the IUD from canada and it only cost her $100. For some reason (she's an angel) she didn't even charge me for it.
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I really don't know what we're going to do. Obviously, what we were doing before (loosely NFP, condoms+pull out) didn't work, so we need to figure SOMETHING out. We don't have health insurance, and absolutely, positively cannot be in the position of paying out of pocket for all of these medical bills again *any time soon*.

That said, I don't do well on the pill at all. It makes me super grumpy. Soo .. I really don't know. It's tempting to get the Mirena, but I don't really know how that compares to the pill as far as hormonal side effects and if it would also make me grumpy haha. And then again, I have no insurance so that would be another expense done out of pocket..ugh!

So, basically, I have no idea. But I should probably start looking into it a little more seriously now that I think about it..
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We'll be going back to using FAM. It won't be easy while breastfeeding, but I always had long and irregular cycles.
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if you dont do well on the pill DO NOT GET THE MIRENA! the hormones in it are 10times worse and the weight gain is horrid i HATED mine so bad! i could feel the strings all the time and so could DH =-(
for us its the big v!
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Honestly, having a baby is pretty good birth control in our house - DH and I are often too tired to think of doing anything more intimate than watching the last season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD.

I think IUDs are icky and that we shouldn't put plastic or copper in our bodies for such a long time, especially not something that looks pointy and uncomfortable (and my friend told me her she and her DH can both FEEL her IUD when they have sex). I feel 'done' with hormonal BC since I spent much of my 20s on it. The diaphragm and spermicidal jelly we got after DS got used a grand total of 3 times because I swear I am allergic to nonoxynol-9 (or however you spell it). I had LAM for 19 months with DS and we wanted to get pregnant again after he was about 15 months old, so I think breastfeeding worked really well for us as BC for a year and a half (but that's NOT a guaranteed method!). We'd probably use FAM and non-spermicidal condoms because they are the easiest to deal with. DH would be happy to get a vasectomy after this second babe is born, but I think leaving the option for a third open would be nice for a few more years. I think if we hit around 40 and there isn't a third, he'd get it done at that point.
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We are unsure here, which means we will probably do nothing and have another baby! We haven't done any form of bc since DD was born. DD and DS are 21 mo apart and these two will be 24 mo apart. So really breastfeeding has worked well for me for at least a year both times. And I like the spacing I have. I want one more after this one but DH says he is done, and then says he knows we will have more, so we will see. My feeling is that he is unwilling to do any form of bc and would rather "chance" it for another. But I am sure after that he will be looking into the V. He talked about it recently, but it is really hard to make that kind of decision at 25 I think. At least for us, I don't want to close the door while we are so young still. You never know what a few years will do!
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We'll be going back to NFP. We use the Couple to Couple League method/guidelines, and they now have a course specifically for breastfeeding postpartum moms. So we'll take the course and learn how to manage with the night feeds and all. www.ccli.org if you're interested...
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Originally Posted by Daisie125 View Post
DH really wants a V, but I've pretty much put my foot down about it - I have enough autoimmune diseases in my family not to chance fate by doing something that is known to trigger them. So unless DH decides to jump on a fence like he's been threatening - we'll be doing NFP & pull & pray again Which will likely yield us another baby
Ok, please enlightenment. Are you saying there is some connection between vasectomy and autoimmune diseases???

This is our third and DH is planning to get one sometime after the birth. I didn't get fertile again with the last baby until 22 months, though.
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Ack, I should really be thinking about this. Both pregnancies were conceived on the first try. Mirena made me sooo sooo sick I had to have it removed after a week! What a waste of money .
I don't do well on any hormonal methods, and am not a huge condom fan. We used a diaphragm before our DD, but I've heard it is less effective after having a baby. Plus I have pelvic organ prolapse, so not sure if it would work anyways. We aren't done having kids, we want 1-2 more, but I really want a 2.5-3 year space between this one and the next.
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Oh and I got my period back 4 months PP despite ecological breastfeeding, so I'm pretty fertile... which is good when you want to be, but kinda a pain at other times
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Originally Posted by Lineymom View Post
Ok, please enlightenment. Are you saying there is some connection between vasectomy and autoimmune diseases???

This is our third and DH is planning to get one sometime after the birth. I didn't get fertile again with the last baby until 22 months, though.
Yes, there is a link between a vas and autoimmune diseases, among other things.

Just a quick google brought up a few websites, but I'm not sure how reliable they are since I did my research on this several years ago and was a little more careful about getting unbiased sources as much as possible. But the bottom line is that I just can't "let" my husband do anything to his body that even has the slightest chance of causing an autoimmune issue - I've seen first hand with my mom and her RA what can happen to a person and I just can't risk it - no matter how small the risk.



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i'm not sure. we've always used nfp, but this is supposed to be our last. dh has always said he'll get a vas. once we're done, but it seems so .... final? i think we'll start out with nfp & then decided if we really are done or not and proceed accordingly.
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No clue what we'll do here yet, most likely just pulling out. We've done NFP for most of our 5 years of marriage with great success (got pregnant each cycle we tried and avoided all the other times), but that was before a baby or nursing...

I tried the pill and shot a few times with no luck and swore I would never use a hormonal method again. However, I did use the nuvaring for a few months after a miscarriage because I was so freaked out about the idea of a pregnancy and I didn't mind it. That's definitely out because of nursing/supply concerns and I know that we'd like another one so we're okay with a baby sooner than "planned".

My Mom didn't get her cycles back until a few months until after nursing ended (and we all nursed passed a year and a half), so I'm half-expecting that as well.
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My birth control will be abstinence! It took sooo long for me to get the courage to "do it" after DD was born... after that, I am not sure. I think we are done after this one, but I am not crazy about the pill. I will be looking into other options... maybe DH will get neutered.
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I have no clue I hate condoms they pull parts that should not be pulled on me! I cannot do BCP as that is why I am pregnant right now and also why I have my amazing 5 year old Ds! So we will see...... BUT I am done for at least 5ish years!!!!!
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good thread. i am thinking about this as well, as we simply CANNOT have another after this one! I've been thinking about the copper IUD and/or DH getting a V....probably more toward the IUD and less toward the V, for aforementioned and other reasons.

It's hard to figure out what is the best method of BC, when really, our bodies are designed for optimum fertility, so anything we do to interfere with that can have unpleasant consequences....sigh. I want to be all natural and take the best care of my body, but charting/NFP etc just aren't going to cut it for us... :
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Dh and I are talking about BOTH vasectomy AND Essure...just to make very, very certain.

If you're interested in fertility awareness, read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. This method works IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. Example: There is a rule that as long as you had a thermal shift 12-16 days before, you are safe the first 5 days of the next cycle. The baby I am pregnant with was conceived from unprotected sex on Day 6. However, we had been using this method off and on, mostly on, for 7 years and only had one child and she was planned.
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Originally Posted by crunchy_mama View Post
NFP- have used the whole time and my kids woke several times anight until they were about 2 and none of my babies have been accident. Last time I mostly just did mucus and same w/ second time, works for us.
. Us, too.

I highly recommend taking a class and getting started with a consultant. I learned a lot more quickly and asked questions right away and my husband learned it at the same time, it was great. Catholic Charities does these for free in my area and they offer them to anyone. (I am not Catholic).

I learned so much more about my own body and appreciated the way it encourages couples to make the decision together each month around ovulation time (do we want a child now or not and then act accordingly, ); that took a lot of pressure off of me to feel like I was putting my husband out or something.

I also liked how there was a recommended time to bond doing non-sexual things (good for our relationship) during the time we could conceive but were choosing not to. I know it's more than most couples bargain for (most are usually just looking for that thing that will keep pregnancy away), but it looks at a marriage or relationship holistically, really. There are lots of benefits, beyond just avoiding pregnancy. Can ya tell I am a big Fan?

If you read about the method they teach, it's as effective as any other method of contraception, and can be used to achieve as well as avoid pregnancy. It worked and still works great for us.

Here's the website. <LINK>
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No more BC for me ever! Hubby got the big V a couple weeks ago!!!!
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Nada! We're open to whomever is coming.
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