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DH is happily 'getting the snip snip' as he calls it. He's been telling all kinds of people, which I think is kinda funny! Do they really want to know...is it any of their business?

I think it's a great solution, as we definitely only want two. I'm glad he's on board!
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We're planning on *gulp* nothing. I didn't get my cycle back until 20 months with DD, so unless this baby seems to nurse significantly less than DD, we're doing no birth control.

If I feel like the kiddo isn't nursing as much, it'll be condoms until 18 months
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im SO glad my DH said hed get the big V!
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I really don't want to take the pill, either. We agreed on condoms. Even if they fail, I feel like that would be OK because we think we want 2 and this is our first. After that, DH says he will get a vasectomy when the time feels right.

I would potentially consider IUD, too, in the future. Just not now for me.
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I've been wondering about this too. Before LO was conceived I had bad endometriosis and had a laparoscopy. During surgery they found my copper IUD had caused uterine polyps. After that, the dr said I had 6 months to get pregnant or my option was to go through a round of hormones. But I can't take birth control pills or any kind of hormone because I tend to clot. My first 2 kids were condom babies and my last shot was an IUD, which now caused polyps.

My dh and I have discussed my tubes getting tied, but I don't want anything else messed around with. I know it sounds silly, but if I have endo after the LO is born, my tubes or something is going to go anyway.

I asked my dh to get himself the big V and he's not to thrilled about it. I'm not sure why when he insists this is the last child.

I did Fertility Awareness at first to chart when the endo was bad in regards to ovulatating. So when I was told 6 months or else, I charted and conceived around Valentine's Day. Could I do this until menopause? I don't know.

We're still going around the issue, but my ever vocal extended family (my side, not his) wants me to get my tubes tied because that's what they did. To have that kind of nosiness around, I feel like have 3 more kids just to spite them.
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