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Adult Acne!!!

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I never had particularly bad skin as a kid, but when I turned 20 I started having problems off and on. I've narrowed down some things that cause break-outs, and vitamins are my enemy. I've heard too many B-vitamins can cause skin problems.

I'm nursing my two-year-old twins, and I feel like I really need to take a vitamin. Any suggestions?
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I had the same problem back when my son was about 9 months old. I cut back my pre-natal/lactating vitamin dosage to one per day (despite the two vitamin daily dosage). I found that this helped to curb my acne. Also, be sure to avoid foods rich in iodine. A couple of weeks ago, I made some miso soup with kelp and I had a flare-up the next day. I also take an acidophilus and lactobacillus supplement every day which seems to have improved my overall health (including skin health). Good luck!
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