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4 month checkup

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Yesterday was Lilah's 4 mo check up. She weighs 9'4 and is 22in. She is officially four times her birth weight. She is growing like a weed for sure! She sleeps through the night, smiles socially, coos, and we can't find any motor delays so far. THANK GOD.

Her vision is improving- you can tell that she is actually focusing on you, studying your face, watching her mobile, etc. She can hold her head up...

She is an absolute joy. There just is nothing about her that isn't perfect. She is doing well at the sitter's. The Early Interventionist says she is doing "awesome" and both she and the doctor feel like Lilah is hitting all her marks.

What great news after such a rough beginning. I don't know that I'll ever forget that time in NICU, but I can say that I dwell on them less and less. My sweet little girl is such a fighter. Kickin' butt and taking names.

I'm in love.
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