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Is it morning sickness if you just feel queasy?

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Anyone else just feel nausea but not come anywhere near to throwing up?
For the past two days I am feeling more queasy - like all day long. I am hungry, but not hungry because the thought of food makes me feel queasy. I eat of course becuase I know I have to - but its a hard pick.

Is this considered morning sickness? Or do you actually have to be sick (like - throw up) to have morning sickness. Any idea on what might help with the nausea? - I think I could stomach tea...perhaps a ginger tea. I am six weeks tomorrow ( - and I have read that most signs of early pregnancy start to appear at the six week mark. (I have also read, that at least these tender breasts will go away by 8 weeks - though I don't know how true that is! lol)
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Yes it is morning sickness if you feel queasy. Many women never actually throw up, but have a ton of nausea. I threw up about 5 times in my last pregnancy but had queasiness for about 2.5 months. I think I threw up because in my head, I woudln't take the queasiness anymore. Something just set me off... for me, the actual throwing up was a mental thing. The queasiness was not.
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I have this every pregnancy and I just call it 'all day sickness'. I don't puke, just feel queasy all day.

ETA: Well, I have puked in the past, but it was from gagging on vitamins, toothbrush, etc.
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I've just had occasional mild queasiness so far. Last time it hit me hard at 6 wks and lasted until about 10, but I never vomited. Don't like to. I would lie down and take deep breaths until it passed. Not sure DD will let me relax like last time, so I may end up with my head in the toilet.

I feel myself wanting dark chocolate less. I developed an aversion last time, and that made me sad.
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With DS, I had "morning sickness" which was queasiness in the late afternoon/evening. I never threw up, but man, did I know it was morning sickness.
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boobs STOP hurting at 8 weeks?! i am 9w4d and my boobs are KILLING ME!

but yeah, with my last pregnancy i felt queasy for like 4 months straight but only threw up a handful of times. it was almost WORSE for me because at least when you puke there is some sort of relief. its looking like im going to have the same all day sickies again and it is no fun!
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with my last pregnancy I was queasy 24/7 for the first few months, and get this, I only threw-up on Sunday mornings. It drove me crazy. I would eventually get up Sunday mornings and drive to work, as if a regular weekday, but I'd still puke.
Luckily this time I only get queasy when I'm hungry, so it's curable if I can manage to keep eating.
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I didn't realize until recently that nausea was considered morning sickness! Since I've never thrown up with any of my pregnancies, I've always said I never had m/s. But I have had some nausea, so I guess I have.
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i get the all day nausea, gets a bit better at night, not much though and thats usually when the heartburn kicks in.
i only threw up twice last pregnancy, but yeah, the all day nausea sucks. really sucks.
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I do consider it a form of morning sickness- but I usually clarify if people ask. With my 2 prior pregnancies I have felt all day queasiness and motion sickness from about weeks 5 to 9 or 10. I don't feel too bad if stay completely still, but if I have to move around its horrible. It takes me forever just to unload the dishwasher because bending sets off a wave of nausea and I have to stop for a few minutes. Having to turn my head to drive is also unpleasant. The only time I feel good is while eating- so I eat all day and gain way too much weight.

I have never had vomiting during pregnancy- just some gagging when trying to brush my teeth- or chew gum. One of my first signs of pregnancy this time was my inability to chew gum LOL.

I have some ginger lollipops that help with the queasiness- I need to get some ginger hard candies- its hard to discretely eat a lollipop at work.
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Ive got these preggo drop pops. I actually bought them on ebay from America. They are not ginger flavour though (they are apple). I should try sucking on them to see if they help a bit! lol
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The ginger candy I have are these: http://www.amazon.com/YummyEarth-Ora...0892904&sr=1-1

(well, I have the lollipop version and I just ordered the drops above) For me they have just the right amount of ginger. I tried crystallized ginger and it was too strong and made me feel worse.

I haven't tried preggie drop pops. Maybe I should.
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i've always considered quesiness m/s. although i've always have very light m/s and been very happy about it this time it's a bit worse. mostly on/off all day long. i keep crackers in my purse and by my bed. one of the mw suggested gatorade as well for the electrolites and that seems to help too. but i'm also NOT hungry. i eat only because i MUST eat in order to survive but for once in my life i just don't feel like food is anything special....which is really really weird!

i'm expecting that the m/s will last another week or so but should dissapate around the time the baby starts LOOKING like a baby and has a heartbeat.
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Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley View Post
Ive got these preggo drop pops. I actually bought them on ebay from America. They are not ginger flavour though (they are apple). I should try sucking on them to see if they help a bit! lol
Those drops are the best! I have a hard time not just eating them like candy! They are obscenely overpriced though. I bought a package just to see if they would help my minor seasickness. They do help, but I can't justify the price.
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Yeah - the price is pretty bad. Also I had to pay shipping from America to get them here too! lol - I have to say though, my acupuncturist is a goddess! ...My queasy feeling after seeing her yesterday was gone, its kinda back a bit today but its away enough that I can eat whats yummy! lol
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i'm the dame way, queasy all the time but have only actually vomited once. i think it's all the extra saliva that's making me fell so gross!
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I feel that way ,t oo. I have not actually thrown up, either...
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When I was pg with dd, I described it as feeling vaguely hung over for 3 months (except no headache). I felt nauseaus, but only actually threw up when I ate something "cause it's good for me" but when it didn't appeal. Like once I made myself some eggs cause I wanted them and I enjoyed them, and then all of sudden they were grossing me out, but I thought I might as well finish it - bad idea. Thinking too hard about almost any food right now is not appealing, but if I get hungery the queasiness gets worse.
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yes it is still ms i had it with all mine and unfortunately only my 1st i got away with the actually being sick, although i do think days when you just feel ill are often worse cos when i had these i would often can't i just be sick so it will go away.
i found eating mints helped ease sickness and when i was pregnant with ds cameron cherry lolly pops also helped slightly.
hope you feel better soon
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