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Movement at 27 weeks

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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has seen the baby's movement slow down at around 27 weeks? My baby was moving a fair amount up until this week but she has really slowed down and I'm concerned. I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes this week and I've cut way back on my sugar intake, could this have something to do with the reduced movement? I'm trying not to worry too much but this is my first baby and I don't really know what to expect.

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I'm at 29 weeks and my baby has ramped up her movement in the last week or so! And I've actually been able to seem my belly shake and quiver a few times from her vigorous kicks/movements.
Not to freak you out, that i'm the opposite but if you're worried maybe you should call your OB/midwife. Let them know your concern and they'll tell you what to do.
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I know that my babies move more if I've had sugar .... so maybe your cutting back has affected their activity?!

Also, I read that for 27 weeks the babies develop sleep patterns that may be noticeable.

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I haven't noticed any decrease. Have you tried doing kick counts? I rest on my left side every day and record how long it takes to get ten kicks (or other movements). It should take less than two hours. I've also been told 6 kicks in one hour. It probably takes me about an average of ten minutes to get ten kicks, although once it took me forty minutes.

I feel like I've read online that you should call your doctor/midwife if you notice a decrease in movement. If you're concerned, I would say to go ahead and give them a call. That's what you're paying them the big bucks for!
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Yes! As a matter of fact, I worried about it a lot and when I went in for my 28 week appt, I told her. She said do kick counts and I did start to do them. About 4-5 days after I started them, I realized she's now moving a lot more and there definitely seem to be patterns of sleeping/waking.

She is not active when I am moving around a lot but when I lie down, she's all over.

I would call and let them know anyway, my OB said they take a change in activity very seriously.

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I've noticed the sleep/awake cycles, during the sleep cycles it can be several hours without ANY movement.
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I don't want to freak you out, but I would take it very seriously. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong, but it sure the heck would be better to look into it and find out all is well, then not to look into it and regret it later.

My 3rd baby, Liam, was stillborn at 28 weeks after I'd spent weeks complaining to my midwife about decreasing fetal movement. She just kept reassuring me there was nothing to worry about because he was getting bigger and just running out of room so it was all normal. Since than I have learned that as pregnancy progresses and our babies run out of room, the TYPE of movements may change, but not the frequency. Decreasing frequency should be cause for investigation.
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Keep an eye on it for sure. Lie down, have a drink of cold water, and do some kick counts. More than likely things are ok but it's important to be aware of baby's movements.

I can say that baby now has definite sleep/waking patterns but I'm not going to try to determine what they are. I just keep an eye on things and do kick counts at various times of day. If I haven't felt anything in awhile I'll sit down for 10 minutes to see how baby reacts. Right now he/she is trying to dislodge the laptop from my lap ...
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I would be 27wks & 4days today, but my baby has been especially active over the last few days. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about though. I read that sometimes babies go through inactive periods from time to time, I know mine does. He normally moves 3-4 days none-stop and then takes a day or two of not moving as much. Could also be that he's running out of room or in a position that you just don't feel as much movement. I find if I lay on my side, or if possible, partial stomach, I can feel the babies movements much easier. Drinking or eating doesn't help start movements for me, but if you're getting concerned you could try those things. Sure you're baby is fine, though.
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I would definitely call your health care provider. Like a previous poster, my baby's movement decreased and my midwife made me think I was overreacting and I lost him at 35w. Just for your own peace of mind.. I have heard that they have less room to bop around at this stage because they are getting more crowded, but it is best to contact your midwife or OB. Don't let them bully you into thinking you are overreacting.. insist on some sort of non-stress test, ultrasound, or something like that. I am sure everything is fine but better safe than sorry!!
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You've cut back on sugar, but you're still eating some amount of carbs on a plan, right? I'm GD also and notice the most movement just after eating. Try laying down just after a meal and see if you can prod the baby to kick/punch you. But if you don't notice any difference right after eating then yes, by all means go in to have it checked out .
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Originally Posted by maisiedotes View Post
my baby's movement decreased and my midwife made me think I was overreacting and I lost him at 35w.
Maisiedotes! I didn't know you'd suffered a stillbirth, too. I am so sorry mama. Nothing worse than not being listened to when your gut says something is wrong with your child but you have no way to prove it.
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Those of you who are sadly experienced in this, this is my baby girls pattern, she's quiet for two days (moves around but without the same intensity, and not nearly as often), then she moves around and pokes me so hard that I double over in pain. I've had one NST already (and of course she was back to her starting kicker self), and the midwife attributes it to my hypoglycemia, I haven't talked to my OB yet, but will on Thursday. I really get freaked out on the quiet days.
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Thanks for all the replies. I laid down on my left side and didn't feel anything, but couldn't spend a whole hour waiting. I called my fabulous MW and she came over with the doppler. Baby's HB was in the 140s, perfectly fine. Later that night I laid down on my left side again and counted over 15 moves in the first 10 minutes. She's been moving around pretty regularly since then. I guess she was just having a few quiet days. I have a dr appt next week so I will mention it then.

Thanks again!
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I'm glad she's moving around again. I hope she doesn't give you anymore scares!
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