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It's been so easy to be caught up in life's daily chaos, I sometimes forget to appreciate the little things. Lately, my busy toddler and I have hardly noticed the time we spend together nursing. She's busily watching everything going on and quick to run off to the next fun thing. And I have been distracted or busy thinking about everything on my list of things to do. Plus, half the time I nurse her we're on the go with her in a carrier! So tonight at bedtime, when it was time to nurse, I rocked her will looking into her big eyes and singing her a song. It was such a precious moment that I hadn't even noticed I had been missing.

So take a minute to be present with your little ones! Whether nursing, wrestling, or reading them a story, turn off your brain and just really look at them and be with them. I'm a little sad to think I have been doing some of these things on autopilot. But now that I'm aware of it, I'm going to make an effort to fix it.