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Things to do before the baby comes (can this be a sticky?)

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We did this in my old DDC and it helped us stay organized and calmer, knowing we were getting things accomplished. I include baby stuff and other stuff- house, etc. I updated mine as I did things by using colored font.. thought this would help us all. My list, and I will be adding to it:

~make CD of labor music
~get my bag packed
~finish registering (**breast pump**)DONE
~tour L&D
~get my birth plan written DONE
~hang the curtains in DD's room
~get DH to set up the infant crib, DD's toddler bed DONEand move the bureau
~finish unpacking from our move!
~start making meals for the freezer
~get my insurance ducks in a rowDONE
~get some booby tubes and stuff for sore boobs while nursing
~get the basinette and changing table from our old house
~get some newborn dipes and start making cloth wipes
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Oh, that's a great idea - I'll add my list; some of it is already taken care of, lot's more things to go though...

( I'll keep things, that are done in a different color)

- Finish canning and freezing foods (Blueberry-peach Jam, Meatballs, homemade Granola )
- Sign up Infant CPR course
- Sign up for breastfeeding class

- practice relaxation (started making a list, but need to do this everyday)
- Make a list of Tsubo (Accurpressure Points) for labour
- Visit L&D
- Make a felted mobile
- Pack hospital bag
- Make list of postpartum things to have on hand and get those things
- Finish figuring out Maternity Leave (in progress)
- Finish picking the pediatrician
- Finalize the insurance Family plan Sign up after birth!
- Write Birth Plan out
- sew baby blanket
- sew PJ pants and Kimonotop (Flanel or Fleece)

Pack hospital bag
- music (picked, will take speakers and MP3 player
- Eye Cover
- Ear Plugs

- Blanket (in case it is cold)
- Lip balm
- Bathrobe
- postpartum pads
- comfy old underwear
- tea in thermos
- 1PJ pants & 3 nursing top (get this in October, when Winter and Fall things are out)
- camera
- reading/knitting material
- massage oil
- favorite shampoo (homemade)
- Comfrey Leaf Tea
- nursing bra
- List with people to call
- socks
- receiving blanket
- refillable water bottle
- Toiletries
- going home cloths (for baby and mom)
- Snacks (Misosoup, smoothies, easy foods, dried fruit, prune cake)

Postpartum List
- Pads (boob and maxi)
- Hot water bottle
- motrin/ibuprofen
- icepacks
- Sitzbath (mixed some herbs and salts)
- Perineal bottle (just get a sports water bottle)
- frozen witch hazel pads

Things still to buy
- get car seat (next week)
- inspect car seat at police station (beginning October)
- get baby wearing coat (which also double as a maternity coat/jacket during the last weeks)
- get leg warmers
- get a night light
- get 2 buttoned sleepshirts (yardsale)
- hospital outfit for labor (old long TShirt or similar)
- postpartum pads
- make diaper wipe homemade solution (found recipes, have ingredients, but will mix after birth)

Things we might want to get, that are not necassary
- get video thingy (picked, but not yet bought, waiting for a deal)

Things we still need later on - after birth
- toys (siblings and grandparents)
- soft structure baby carrier (second hand beco?)
- breast pump and breast milk storage (could get more)
- maybe a jogging/hiking stroller to go running together with my husband
- more cloth diapers
- baby fork/spoon/plate
- start designing a birth announcement
- Finalize the insurance Family plan Sign up after birth!
- make diaper wipe homemade solution (found recipes, have ingredients, but will mix after birth)
- get lumbar pack (my birthday present)
- belly support (buy after birth at Store)
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I actually made this list the other day, thinking it would help me feel better and more organized having it on paper as opposed to bubbling around in my head. I was very, very wrong. Looking at it all, in itemized, numbered list format makes me want to curl up in bed and cry. There is no way, with the time and money I have left, much of it is ever going to happen.
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Originally Posted by Sleepyheaded_Mama View Post
Looking at it all, in itemized, numbered list format makes me want to curl up in bed and cry. There is no way, with the time and money I have left, much of it is ever going to happen.
s Did you try prioritizing into what really needs to be done? There are things on my list, they we can do without. So sorry, your list is overwhelming, I wish I could help.
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The List

The Essentials:

electric breast pump
milk storage bags
Mother-ease One Size diapers (off DS, have seller awaiting my next paycheck, lol) [on order finally]
Size 2 Thirsties DUO Wraps (2) [4 on order]
breast pads
mama pads
2 nursing bras
finish baby blanket

Not Quite Essential, But Definitely Up There:

2 waterproof diaper pail wet bags
Glamour Mom nursing tops (2) (I will be NIP frequently) [2 on order]
Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling
Natural baby soap and lotion (suggestions PLEASE)
plain solid white baby socks (7 or so)
CD-safe diaper rash cream (open to suggestions)

Will Become Essential Soon Enough:

brown edge GMD prefolds

Things I've Already Accomplished (loved this idea!):

bought and assembled crib, looks perfect beside my bed!
bought and washed crib bedding
painted baby's mural
decorated baby's shelf
bought and packed diaper bag
bought upholstered rocking chair at garage sale
bought and prepped 30 GMD yellow edge prefolds
bought 6 size 1 Thirsties DUO Wraps
bought 4 Snappies
bought 4 of the most beautiful dyed MEOS I have ever seen
washed all baby clothes and blankets
converted desk to changing table

car seat
diaper pail (14-16 gal plastic garbage can)
changing pad and cover
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Originally Posted by Sleepyheaded_Mama View Post
Natural baby soap and lotion (suggestions PLEASE)
Babies don't really need a lot of soap. We'll use plain old water and maybe some olive oil/jojoba oil/lanolin. For the occasions we need soap, we have some homemade milde olive oil and goatmilk soap on hand.
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Oh boy...this is much needed, but very intimidating. I'm not sure I wanna see my list all written out. But time is ticking away, so I might as well do it.

Essentials to buy for baby:
Arm's Reach Mini co-sleeper
Swing or bouncy chair
Boppy cover

Essentials to buy for birth:
Birth pool and stuff that goes with it (hose, adapter, pump, etc)
Towels and extra sheets from Goodwill
Some sort of sports bra or swimming suit top

Things for after the birth:
Peri bottle
pads and depends
comfrey tea
witch hazel
breast pads

manual breast pump

Things to Do:
Pack back-up hospital bag in case of transfer
figure out who I want at the birth
figure out who is gonna watch DS during birth
find someone to take pics/video during birth

Get DS transitioned from our bed to his own (ha...ha ha ha) (This is going better and faster than I had anticipated. I lie down with him until he falls asleep and he stays in his bed all night!)
Pick names for the baby
Get a yoga/birth ball asap. I keep procrastinating and I need one desperately.

And just to make myself feel better,

Things that are already done:
Newborn cloth dipes are prepped and ready to go
Newborn-3 month clothing is washed and organized in drawers
Slings have been brought out of hiding and washed
We have a carseat and stroller
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Originally Posted by Sleepyheaded_Mama View Post
The List

Natural baby soap and lotion (suggestions PLEASE)
I LOOOOVE the Buriti line from The Body Shop- we got a sample of the body butter for DD and it smells nice but is not fragranced, I don't think.. and it makes her skin so soft. I feel like it protects her skin too, which will be nice when the cold weather is here. I am sure if you go in they will give you a sample to try...

My SIL swears by the crabtree and evelyn baby stuff but I heard they may discontinue it. Not sure.
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Things to buy:
Fleece sleepsack
Diaper covers
Wet Bags
Replacement parts for breast pump
Nursing tops
Shelves for kids room
Photo album

Things to do:
Pack hospital bag
Finish unpacking from move (only 2 boxes left!!)
Meal plan for postpartum period

Things to make:
fitted diapers
breast pads
pp pads

Things We've already purchased/accomplished:

Car seat
Clothing nb-3m washed and placed in dresser
Prefolds washed and prepped
Bassinet fabric washed and set up
Crib set up, bedding washed and set up

Things I'd like/luxuries:

PLH baby shampoo/soap bar
Wool longies, caps
Maya Wrap
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Things To Do:
Moby Wrap or make one
Wool covers
Newborn prefolds
Homemade Wipes
12 Covers
3 Snappies
A bottle of olive oil and lavendar essential oil and a little soap
Baby Wipe Warmer would be nice
Burp Clothes for our family bed and the spit-ups
Car Seat
More Warm Clothes
Figure out which clothes i can squeeze into in the next 6 months, store skinny clothes away.
Wash Maya Wrap
Diaper Bag
Hospital Bag

Things I have:
4 sleepers
3 prefolds
3 pairs of comfy pants
Maya Wrap
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Things to do before the baby gets here!!!

1.)Have carpets cleaned

2.)Buy travel system we will have that in about 2 weeks if not sooner

3.)orginize my bedroom AGAIN (done I did that today : )

4.)declutter the basement that is where our laundry is so it needs to be done before he is here!!! (it is not looking good down there! )

5.)buy nursing bras

6.)pack hospital bag (I didn't do that with Ds and would LOVE to with this one! )

7.)plan meals for after baby is here.

8.)figure out where Ds will be when I am in labor!! I believe my sister will be taking care of him but I have not asked her. (Done my sister said she just figured that she was going to have him

That is all I can think of for now.

Things I have!

bouncy seat,
my Grandfathers bassinet,
a wood play yard for when the bassinet is to small,
all the clothes he will need until he fits in size 18 months (we do a lot of thrift and yard sale shopping!)
a baby hawk, Kozy, and sling,
we are doing a diaper service,
baby hammock (well it will be here around September 3rd they are on back order)

I am pretty set I tend to get nervous because I was born over 10 weeks early so I get scared near the end of the second trimester and go nutty to make sure most everything is set for the baby on the way. It drives my family nuts but hey at least the last trimester is stress free
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I haven't even wanted to think about this because I'm busy getting ds1 ready for Kindergarten right now and think about indoor shoes and liquid glue sticks and his Sept 6 birthday party.

You guys seriously have your hospital bags packed? Really? I'm still pulling maternity clothes out of the basement. I haven't even thought about baby clothes yet.

But okay, since I can't sleep, here's my list:

-find a place for change table and baby clothes
-get new baskets for bottom of change table
-sort out newborn, 3mos and 6 mos clothes and wash newborn and 3 mos clothes
- find and wash slings
- wash newborn diapers, blankets, etc
-teach my toddler to stop pulling apart the linen closet so I have a place to store newborn blankets, etc (yeah right)
- clean car seat and change table
- make baby quilt, new diaper bag and change pads
- find busy activities for toddler to do while baby nurses
- clean out freezer and start making meals
- pack away pre-pregnancy clothes (sigh) and pull out and wash post-pregnancy and nursing clothes.
- buy two new long sleeved nursing tops
- buy some new infant prefolds and one-size pocket diapers for baby and toddler to share
- potty train toddler (yeah, right)
- find someone to watch boys during labour
- pack hospital bag
- declutter our room and boys' closet and laundry room
- scrub carpet (again)
- pretend I need a wrap and buy one (because 3 slings and a mei tai just isn't enough)
- psych myself up for labour and re-commencing breastfeeding
- read up on home delivery in case this baby is even faster than the last one

I'm so glad I hardly have anything to buy this time around, and mostly organizational stuff to do.
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Ok here's our list

~Washed the 20 BumGenuis diapers we have (though we just found out my mom just bought us some more! Yeah Mom!)
~Washed newborn & 0-3 clothes we have been given so far (lots of hand me downs, which is great!)
~Paint Nursery
~Enroll in Childbirth, Parenting, & Breastfeeding classes (they begin this week)
~Toured L&D, Chose Hospital, Pre-registered with them
~Learning to Knit! (half done with my first pair of booties!) - just to keep my mind occupied on something enjoyable and not the list of what I have to do

Needs to be Done:
~New Carpet in Nursery (being installed next week)
~Pick out and put together crib
~Make & Freeze Meals for after birth
~Go to Baby Showers (there are two planned for us!)
~Get car seat, get it installed and inspected at fire station
~Pack Hospital Bag
~Buy Nursing Bras
~Finish Birth Plan
~Get my new last name (leagally changed to Bond last week! WooHoo!) actually changed on my Driver's License, Social Security Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Docs Offices, Insurance, etc...
~Not go crazy with worry (about premature delivery, delayed flights, & idiot customs agents) while DP is out of the country for her brother's wedding at the end of September

I'm sure there's lots more, but my brain is fuzzing on it right this minute!
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OOOhhhh I love lists!!! :

TO DO (Blue=Done):
Deep Clean House
Get CDs- Prefolds, used fitteds, used covers
Prep PFs (2 doz LL infant, 2 doz LL capri, 1 doz red GMDs)
Get, wash, and organize used infant clothes- 0-6 mos
Pass along unneeded baby clothes
Clean out guest bedroom (aka my baby room) and closet used for storage
Assemble crib, just for kicks
Wash seat covers (car seat, swing, bouncer, etc.)
Prepare frozen meals for delivery/PP
Get car washed, oil changed, inspection done, and registration sticker
Order Birthpool and pump
Lanolize S wool covers
Make Labor-aid
Get pedicure
Gather all HB supplies from MWs list

Get labor snacks
Get haircut
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Probably missed a lot of things, but this is what I put together from the top of my head. Will update as I remember things.


- Purchase Stroller/carseat - DONE
- Pack N' Play - DONE
- Get crib - DONE
- Get Swing - DONE
- Complete the newborn/0-3mo. wardrobe - DONE
- Stock up on Dipes & Wipes - DONE
- Blankets, receiving blankets, burp rags, rags, ect... - DONE

- Start the 3-6mo. wardrobe collection - Started
- Pack hospital bag
- Finish birth plan - DONE
- Keep the house clean - pshhtt, ya right.

- Nursing bra's
- Breast pads - DONE
- Some new undies - DONE
- Baby book - DONE
- Special going home outfit for baby. - DONE
- Breast pump - DONE
- Nip cream - DONE

- Diaper Genie - DONE
- Baby Bathtub - DONE
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I love lists! (sad but true)

bouncy seat
0-6 months clothes
crib bedding
breast pump
a few bottles

2nd bath has been redecorated for baby (not necessary but it was fun!)

To Do:
build crib (my dad is building it)
clear nursery (it has become furniture graveyard)
new flooring in nursery (old carpet is chock full of cat litter. not good)
paint nursery
get dresser from MIL, see if drawer slides could be waxed or made to glide smoother, it's an antique. put new knobs on.
otherwise organize nursery when it's finished with paint and flooring.

attend shower(s) -there may be more than one. wash, dry, and organize things recieved here, and do thank-you cards. things we hope we get: diapers, wipes, toiletries, more onesies and sleepers, burp clothes (or cloth diapers), blankets, sleep sacs . . .

buy a moby or sleepy wrap (I'm still deciding)
silicone covers for the glass bottles
order birth supplies and birthing tub

get rid of excess furniture

My main problem is a lot of this list I can't do by myself, or at all, am dependent on DH for it, and I hate waiting for others to do things! oh well. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

-Katrina -expecting Gabriel Lucas somewhere around 11/7/09
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haha, I totally thought a list would help me as well, but i had to pare it down to THE BASICS before i felt un-panicked about the whole thing

the only things i am truly, TRULY in NEED of are chux pads, advil or after-ease for my from-hell afterpains, a carseat, and a twin mattress (in lieu of a crib).

Really, even the mattress isn't an immediate need, as the babe can sleep with me in the beginning--but I really worry about the chemical offgassing of a new bed, and want to give it time to air out, yk? I *think* my mom is buying a natural cotton futon mattress for us If not, then we are SOL until i get some financial aid money... :

I've got my diaper and baby clothes stash "in progress" thanks to the awesome mamas that have given or traded me stuff and really, everything beyond that is gravy.

as a to-do list, i have to:

-write birth affirmations to repeat during labor
-string my birth beads into something meaningful
-find, print, and color mandalas as a visual/focal point for labor (and as art therapy for me!)
-make up a massage oil blend for labor
-burn a CD of "birthy music'
-I WANT to crochet a newborn hat....but realistically, most of these things on my to-do list require more time than I have at my disposal

Try not to stress too much mamas! Being ready for birth is largely mental/emotional IMO anyway--worst case scenario, you can send a friend out to buy or do X after the baby is here!
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Originally Posted by Krystal323 View Post
-find, print, and color mandalas as a visual/focal point for labor (and as art therapy for me!)
I haven't done mandalas in years! That would be a great thing to do during early stages of labour as well! Thanks for the reminder.
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High Priority
for baby
*get 1 doz. newborn prefolds and 1 doz infant prefolds + 2 snappis.
*get car seat
*get sling
for me
*[hopefully] do hypnobabies
*write out positive affirmations and reminders for the husband

Mid Priority
for baby
*get receiving blankets
*get a few more sleepers
*get dresser and co-sleeper
for me
*put together birthing music playlist
*get post partum pads

Low Priority/can wait a while
for baby
*get a few more outfits
*get baby wash
*set up cradle
for me
*get breast pump
*get Boppy
*get lanolin
*get baby wipes
*get nursing tanks/bras
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Essentials to buy/hopefully receive at baby shower if I get one:
Convertible carseat (can wait til baby needs it)
Breastpump, bottles, nipples
Birth supplies
Herb bath for postpartum
PP herbal tea
Mama's Happy spray & Mama's bottom spray
cloth diapers
Nursing bras, shirts, nightie

Things to Do:
Talk to a friend who might be my doula
Decide on who to invite to be at birth
Figure out who is going to watch DS during birth
Plan out meal plans for the first few weeks (make a PostPartum notebook)
Paint Master Bathroom
Paint Trim in Baby's room
Decorate house (we recently moved)
Make labor music playlists
Find curtains for baby room & master bedroom
Set up crib and changing table in master bedroom (by 37 weeks)
Finish Doula certification (by end of October)
Wash carseat cover & install in car (by 38 weeks)

Things that are already done:
Cloth diaper stash that I already have washed and ready to go
Newborn-3 month clothes washed & ready to go
Slings, bouncy cover, Boppy covers washed
Most of house painted/organized
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