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Music for labor & birth?

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We are planning a homebirth and I would like to have some music together to choose from to listen to. What did you girls enjoy listening to while you were laboring? Any suggestions would be great.
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While I was in labor I listened to a CD called Come To The Cradle by Michael Card, he is a Christian artist, but this CD is just beautiful songs about babies, parenting, children. He has such a wonderful voice and writes incredible heartfelt lyrics. I loved it and even still listening to it can bring joy and tears at the same time. Another great CD I came across was The Sounds of Bach By The Sea it is all classical music with the ocean in the background. Very relaxing and can help you focus since there are no lyrics which can be distracting depending on the type of music, style... I believe the Sounds of - By The Sea is a series, I also have Pachebel's Canon by the Sea. I think I bought it at a bookstore. Good luck and it is a really good idea to start playing the music at home and practicing relaxation exercises those last fews before your due date! Oh yeah another you might like is by Eden's Bridge and is called Celtic Lullabies.
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I was searching around for some good music the other day and ran across this website http://www.attachmentscatalog.com/gifts/music.html
It looks like they have some amazing music to birth to, though I haven't actually heard any of it myself. I love the album cover of the painted belly, so beautiful!
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Lucia Hwong, The Goddess Trilogy. She's also a Reiki Master, the music is infused with healing Reiki energy.
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I chose music that I already relax to - bath time stuff - for me that is Sarah McLauchlin, some chritian artists, some instrumental music, etc. Sometimes louder stuff too - feel happy music -

Your mood can change within seconds - so you might want to have a fix of music ready - and relaxing is always good for labor.

Good luck - I'm sure you will find what feels right for you.
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This is funny -- every labor I think I'm going to listen to Peter Gabriel's Passion, you know, something intense and mystical, but once the labor is going along I never feel like it. My two favorites in labor were Lenny Kravitz and Santana. I just had to move around and dance and feel groovy!
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I had a long, jazzy version of the Grateful Dead's "Dark Star" on repeat throughout transition. Every time it would end, I would say to my husband, "Again! Again!" Nothing beats that spacey music when you're in the other dimension of childbirth!
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I had planned and planned and planned a whole array of music I wanted at the birth. But when we actually got to the birth center, Enya's "watermark" was on the top my pile, so it got popped in the player. And once it was in, I couldn't deal with any change in the "background" noise...so we played it over and over and over.....until DS was born (granted it was really only 4 hours of Enya! )..

Anyway...now whenever I hear that CD, it brings back a flood of memories for me. Very Sweet.
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