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Big belly after eating

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In the morning and before meals, my tummy still looks not pregnant. However, after a meal...OMG you can totally tell. My tummy pooches my shirt out and my kids think it's so cool.

I didn't think I'd "show" this much this early with the working out we've been doing, but I think after a meal, my stomach just has less room in there than it used to so out it goes.

Anyone else that much more "showy" after eating?

When I tighten my abdominal muscles, my stomach still flattens almost completely (when my stomach is not full). I'm wondering if I should try to keep that posture more often (firm abdominal area) to minimize back pain or if I should just let it hang out.
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I always feel huge after eating, it makes me think of Juno and "a food baby"

But yes, I get fuller, and defuller (not a word but lets go with it!) throughout the day, after eating, and then usually once I use the restroom things settle back down.
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Yes! My belly is much bigger after a good meal. I just let it hang out, lol, I love looking pregnant.
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I had a large icewater yesterday and afterwards my belly was BIG!

I also think its just bigger now in general because I'm not holding it in as much.

My mother alway told me to suck in when I was growing up so I think I generally walk around everyday holding in my tummy, but not now! I'm enjoying this big belly pregnant feeling!
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This is so funny as I was just thinking about this an hour ago. I wiggled back and forth with my girls to the music, and my belly wagged. I thought, wait a minute, how'd my belly get so big so fast! Oh yeah, we just ate a big lunch. Yes, my belly grows quite officially pregnant after meals. The only time I don't look overtly pregnant these days is while laying down on my back...and even then it's a pretty jiggly belly.
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I've noticed the same thing. I like it at home, but I'm still keeping things quiet at work, so I have to be careful after lunch. For once I'm grateful that I have to wear an apron at work!
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uhhhh, yeppers! me, too!!
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It's been a little over a week since I posted this and now my belly is a little more showy even when I didn't just eat. I can see it starting to push my shirt out a little at any time of day so long as I'm not tightening my stomach muscles.

I really need to tell a few people I've been holding off on soon because it won't be long before they'll be able to see it for themselves.
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