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I don't think they "line kids up" the same way anymore.

I would look at the graduation requirements. In our school, no one has to take PE if they are in after school sports (2 years equals one year of gym I think?) AND take what is basically a health class with a passing final exam.

One of the things I have noticed is the "make up policy" that many PE teachers have that I know. If a student misses a class, the parent signs a form that their kid did 30 minutes of (jogging, bike riding, swimming, etc) and then they get the points for that day. So maybe conveniently missing a physical fitness test and biking instead for that day would work out?

Mainly though I don't think gym class is ALL about learning, I think it is to get kids active, and help them stay active to fight the obesity problems in America.

I know a girl that homeschooled and took aerobics class for her PE credit. Here a student can "homeschool" some classes and be enrolled in public school for others... Perhaps homeschool the PE classes? (her homeschool was part of a set program though that approved the aerobics for credit, and then the credit from the homeschool program was transferred to the public school).

My stepson LOVED gym, but one year, I basically forced him into a swimming class, which he hated. But we live in a place with a high rate of drownings, and I felt it was important for his safety. He never became a good swimmer, and still dislikes it, but at least he learned he can float if he has to. He did eventually pass that class.

Personally I would give a try and see how it goes, though.. things change. I HATED outdoor sports. I couldn't cross country ski a lick, and moved to a rural school where EVERYONE (even kindys) cross country ski..

low and behold, living in an urban area, now, and who decides he LOVES cross country skiing? My oldest son. Well, he didn't get it from me.